"Play forward."

The Caanoo is an open, Linux-based handheld console released by GPH in 2010. It was most commonly used as a "pocket emulator", but it also had some games of its own, both commercial and free, as well as other kinds of applications.

The listEdit

Commercial gamesEdit

  • Arora Rift
  • Skylark

Free/homebrew gamesEdit

  • Audiorace
  • Firewhip

PC portsEdit

  • Chex Quest
  • Doom
  • Giana's Return
  • Ken's Labyrinth
  • Noiz2sa
  • OpenTyrian
  • Quake
  • Streets of Rage Remake
  • SuperTux


  • Atari
  • Mega Drive
  • Neo Geo
  • NES
  • SNES

Other applicationsEdit

  • Arora Browser
  • GrafX2

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