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1. What is that?

A flashcart is a device, basically a DS game cartridge with a slot to insert microSD memory chips into. You can do all kinds of fun stuff with them but we here care mostly for putting a bunch of DS ROMs on them and going nuts. However you can also use them to run homebrew apps, like emulators and media players.

By buying a flashcart, a microSD to load roms and homebrew to, and a microSD USB reader, someone can play a whole library of DS games for the price of one game. (Maybe less)

Rom downloading is illegal, but flashcarts technically are not in most parts of the world. In the UK it is illegal to sell or import them, but not to possess them if you can find someone willing to risk selling it to you.

2. What about DSi Compatible Flashcarts?

Lets make this very simple.

DSi Compatible Flashcarts are DSi System compatible, not DSi Game compatible. In other words, it will work on a DSi (or earlier system) and play regular DS roms, it will not however play any DSi only games, or DSiWare games.

There are a few DSi enhanced roms out there, but if loaded on a DSi compatible flashcarts, they will act like DS games no matter what system you play it on.

Older flashcarts that predate the DSi won't work, and cannot be updated to work on the DSi without buying an updated flashcart.

3. What kind of cards are there?

Appearance Brand Good or Bad? DSi? Description
150px Acekard 2i Great Yes

A popular flashcart known for its cheap price and robust AKAIO firmware, one of the most compatible and reliable flashcarts currently available.

Recommended model is the Acekard 2i, it currently works on DSi 1.4.2 and all other DS systems

NOTE: Not 1.4.2 DSi compatible out of the box, but is simple to fix by yourself if you've ever like unzipped files and shit.
Some online websites will also offer updating services so your Acekard arrives 1.4.2 ready.

150px CycloDS Evolution Good No

A reasonably good flashcart with high compatibility and nice firmware.

The CycloDS was formally the best, but now you should instead be looking at the Supercard DSTwo, since that is cheaper, and more functional.

150px DSTT Decent Yes and no

Generally a waste of money, the official support is dead with some game fixes occasionally released through GBAtemp, but the card is pretty high maintainence.

If you are looking for something super-cheap, look at original R4DS with Wood R4 firmware instead.

150px EDGE Bad Yes

A reputable clone of the Cyclo DS, but significantly less expensive. Newest firmware update fixes many antipiracy checks. Does not include any special features of cycloDS evo. plus has the EXACT same slow ass menu. Better off with acekard. Has iEDGE version if you like the menu (you weird bum)

Just get cycloDS evolution

150px EZ-Flash Vi Good Yes

This flashcart updates fairly regularly and has some nice features like real-time saving. This is probably a good unsung flashcart.

150px iTouch DS Decent Yes M3 team's budget cart. Does update (I think) but otherwise not very notable cart.
150px iPlayer ? Yes

DOES NOT SUPPORT COMMERCIAL NDS ROMS This flashcart is practically an experimental Supercard DSTwo, with the same GBA emulator and CPU inside.
There's no reason to buy one of these, go for a Supercard DSTwo.

150px M3 DS Real Decent No An R4 clone (not to be mixed with M3 simply) ACTUAL ORIGINAL M3 slot-1 cart that is actually being updated often. Can be used with either the Sakura firmware or Touchpod. Usually comes with a Rumble Pack and GBA expansion pack which lets you play GBA games. Theare designed to fit a DS lite but work fine on the original if you trim down the GBA slot so it fits.Neither Touchpod nor Sakura seem to be getting updated anymore, so avoid this one. If you already have one, look for Quad Boot on gbatemp, which comes with four different unofficial firmwares that have better compatibility.
150px M3i Zero Bad Yes

Known for its Sakura Firmware, which was already out before moonshell 2 (So moonshell 2 is actually based on sakura). Basically same as M3real but has DSi compatibility. Relies on a fragile USB flashing cable to install DSi bypassing firmware, but other flashcarts have better solutions for getting past the DSI and 3DS firmware updates.

Support is extremely poor and rom compatibility has suffered dearly for it. Avoid like the plague.

150px (Original) R4DS with Wood R4 Great No

The Original R4DS (not fakes or clones) now sports a frequently updated firmware called Wood R4.

