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The ultimate gaming systemEdit

This motherfucker was revolutionary back in the day and is still fun as hell and worth a pick up at a flea market or major gaming store. Gosh, just look at that list and all of those great games. It's a shame this console died early - although it got some new titles long after it was discontinued. Seriously, it's awesome. It had jaw-dropping graphics, four controller ports, VGA support[1], and it doesn't even need modding to play burned games (check the silver label on the bottom of the console[2] and look for the revision, the number inside a circle: 0 or 1 will take burns, 2 will not).

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The damn listEdit

Box Art Title Genre Description
150px Airforce Delta Flight simulator You're part of a mercenary team, flying to protect a fledgling nation from rebels trying to force a reunification. It's a tad simpler and more arcade-like than more realistic sims like Ace Combat, but it's still a very good game.
150px Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Survival Horror You play as the "detective of the paranormal" Edward Carnby or as Aline Cedrac, an Ethnology Professor. Your adventure takes place in a mansion located in Shadow Island. The setting is quite cliché, but if you like old school Survival Horror games with nice pre-rendered backgrounds you should try this one. Also available in PS1, PC and PS2. It's worth to mention that DC version is the best regarding the visuals and sound aspects. Avoid PS2 awfully ported version.

Anyways, blast shadow creatures with your TRIPLE BARREL SHOTGUN!

150px Atari Anniversary Edition Compilation A compilation of the most old and retro shit around. It's got all of those famous arcade hits you know and love, and some movies n extras as well.

Games: Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Centipede, Crystal Castles, Gravitar, Millipede, Missile Command, Pong, Super Breakout, Tempest, Tempest Tubes, and Warlords.

150px Bangai-O Shoot 'em up Super robot shooter made by Treasure. Known for its purposely nonsensical translation as well as the most framerate-killing special attacks ever. How can anyone not love a game in which a special attack can unleash four hundred bullets at once?!

Also on Nintendo 64, but a bit different (and Japan-only). There are sequels for the DS (Bangai-O Spirits) and XBLA (Bangai-O HD Missile Fury) that are pretty fucking awesome too.

150px Blue Stinger Survival Horror This game was strangely, of all things, released before the Dreamcast itself actually came out (by nine days!). You're a guy living by an island. The island is the location where the meteor crashed that killed the Dinosaurs. Now horrific Dino-things and zombies are resurrected, and you're out to see what the fucks up. Any questions? Sega's answer to Resident Evil, essentially.
150px Border Down Shoot em' up G.Rev’s first post-mortem Dreamcast shmup. Features the Bordering Down system (just a fancy name for alternate routes). Great tunes and sharp graphics.
150px Bust-A-Move 4 Puzzle Fuck yeah bitch, pop those bubbles with your bubble blaster! Puzzlan goodness.
150px Cannon Spike Shooter / Arcade A short, tough and arcade-y overhead shooter. You can use one of several Capcom characters, including Cammie White (Street Fighter), Sir Arthur (Ghosts 'n' Goblins), B.B. Hood (Darkstalkers) and Mega Man. The character-specific endings are cute and include a bunch of cameos.
150px Capcom vs. SNK 2D Fighting Good fighting game with a lot of characters. Also on PS1.
150px Capcom vs. SNK PRO 2D Fighting Better thsan the version above because of 3 reasons. 1. Every hidden charcter from the above, Akuma, Evil Ryu, Shin Iori, is unlocked from the start. 2. MOTHERFUCKING JOE HIGASHI AND DAN MOTHERFUCKING HIBIKI. 3. More game modes with new feature. Case in point, get this if you want all that, or not if you still want a fully english cap vs snk 1 seeing how this is JP only.
150px Capcom vs. SNK 2 2D Fighting Fun fighting sequel that is Japan-only on Dreamcast but still playable like most fighting games made by Capcom, even without knowing Japanese. Also on XB/PS2/GC. XB/GC versions are the best by standard. A lot of people don't like XB/GC versions because of numerous gameplay changes, the most major one being the removal of roll cancels.
150px Carrier Survival horror Resident Evil on a warship.
150px Chaos Field Shoot-em-up Pretty decent shmup by Milestone inc. Port of the arcade game itself, like most dreamcast games, y'know? Play as 1 of 3 people and shoot shit the fuck up in space mufugga! Music is pretty cool as well as the atmosphere, I guess. Not the best shmup around, but one can only wonder.

Also on GC and PS2, and as part of the "Ultimate Shooting Collection" for the Wii.

150px Charge 'N Blast Shooter / Arcade Charge your weapon then...BLAST! Kill fake Godzilla before he blows up your oil rig god damn! Also has split-screen BRO-op!

You move your character horizontally across the screen left or right along a fixed rail with the L and R trigger buttons (weird as hell, I know). Each character has three chargeable weapons, the longer you charge the more damage it will do. You aim the crosshair with the analog stick. There's also a time limit. Amazing fucking game.

150px ChuChu Rocket! Puzzle Get mice into rockets! Fucking amazing gen of a game

Also on the GBA and iOS platforms. Includes over 1,000+ puzzles made by users from the Dreamcast online. iOS versions include online play!

