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Right after the 2600 was released, Atari started work on a heavily improved successor. But, all of a sudden, the "microcomputer revolution" happened: machines like the Apple II, Commodore PET, and TRS-80 quickly became immensely popular. Noticing this new trend, and realizing that their new designs were pretty badass, Atari decided to forgo that new console and use them to make a computer of their own instead. Thus was born the "Atari home computers" family, retroactively called the "Atari 8-bit" family after the release of the ST.

The List Edit

Box Art Title Genre Description
150px Montezuma's Revenge Platformer The best exploring-platformer for the 8-bit home computers. The maps are static, so even if you lose your all your lives you can still remember the places you explored. Good game for speed runs.
150px Seven Cities Of Gold Simulation Explore the 'New World' as a conquistador, bring gold back to Spain, trade with or slaughter natives. The continent was generated each game, using plate tectonics and weather patterns to make it very realistic. The term 'edu-tainment' was invented for this game's press releases. The best version of this game was the Atari one.
150px Spy vs. Spy Fighting This game is only worth playing with two players, because it's all about griefing. Both spies are searching the embassy for the secret documents, and they set traps to kill each other (or themselves if they forget where the traps are).

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