Whilst it has some limitations compared to the Acekard 2i or Supercard DStwo, notably no SDHC or DSi support, its Wood R4 firmware is extremely compatible and the R4 itself is super cheap, around $3-6 bought from the right places The R4 has more poorly-manufactured clones than any other kind of flashcart, so if you get an R4, order from somewhere reputable (like NOT EBAY)

150px Supercard DSONEi Great Yes

Decent card, works with almost all NDS roms and the ones that don't usually just need an anti-piracy patch. Might be hard to find these days though.

Supports Real Time Saving, Real Time Guides, Real Time Cheats.

If you're interested in this you are probably better off buying the Supercard DS Two instead, but for original DS and DS lite it's perfect.

150px Supercard DSTwo Great Yes

Arguably the best flashcart on the market, bar none. It features an internal CPU that supports an exclusive GBA and SNES emulator, and has the best real-time functions, like multiple real-time saves, guides in .txt or .bmp format, "Free Cheat" (memory modification), real-time cheats toggling, and probably the best compatibility thanks to its firmware that can detect, and bypass anti-piracy measures.

If you can afford the $35 price tag, welcome to the flashcart master race.

150px G6 Lite Bad No Old slot 2 by the M3 team that used to work well, but been dead for a while. I haven't seen any GBA games that didn't work on it though.

4. Which one should I get then?

It really boils down to two things, what can you afford, and do you have a DSi or not?

Can you only afford $6 and use a DS Lite? You should get an [R4DS ].
If you're using a DSi or can afford a bit more, then you should get an [Acekard 2i Acekard 2i].
If you can afford a lot more, then the [Supercard DSTwo ] is a wise investment.

R4DS is only an option for DS Lite users, but DS Lite or DSi can both use Acekard 2i and Supercard DSTwo.

NEVER BUY THE FAKE/CLONE R4s, IF YOU INSIST ON R4, CHECK IT CAN RUN WOOD R4 BEFORE YOU BUY IT.If you're still not sure, check out GBAtemp's poll, they know their shit.

Generally I would discourage buying CycloDS since Supercard DStwo is better and cheaper but it's a great card nonetheless.
DSTT are crap when R4DS with Wood or Acekard 2i is an option.
M3i Zero may not be as good as you've heard.

5. So what about that memory?

All slot-1 flashcarts take microSD (2gb max) cards, and most support microSDHC (4gb - 32gb).

Before you buy there are 2 points to consider:

Capacity: Buy as much space as you think you'll need.

1gb: Play a few games at a time, delete games once you're done with them.

2gb: Start keeping some more games and homebrew on. Can hold an entire NES rom library for NES DS, with space to spare.

4gb: Can comfortably store many DS games, maybe more than you'll need.

8gb: Enjoy storing games, as well as whole albums of MP3/OGG files and long DPG videos to play in Moonshell.

16gb: Enough space to put every recommended DS game on it plus emulators and roms for them. And still have room to spare. If you collect porn on your DS as well, this is for you.

Keep in mind that storing too many files will impact microSD performance.

Speed: You want to buy the fastest memory you can to make sure games run properly. microSDHC cards are split into Class 2, 4 and 6, 6 being the fastest. If you buy slow memory you may experience slowdown or freezes in some games. 90% of games will run perfectly fine.

Games that experience slowdown:

Apollo Justice: Slows down with certain music with a class 4 card.

Miles' Edgeworth 1: Similar issue.

Addition (by fucker who knows this shit): Actually (even more if you get a GOOD flashcart) The speed is not factor, a class 4 will work just as fine as class 6 cart on Acekard and CycloDS evolution. Only game in whole existence, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, that froze on slow memory cards was patched in a fix for both AKAIO for acekard 2i and CycloDS evolution (as they found out that it was not the microSD's fault) - Of course, if you get some complete shit, I cannot guarantee them working - but as of these days, speed is not actually that big factor. Think what size you want, and then the other stuff. Speed is not a big factor unless you get a R4 (and we already told you to NOT fucking do that.)