150px Cool Cool Toon Rhythm Beautiful graphics! You press the buttons in tune with the circle thingy! Japan only and can link with the NGPC game Cool Cool Jam for bonus content.
150px Cosmic Smash Sports It's like an insane mix of Breakout and Virtua Tennis. But a very well made mix indeed. Short and very arcade-y.
150px Crazy Taxi Racing Fast paced driving game where time is everything. Arcade mode is a blast, and the banter is witty (but repetitive). Play as four different drivers in two huge cities, and play some challenges to sharpen your driving skillz. Though difficult, they're sweet. Pick this one up.

The sequel was okay, the GBA port was a bit less so, and the threequel was on Xbox and it sucked. Only the first was ported to Gamecube, PS2, Xbox and PC. Also now on PS3 and Xbox 360.


150px Crazy Taxi 2 Racing Sequel to Crazy Taxi, pretty good. More carazy taxi!
150px Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram 3D Fighter A much improved version of the first game. More robots to chose from with a whole bunch of weapons at your arsenal and you fight some pretty awesome and HARD boss battles. Fast paced robot action that you don't want to miss.

If you can't find it at the arcade, then this will do. Also on Xbox Live Arcade.

150px D2 Horror/Mindfuck Loose sequel to puzzle-horror oddity D (PS), once again designed by the idiosyncratic Kenji Eno. D2 begins with protagonist Laura surviving a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness, where she sets out to find other survivors. Outdoors environments are traversed in third-person, while indoor settings are in first-person and battles are stationary FPS showdowns, interestingly. The game is clunky and ill-paced but the psychosexual tentacle body horror, off-beat story, amazing-looking bosses and survival elements (such as hunting) make this the definition of a cult game. Quite hard to find.
150px Daytona USA Racing An impressive port of the top grossing arcade racer ever: graphics that surpass the original by far, excellent remixed music, several new cars and tracks, a career mode... what's not to love here? Well, the handling is not quite there as the Saturn's version (be sure to tune down the analog stick's sensitivity). Still, with all the extras, this may be the best version of Daytona USA.
150px Dead or Alive 2 3D Fighting Tits fightan'. Very fun. There are two versions on Dreamcast, four on PS2, two on Xbox and one on 360. SO MUCH PORTING.
150px Demolition Racer: No Exit Racing In this racer, you must find a balance between beating your rivals to a pulp (for points), finishing in a good position (for a point multiplier), and not being beaten to a pulp by your rivals (for, you know, finishing the race at all). Nice gameplay, sweet graphics, and a badass industrial / techno soundtrack. Also on the PS1, in a vastly inferior form.
150px Dino Crisis Survival Horror Capcom capitalized on the popularity of Resident Evil with another survival horror series, though this one is set in an island where dinosaurs have been brought back via genetic experiments. Faster-paced and more trigger-happy than Resident Evil, with multiple endings, less puzzles and some great set pieces and boss battles. Originally for PS, this port has nicer textures and graphics all-around, but is otherwise the same.
150px Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future Action-Adventure The first Ecco game in 3D manages to translate the beauty of the previous titles to one of the most achingly gorgeous underwater worlds ever envisioned. The New Age-isms of the Ecco series, what with this being a franchise about magical psychic dolphins saving Mother Earth from aliens, continue to baffle and charm. Controls were surprisingly well-implemented, but are far from perfect. As expected from Ecco, it's tough as nails. Avoid the shoddy PS2 port.
150px Elemental Gimmick Gear Action RPG You play an egg-shaped robot recently dug out of a ruin and re-activated, now trying to uncover your past. A Zeldalike overhead action-RPG with impossibly pretty hand-drawn environments. Good luck getting past those gates, you'll see. Boss battles are 3D arena battles, by contrast. A great, underlooked DC title.
150px Evolution RPG/ Dungeon Crawler Lighthearted JRPG that has you trying to get out of debt by exlporing randomized dungeons filled with traps and finding artifacts and treasure. Typical JRPG turn based combat, now with 50% more status effects. Was joint to its sequel and ported to the GCN as a single package, but this, the first game, was substantially stripped down.
149px F355 Challenge Racing Awwwwww yeah baby, time to get serious racin' on in here. Might be too serious for some but nonetheless an excellent driving simulation.
150px Fatal Fury: Garou Mark Of The Wolves 2D Fighting SNK's answer to Street Fighter III. Considered by many to be the finest 2D fighting game of all time. While this game is worth looking into, be wary of this particular port. It' a good option if you don't have means to play it otherwise, but this version has issues with slowdown, which is a big no-no for fighting games. Available on Xbox Live Arcade.
150px Fire Pro Wrestling D Sports A timing based grappling engine that takes some actual skill to use, misnamed versions of real wrestlers to avoid copy infringement, and a deep character and AI editor, this game is good even if you don't like wrestling. Seriously. Play it you faggot.
150px Fur Fighters Third person shooter Lighthearted action game about cute fluffy animals shooting the shit out of each other. Very fun and tough, vast environments, but goddamn it makes you backtrack a lot. Later also released on PS2, with cel-shaded graphics and actual voice acting (it's debatable if these are improvements).
150px Gauntlet Legends Action RPG An exact port of the arcade. Play up to 4 Players. Level your character up and fight back against Skorne. Also on N64 and PS1 (Dark Legacy: PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox).
150px Grandia II RPG Though unrelated story-wise, Grandia II follows its PS predecessor in spirit. The protagonist is refreshingly sarcastic and distrustful of the various, colorful characters who join his party, all of which have their own charms. Once again, the character-driven story and battle system, which combines active-time battles with turn-based strategy, are the main draws. Graphically hasn't aged well at all, but is still full of personality. Gets sappy towards the end, but who cares. Ported to PS2 (with bugs) and PC (bugs fixed). Easily one of the best JRPGs of its generation.
150px Guilty Gear X 2D Fighting Sega Sammy's second installment in the popular Guilty Gear series. Combat is frantic and deeper than pretty much any other 2D fighter out there. Probably the only fighter on the Dreamcast on par with SFIII:Third Strike's gorgeous sprite work.
150px Gunbird 2 Shoot 'em up Vertical shmup that features amusing cutscenes. Also homoerotic endings (dead serious). Although the second plays a better than the first, it isn't quite as funny.
150px Half-Life FPS You may be thinking: "What's this bullshit, Half-Life for the Dreamcast was cancelled!" Yes, it was - but it's out there nonetheless. A great port, including the High Definition pack and the Blue Shift expansion (both in fact created for this version and later ported to the PC). Strangely, the save file's size changes as you progress, so be sure to devote a VMU completely to this game. Now, it won't run as well as on any modern computer, so why do it? For the best of all reasons: the heck of it!
150px Headhunter Stealth action Take the Metal Gear Solid formula, streamline the action, drop the pretentious plot for something that might as well be taken from some 1980s B action/sci-fi movie, and what's the result? Awesome.

Somewhat rare, as it was only released in Europe; had a PS2 port and a PS2/Xbox sequel.

150px Heavy Metal: Geomatrix Arena Shooter/Fighter Based off the American comic/magazine of the same name, HM:G is a third person fighting game similar to Power Stone. The difference being the bigger emphasis on weapons and overall style. It also has a kickass soundtrack featuring Megadeath, Halford and W.A.S.P to name a few, Cheap as fuck also.

(No relation to the 1981 film, unfortunately.)

150px Hydro Thunder Racing One of the best Arcade Racers to be ported to the Dreamcast. 13 Boats, 13 Tracks. Boost like hell, race your boat to the finish, and find all the shortcuts
150px Ikaruga Shooter A spiritual successor to Radiant Silvergun. One of Treasure's most well known games. Involves shifting polarity between black and white to deal huge damage to the opposing element while absorbing bullets of the same color. Much more of a puzzler than a shmup as there is a strict method to its madness.

Also on GameCube and XBLA.

150px Illbleed Survival horror A group of horror fans are invited to a very exclusive horror theme park: if they get out of it alive, they'll get a boatload of cash. A very tongue-in-cheek parody of the horror B-movie clichés. Unlike Resident Evil and other such games, it's less about fighting monsters and more about detecting and defusing traps that can literally scare you to death.
150px Jet Grind Radio 3D Trick Platformer Recruit stylish young people and rollerskate through sprawling, colorful urban environments pulling off tricks and tagging spots with graffiti to fight the creativity-repressing establishment! An incredibly cool-looking game with great cel-shaded graphics and an even better soundtrack. Fair level of challenge. Fun if you can get over the sluggish controls.

Sequel on Xbox (Jet Set Radio Future).

150px Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure 2D Fightan /v/, I am disappoint. This game is awesome and you all know it. Anyway, one of THE best manga based fighters of all time (that Capcom label helps too). Very fun and very arcade-like. A must have for the Dreamcast.
150px Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Adventure The next chapter in the Legacy of Kain saga. This time you play as Raziel, one of Kain's followers who is betrayed by his master. It's also in full 3D now. As usual, great storyline and voice acting. Defines the difference between goth and emo.
150px L.O.L.: Lack Of Love Adventure, Simulator Created by one of the pioneers of snythpop and electronic music in Japan, comes a very artistic and deep game about evolution and helping other creatures to do so. It is considered a very underrated gem by many people and even considered the best Dreamcast game by some. Think Spore but actually good.
150px Maken X Slasher A slasher game made by FATLUS that has the whole "Atlus artstyle" to it. You control the blade rather than the person using it in a unique first-person perspective that involves neat ideas such as brainjacking. Panned in america due to the horrendous dub given to it. But the JP voice acting is like always pretty good. Theres a port or something on the PS2. EU/JP only though.
150px Mars Matrix Shoot 'em up Port from CPS-2 arcade system. Probably the most overlooked shooter on Dreamcast. Ugly as hell and hard as nails but get past stage one and you will find this to be one of the best shmups on the system. Play through arcade mode and earn money to buy cool stuff like Pro-tip movies, extra lives for your ship, etc.

Go play Mars Matrix.

150px Marvel vs. Capcom 2D Fighting Good fighting game featuring some cool characters and good controls. Some prefer MvC2 over this, but this is still good even compared to MvC2.
150px Marvel vs. Capcom 2 2D Fighting Exactly what the title says. Notable for its large cast of characters (56 in the home versions) and tag-team gameplay. Notably arcade perfect. Ported to other consoles but only the PSN and XBLA versions are proper ports of this one, the Xbox and PS2 games have minor gameplay differences.
150px MDK2 Shooter 3rd person shooter/puzzle/awesome!

Stupidly hard and stupidly fun.