'BROTIP: If you don't know which Micro sdHC to get; most people swear by this one. Link(THAT'S A FUCKING CLASS 2 YOU TROLL) MANLY CARD 'It's 8 gigabyte, class 4 and comes cheap.

Slot-2 DevicesEdit

Write about things like EZ Flash 3in1, Supercard Lite, etc.

A 3in1 loads GBA roms from a Slot-1 card and plays them, it also acts as expansion memory and a rumble pack. Rudolph's 3in1 homebrew tools are recommended for expanded use/versatility of the 3in1.
Note: There are two form factors of the 3in1, Phat (original) and lite. The Phat version nowadays is pretty much exclusive to while the lite version is available at all major online flashcart retailers.

A Supercard Lite can play NDS or GBA roms from Slot 2, but requires some sort of passcard for NDS games/homebrew. Did you know that old Action Replay DS carts have a secret passcard function? Hold select whilst you turn on the DS.

Homebrew Applications and GamesEdit

The list from the main DS page goes here when the construction is finished. Maybe some general words on emulation.






A2DS Apple II (Removed)
AmEDS Amstrad CPC 664
CrocoDS Amstrad CPC 6128
DS81 Sinclair ZX81
DSpec Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Not free)
DSx86 PC 80286 (including protected mode) with a SoundBlaster and VGA graphics card
DS2x86 PC 80386 (including protected mode) with a SoundBlaster and VGA graphics card (For Supercard DS Two only)
fmsxDS MSX2
FrodoDS Commodore 64
Mini vMac DS Macintosh Plus
msxDS MSX1, MSX2 and MSX2+
PenkoDS MSX2
PokeyDS Atari 800XL
PomDS Apple II
SpectrumDS Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48k model only)
SpeccyDS Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48k model only)
StyxDS Atari 520 ST
ThomDS Thomson MO5
XRoar for NDS Dragon & Tandy Colour Computer (CoCo) models 1 & 2
ZXDS Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48k, 128k and Pentagon models)
Game Consoles
A5200DS Atari 5200
A7800DS Atari 7800
A7800DS2 Atari 7800
ApprenticeMinusDS Sega Master System (and Sega Game Gear) (no longer downloadable here)
BAG SFC SNES / Super Famicom (For Supercard DS Two only)
CAT SFC SNES / Super Famicom (For Supercard DS Two only)
ColecoDS CBS Colecovision
DSMasterPlus Sega Master System (and Sega Game Gear)
jEnesisDS Sega Genesis/Megadrive (no longer downloadable here)
nesterDS NES / Famicom
nesterDS+ NES / Famicom
NesDS NES / Famicom (page removed)
NesDS Open Source NES / Famicom
NesDSJ NES / Famicom (download removed)

Where to buy your flashcartEdit

Here's some helpful advice for buying a flashcart.

1: Check out the official website of the flashcart you want to buy. They will usually have a list of resellers, which they verify will sell authentic units.

2: Check out GBATemp Forums, they often banter about where to buy, where they've bought from, etc.

3: Check out Shoptemp, they are affiliated with GBATemp and used to be a good reseller of flashcarts. They have since closed up shop though and are now a flashcart reseller comparison website. Shoptemp is now a good place to research what flashcart to buy and where to buy it, based on cheapest prices customer reviews and store locations.

4: Shop around, flashcart pricing can be very competitive, you could save a few bucks by buying at the right place, but you could wait a long time buying from the wrong place too!

Otherwise, check out these sites:

*modify this list as necessary*

Retailer Location Blurb


Hong Kong

The official agent online shop.At competitive prices of R4i3ds Acekard2i,M3izero etc ,within 7-9 days delivered

Come fake card.

^ More details? I got a legit DSTwo from them no problem.

^^ I second this, got my cart from them, totally legit. Hong Kong

This site has one of the cheapest Acekard 2i and DStwo around and surprisingly fast free shipping USA, NJ. Average prices but excellent shipping.


UK/Asia Dealextreme no longer sells flashcarts, but this is *apparently* their new flashcart reseller. They usually have unbeatable prices, but poor delivery times.}