150px Metropolis Street Racer Racing Predecessor to Bizarre Creation's Project Gotham series on the Xbox (which is seemingly a more western-focused Dreamcast 1.5 when you get down to its library) and as such consists of slick arcade racing in the urban environments of Tokyo, London and San Francisco to the tunes of Sega's maestro Richard Jacques. Brilliant stuff. Important note: avoid the bug-ridden European version.
150px Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1 Compilation Midway decided we love them old school arcade games and gave us this. INCLUDE JOUST! SO NOW YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO PLAY WHILE HIGH AS FUCK!

Games: Bubbles, Defender, Defender II, Joust, Robotron, and Sinistar.

150px Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 2 Compilation More midway-ian goodness all in one pack.

Games: 720º, Gauntlet, Moon Patrol, Paperboy, Rampage, and Spy Hunter.

150px Mortal Kombat Gold Fighting Updated port of MK4 with actual voiced and animated endings and slightly updated graphics. One of the 1st Dreamcast games. Pick it up if you're an MK fan looking for a dreamcast entry.
150px Mr. Driller Puzzle Drill through colored blocks. If 4 or more colored block connect, they're automatically cleared. This creates and encourages crazy mad combos. Just don't run out of air or get squashed. Features a ton of different controller options, including the Samba de Amigo maracas. Ported to every console and handheld since this one.
150px Namco Museum Compilation Basically a smaller version of the best early 1980s Namco games out there. Get it if you love arcade-y ness and whatnot. Quite bare, it lacks the "museum" from the Namco Museum titles for the Playstation.

Games: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Galaxian, Dig Dug, and Pole Position.

150px NBA 2K1 Sports Basketball done right.
150px NFL 2K1 Sports Handegg done right.
150px Ooga Booga Brawl An extremely fun party game where you and up to 4 other people control witch doctors fighting on an island with melee attacks, spells and ridable animals. Bot support makes for an enjoyable experience, but with 2 or more humans it becomes a blast. Also features Boar Polo, possibly the best idea ever conceived.

(Note: As of Oct. 2010 it does not appear to work on NullDC. If you are playing a burnt copy, press start at the pirate screen without doing anything else or the game will freeze during play.)

150px Phantasy Star Online MMORPG The game that revolutionized online gaming on consoles. It is one of the best games in Sega's Phantasy Star series and was kickass playing a game like this on the Dreamcast until the official servers were shut down in 2006. Fan servers are currently available and have a decent following.

Updated port of Ver. 2 on GameCube, Xbox, and PC.

150px Plasma Sword 3D Fighting Sequel to Star Gladiator on the PS1. Good game, it's fun like most Capcom fighters.
150px Power Stone 3D Fighting A mostly forgotten Capcom game with a colorful, multicultural cast of cartoons who seek out the legendary Power Stones. Close to Super Smash Bros. in spirit, with isometric-view 3D fighting in hazard-filled stages, items and super-powered forms for everyone. Buckets of fun. Ported to PSP with its sequel (Power Stone Collection), but get ready to squint if you want to make anything out.
150px Power Stone 2 3D Fighting Like any other fighting game sequel, Power Stone 2 adds more of everything, spruces up the graphics, vaguely develops the story and brings more of the original game's four-player party antics. There was a short-lived anime series based on the franchise. Ported to PSP with the first game (Power Stone Collection), but get ready to squint if you want to make anything out.
150px Project Justice 3D Fighting Sequel to hot-blooded, shounen-inspired, high school tag-team anime fighter Rival Schools (PS), Project Justice has a surprisingly developed story and actually great voice acting. The characters are all wildly exaggerated anime and manga archetypes and combat is a blast, as it feels more 2D than 3D. Assemble three-man teams with ridiculous team-up attacks. Drab-looking stages aside, the graphics and soundtrack stand the test of time. A nostalgic, fun, Saturday-morning-cartoon romp.
150px Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship Air combat Cancelled when it was pretty much completed, eventually leaked on teh interwebs; and the fanboys rejoiced, for Propeller Arena is among the finest titles in the Dreamcast's library. This game is sheer arcade-style multiplayer air combat fun with a mean punk rock soundtrack.
150px Quake III Arena FPS The definitive classic online multiplayer FPS. Quake III Arena has no story, just get some fucking friends or get online and start blastin' buddy. The official servers were closed down a long time ago, but there are fan servers to connect to.

Also on PC.

150px Rainbow Cotton Rail Shooter Sequel to the godly game known as Panorama Cotton for the Mega-Drive. Except it's far less godly. The graphics are really colorful, but the music isn't at the top of its game. That said, it's not bad for what it is, just not as good as what the series was. Its biggest problems are that the stages drag on a bit too long and that you control the auto-centering crosshair instead of Cotton directly. It's average, but a neat curiosity. Just, be sure to play Panorama Cotton as well, which is much better.
150px Rayman 2 Platformer One of the best platformers of the PS1/N64 era, ported to the DC with a faster framerate and cleaner graphics and downloadable stuff! Also on DS as a half-assed port and 3DS as a better, though still not perfect, port with minor fixes.
150px Resident Evil 2 Survival Horror Good game its got enhanced graphics and all that shit.

It's worth to mention that this versions is the one with most unlockables and extra stuff, so if that matters to you this could be the best version.

150px Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Survival Horror / STAAAAARS Look out, STARS because fucking NEMESIS is out for your ass! This game is awesome and truly can scare the shit out of you. WHAT A CLASSIC! Regardless, some would consider this more of a Resident Evil 2: Episode 2 rather than an actual RE3. It has some minor differences with the original release for PSX. The mini-game "The Mercenaries", Epilogue, and all extra costumes are available since the beginning of the game. And visuals are nicer: better resolution, better 3D poly models, etc.
150px Resident Evil: Code Veronica Survival Horror In some ways, this is the real Resident Evil 3. Classic RE at its finest, Code Veronica follows Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside uncovering the mysteries on Rockfort Island, an island lab in the Arctic owned by the Umbrella Corporation. A "Complete Edition" was released exclusively in Japan that featured eleven minutes worth of extra cutscenes and a new hairstyle for Steve. This was the version ported to later consoles as Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
150px Re-Volt Racing Fuckawesome racer! Better than N64 and PC versions. Racing as remote controlled cars, you must kick ass throughout the neighborhood.
150px Rez Shooter A psychedelic, rhythm-based rail shooter where you traverse trippy cyber-worlds as your avatar evolves and changes with your score and the music. Make sure you unlock the hidden level, it's completely worth it. One of the most original and exciting games of its kind. Also on PS2 (with better framerate but more jaggies) and later ported in hi-def to XBLA. See also Child of Eden for the PS3, it is a spiritual sequel by the same producer.
150px Samba de Amigo/Samba de Amigo: Ver. 2000 Rhythm Shake your maracas to the songs in order to become the king of the Rumba beat and make everything go chick chicky boom, chick chicky boom. Pretty fun, though a bit tough get right at times. Sequel is Japan only and okay; Wii version is broken.

Version 2000 is more of an upgrade than a sequel.

150px San Fransisco Rush 2049 Racing 1-4 player, 60fps, loaded with plenty to do. Race, Stunt, Battle. Great arcade racer. Sure, it's not a full port of the arcade, but its the closest we're going to get.
150px Seaman Virtual Pet Raise a fish/tadpole/frog/man thing while occasionally talking to it for some often hilarious dialogue (make sure you say Seaman correctly). At times, horrifying. Narrated by Leonard motherfucking Nemoy.

You need the Dreamcast Microphone to play this!

150px Sega Bass Fishing Sim / Fishing Fuck yeah, Sega Fishan games! Fun fishing game that really shined through if you had the Sega Fishing Controller. This shit was seriously fun as fuck.

Also on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Has Move support, but strangely no Kinect support.

150px Sega Bass Fishing 2 Sim / Fishing Sequel to the above, said to be overall improved and more difficult but no 2 player.
150px Sega GT Racing Despite the similar name, this is not related to arcade-only Sega Super GT a.k.a. Scud Race. Instead, this may be the closest to Gran Turismo that the Dreamcast ever got. Excellent graphics, a lot of depth, but the floaty controls may mar the experience for some. The European release has extra cars. Also for PC, and two Xbox sequels.
150px Sega Marine Fishing Sim / Fishing Couldn't get enough out of your Sega Fishing Controller with Sega Bass Fishing? Well here's the next game to itch your reelin' scratch. This game is considered much better by many due to the addition of collecting elements, which include things to customize your playable character with.
150px Sega Rally 2 Racing GAME OVER YEEEAAAHHH!! Awesome arcade racing, although this port has some framerate issues.
150px Sega Smash Pack Vol.1 Collection Good collection of good Sega games. FUCK YEAR GENESIS. It features 12 games: Altered Beast, Columns, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star II, The Revenge of Shinobi, Sega Swirl, Shining Force, Vectorman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage 2, Virtua Cop 2 and Wrestle War.

Be warned! It has terrible sound emulation!

150px Sega Swirl Puzzle You may already have this game and not even know it, since it never got a standalone release, but it was included with several demo discs, the web browser disc, and the Smash Pack compilation. Be sure to look for it, because it is one neat little puzzle game. Also for Windows and Palm [4], but the Dreamcast version has the best graphics by far.
150px Segagaga JRPG SEGA's absurdist self-parody in which you play a boy recruited off the street to get the company back in shape before it collapses. First you'll have to insult and compliment the game developers into submission via RPG-style shout-offs, then put them to work developing games under a strict schedule. Lots of Japanese visual gags, SEGA references, jabs at other games and companies and the like. JP-only, no translation as of yet.
150px Shadow Man Platformer / Action Notable as Acclaim's GOTYAY and for good reason. The game is fun as hell, story is kind of like spawn if you think about it. This version is probably the best version. All other versions are good too EXCEPT the horrible PS1 version.
150px Shenmue Adventure Shenmue was a highly ambitious game that wanted to be a Hollywood martial arts movie/Japanese soap opera in video game form, and sort of succeeded. The game's portrayal of a romanticized, working-class urban Tokyo is unmatched by anything but the Yakuza (PS2/3) games. The fully-voiced cutscenes, QTEs, endless collectibles and fetch quests are part of the game's charm, but can also drag it down. Combat takes the form of 3D beat-'em-up encounters. Very atmospheric and lovingly crafted. Ends on a shameless cliffhanger. You will dream of working the forklift at the docks.
150px Shenmue II Adventure Directly continues the story of the first game; gameplay and presentation are pretty much the same, with equally amazing production values for the time, and the same cinematic pacing. However, things flow a bit more smoothly this time around and there isn't as much dead-eyed fetch-questing. Awesome final boss fight. Also ends on a cliffhanger, and the planned final game will never be released, most likely. DC version was released in JP and PAL territories only; XBox port was released in NA.
150px Shikigami no Shiro II Shooter Shmup that plays like Gunbird 2 in which the people count as the ships. Dialogue heavy- and JP only, but playable. Also on GC/PS2, GC version is JP only as well, while PS2 version (called "Castle Shikigami 2" in US) is in full ENGURISH.
150px Skies of Arcadia RPG One of the best JRPGs of its generation, which follows the exploits of womanizing, skyfaring steampunk pirate Vyse, who explores airborne islands and engages in large-scale airship battles with his crew, along with standard JRPG combat. Everything about this game is immensely enjoyable and a treat for fans of the adventure anime-inspired JRPG. The rare GCN port (Legends) is the definitive version thanks to better graphics and extra content (including a whole new character arc), despite having inferior music quality. Play this however you can.
150px Soldier of Fortune FPS Neo-Nazi terrorists stole four Russian nukes, it's up to a mercenary group to get them back. Incredibly violent, with realistic dismemberment effects. Despite absurd loading times, it's still pretty good.
150px Soul Calibur 3D Fighting An arcade-perfect port of the revolutionary 3D fighter, with extra modes and characters. It's recommended you get this over the Xbox Live Arcade port.
150px Sonic Adventure Platformer Sonic? In 3D? And it doesn't suck? Sign me up! Voice acting is terrible, but the gameplay is fun enough to make up for that. Cutscenes are hilarious as for some reason everyone talks with their eyebrows. Ported with minor graphical updates to GameCube, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.
150px Sonic Adventure 2 Platformer Follows the formula of the first Adventure as far as making 3D Sonic not suck is concerned, and mostly succeeds. The story is divided into Sonic and brooding newcomer Shadow's story, with three types of missions: the standard (Sonic/Shadow), annoying scavenging/treasure hunts (Knuckles/Rouge) and action-shooting romps (Tails/Eggman). Both plotlines come together for the climactic finale. The Chao-raising side-game is very robust and, if you're a monster-raising sim fan, might be the best part of the game. A mostly great game whose characters would later star in a lot of crap. Ported to GCN with loads of extra content.
150px Space Channel 5 Rhythm Groovy space-age reporter Ulala follows the development of an alien invasion putting Earth's population under mind control. The solution? Dance the invaders away in increasingly challenging rhythm sequences interspersed with cutscenes. Features Space Michael Jackson and a hilarious, campy seventies-in-space vibe. Sequel is JP-only, but both were ported in English to PS2. However, this game has serious sync issues in that port, making it kind of infuriating to play. Try to track down the original.
150px Space Channel 5: Part 2 Rhythm This is the Japan only Sequel. Same as the first but features Michael Jackson as "SPACE MICHAEL". There is a full English release made from PS2 game version, now replacing X and O buttons from DS controller to match actual buttons on Dreamcast controller. Get it here.Available on the PS2, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.
150px Spawn: In the Demon's Hand Action / Beat 'em Up WTF? A Spawn that's actually good? When Capcom makes it.. YES! Supports up to 4 players.
150px Spider-Man Action / Beat 'em Up A visually improved port of the PSX/N64 title, one of the coolest Spider-Man games. It is inspired by the '94 cartoon, so it's far more colorful and lighthearted than the later, movie-based Spidey games.
150px Starlancer Shooter / simulator It's like the Cold War in space, if the Cold War had escalated into World War III. And had happened in space. Plays so much like Wing Commander that you'd be tempted to call it a Wing Commander rip-off before finding that it was produced by the guys who had created Wing Commander in the first place.

One of the few DC games whose online mode is still active.[5] Also available for PC.

150px Street Fighter Alpha 3 2D Fighting Street Fighter in its pre-years. Pretty good arcade port like most Dreamcast games. On a fuckton of other consoles so this one might be easier to come by.
150px Super Magnetic Neo 3D platform game The main character of the game, NiuNiu/Neo, has the ability to generate a magnetic field which emanates from his head. Along with running and jumping similar to other 3D platformers such as Crash Bandicoot, using the North or South fields can attract (i.e. stick to) or repel (e.g. bounce off) various objects to maneuver through levels.
150px Super Puzzle Fighter II X For Matching Service 2D PAZURU FAIGHTING Seriously, Puzzle Fighting, that IS the fucking title. Capcom made a genious idea with this shit and it works out well. Best version of Puzzle Fighter II. Well, maybe the HD remix is better, but I wouldn't know. If you want to acquire this, Capcom Fighter Collection Disc exist online. Matching service version has online versus!
150px Super Street Fighter II X For Matching Service 2D Fighting Probably the most complete port of Super Street Fighter II Turbo ever due to its extensive customization options. Japan only and very rare, as it was a mail order release. The HD Remix version later released for the PS3/Xbox 360 was based on this version.
150px Street Fighter III: Double Impact 2D Fighting A compilation of Street Fighter III: New Generation and its follow-up, Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack. A must-have for Street Fighter completionists, as it was the only console version of both games (only 3rd Strike was ported to later consoles).
150px Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight For The Future 2D Fighting One of the most respected fighting games ever made. Known for its excellent fighting system, its quirky cast, and its crisp, clean sprites.

Ported to PSN and XBLA with online support.

150px Suzuki Alstare Racing Motor Bike Racing Yes, Alstare, not Allstar. With that out of the way, it's a fun racing game with suzuki motorbikes.
150px Tech Romancer 3D Robot Fighting Over-the-top, mecha anime-inspired giant robot fighter by Capcom, with destructible environments and amazing mecha designs. Each pilot has their own backstory and personality, within the constraints of the usual fighting game narrative. Loosely related to Cyberbots (PS), whose protagonist, Jin (of MvC2 fame) is unlockable. Though far from a technical fighter, a total blast to play solo or with friends.
150px Tennis 2k2 Sports Sequel of the well-known Virtua Tennis, a great arcade-y tennis game. This is the kind of game that will keep you playing because it's simply fun, specially playing with friends since support 4 players, even if you aren't a tennis fan. Improves over it's predecessor with a tighter gameplay, cleaner graphics, wider roster (including female players now), more courts, better AI, etc.

Also available on PC, PS2 and Arcades.

Note: known as Tennis 2k2 (USA), Power Smash 2(JPN) and Virtua Tennis 2(EU).


Very fun and arcade-y game with so-so graphics, but has that feel that's just fun as fuck even for a race or two.

150px Test Drive: Le Mans Racing A pretty cool driving game, with some stunning graphics that make it look almost like an Xbox game. There is seriously an option to play the 24 Heures du Mans in real time, with realistic day-to-night transition.
150px The House of the Dead 2 Light Gun A series fan favorite, the sequel to the arcade classic takes the cast to Rome, where G has unleashed an army of zombies and mutants. As always the writing and voice acting are terrible, hilarious and essential to the experience. Gameplay has remained mostly the same, with more alternate paths to take. Included in the X360 port of HOTD3 has an extra, and ported along with HOTD3 to Wii. Also for arcades, obviously. DOGS OF THE A.M.S!
150px The King Of Fighters Evolution 2D Fighting A greatly upgraded port of arcade fightan megahit KOF '99. Just like in KOF Dream Match 1999 (actually a port of KOF '98, go figure), SNK took the fantastic 2D sprite work from the Neo Geo and laid it on top of 3D stages that replicate amazingly well the original's style. But this time they did not fuck up the audio, which makes this a far more enjoyable game.
150px The King Of Fighters 2002 2D Fighting Awesome entry in the KOF series with a butt-ton of old chracters and even more newbies as well.
150px The Last Blade 2 Heart Of The Samurai 2D Fighting Possibly the pinnacle of SNK's fighters, an obscure weapons-based series set in the Bakumatsu period where Western culture has arrived and samurai have seen their final days. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful stage design and sprite work, balanced combat with parry system and a likeable cast. There is a JP-only PS2 compilation of The Last Blade 1 and 2.
150px Tokyo Xtreme Racer Racing Pretty good game about one thing and one thing only, Tokyo drift racing. Soundtrack is pretty good 'n arcadey.
150px Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 Racing More Drift Racanan' has a good soundtrack.
150px Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Adventure / 3D Platformer This is probably the best Tomb Raider from the original series, despite what you read on many reviews. It's set on Egypt, which makes a great atmosphere for this kind of game. It's the same formula since the first Tomb Raider with all the good things (great level designs, clever puzzles, good orchestral music, etc) and bad things (stiffy controls, bad camera, etc), but with new moves, new weapons, and a great improvement in graphics in comparison with the Playstation version.

Also available on Playstation, PC, Mac and PSN.

150px Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Extreme Sports Pretty neato game about tony hawk and all that jazz. Features a fair amount of chracters and awesome music. Also on PS1/N64.
150px Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Extremeier Sports Awesome sequel that improved upon the 1st one. This game is so fucking good nobody at metacritic scored it below a 90. This time around you've got even more of the shit that made the 1st awesome. Spideys got a skateboard now. Also on PS1/N64, with an xbox port, 2X.
150px Toy Commander Action / Sandbox Grand Theft Auto set in a toybox. Flying, shooting, racing all around some dude's house. A house... with a lot of toys... to command. Designed by Frédérick Raynal who's responsible for every underrated game ever from Little Big Adventure to Fade to Black and Soul Bubbles.
150px Trickstyle Hoverboard Racing Hoverboard racing game by the rascals AKKLAIM. Reminds you of Sonic Riders, except this came first, so yeah. Made by Criterion as well, so that's pretty cool. Try it out if you want a good hoverboard racer game.
150px Triggerheart Exelica Shoot em' up A flying anime girl robot shmup with a twist: other than shooting the enemies, you can also use a tractor beam to capture them, spin them around, and slam them against other enemies. Also on PS2 and XBLA.
150px Trizeal Shoot em' up A damn sweet shooter from a tiny developer, with a very strong old-school feel; challenging and intense, good graphics, nice soundtrack. Also for PS2 (lotsa slowdowns), and part of the Shooting Love 200X compilation for Xbox 360.
150px The Typing of the Dead Edutainment / Horror In order to help you with your typing skills, SEGA tweaked House of the Dead 2 so that you now kill zombies by typing words that appear on the screen as fast as possible, instead of, well, shooting them. Hilariously, the characters are actually seen wielding typewriters instead of firearms in the cutscenes. Most everything else is the same. A premise that makes for a ridiculous and fun one-off game. Requires the (now very rare) DC-compatible keyboard, though. Also available for PC.
150px Twinkle Star Sprites Cute 'em up / Puzzle A unique shoot 'em up for Dreamcast that can best be described as a 2 player competitive puzzle/shooter. Get chains to put enemies on your opponents screen. CRAZY fun with another player to compete against!
150px Under Defeat Shoot em' up G.Rev’s second shmup for Sega's deceased wonderbox. This time its a Vert set in WWII. Awesome graphics and some very unique gameplay. Widely considered one of the finest Dreamcast shooters.
150px Unreal Tournament FPS The best FPS for Dreamcast, and a great play, but takes time to master. Multiplayer is a blast.
150px Vampire Chronicle: For Matching Service 2D Fighting Just when you though there was no Darkstalkers games on the Dreamcast! Capcom literally had EVERY fighting series on this console alright. Vampire, A.K.A. Darkstalkers, in 2 of thier best literations from the JP circuit. Now with online and other shit.
150px Virtua Fighter 3tb Fightan...IN 3D! Same ol' Virtua Fighter, but better. With more characters, better graphics and stages and shit. If you're sick of playing Capcom, Namco and SNK fighters, well, then I guess this is the best alternative. Also weird fucking name. The 3th? WTF? 3tb, it stands for team battle.
150px Wacky Races Racing A Mario Kart-esque racer using the license for the Hannah Barbara cartoon Wacky Races. Lots of fun.
150px World Series Baseball 2K1 Sports A very good baseball game. Baseball done right.
150px Yu Suzuki Game Works Compilation A quite rare Japan-only bundle of a book covering Yu Suzuki's remarkable game development career, and a compilation of five of his early arcade hits: Space Harrier, Hang On, After Burner II, Out Run and Power Drift. If you've played through both Shenmue games, you've likely played most of these, but it's convenient to have them all promptly available on a single disc.
150px Zero Gunner 2 Shoot em' up Another helicopter shmup this time from Psikyo. Feature massive bosses all with multiple forms. Bit of a cake walk up until the last stage but still awsome.

Indie gamesEdit

As hackers figured how to boot the Dreamcast from regular CDs without any hardware modding, it became, by all practical means, the most open console ever. That is, until intentionally open consoles came out, such as the Linux-based Caanoo and many Android-based portables, but I digress. Retaining a devoted fanbase even after it was commercially discontinued, it was the platform of choice for many independent developers. Thus it received several original titles, as well as ports and emulators.

The Indie listEdit

Box Art Title Genre Description Where to obtain
150px Beats of Rage Beat 'em up Clone-sorta-ish of the Streets of Rage series, done with KOF sprites. As the engine is open and very easy to mess, several modded versions exist. To save on CD-Rs, look for the "Beats of Rage Collection" packs. Also on several other platforms. Free:
Team Senile
150px Bleemcast! Emulator Bleem!, the famed commercial PlayStation emulator for PC, came to the Dreamcast in three game-specific releases: Gran Turismo 2, Metal Gear Solid, and Tekken 3. It provided that serious visual upgrade (640x480, anti-aliasing, bilinear filtering) that the PS2 should but did not. There is also a non-title-specific leaked beta, but it was an early version, very buggy and incomplete, with spotty compatibility.[6] Commercial
150px Cave Story Action-adventure One of the most renowned metroidvanias ever. Get ready for the feels. Free:
150px Fast Striker Shooter A manic shmup with CG backgrounds and an emphasis on scoring. Also on the Neo Geo (where it is the largest cart ever). Commercial:
150px Giana's Return Platformer Unofficial sequel to the 80s classic The Great Giana Sisters. Very fun and challenging. Also on several other systems. Free:
Official site
150px GunLord Platformer YOUR ARE CUTE! DIE IN HELL! Clearly inspired by Turrican, but plot-wise a sequel to Last Hope. This is probably the most epic and ambitious indie game for the Dreamcast ever released. Also on the Neo Geo. Commercial:
150px Last Hope: Pink Bullets Shooter Even though Last Hope got some praise as a fine-looking and very challenging game in the same vein as Pulstar, it was also criticized as too brutally difficult and somewhat glitchy; this updated version corrects the original release's issues. Commercial:
150px Neo4All Emulator An impressive feat of coding: a Neo Geo CD emulator, running pretty much perfect at full speed on the Dreamcast. And it is possible to create standalone game+emulator discs. (Hint, there's a lot of those out there.) Free:
Chui's DC Projects
150px Rush Rush Rally Racing Racing A very fun top-down racer. Also on WiiWare. Commercial
150px Sturmwind Shooter A very impressive hori shmup, sixteen years in the making (it started as a Jaguar CD demo). Gorgeous pre-rendered everything. Commercial:
150px VMU Backup CD Utility Remember all the times you got online with your DC and went to GameFAQs or Planetweb, just to get some useful VMU save file? Ever wonder how to do that now, as no one uses dial-up anymore? Here's a more elegant solution: a disc with a fuckton of save files! Just boot to it, copy the files you want to the VMU, and you're done. Free:
El Bucanero
150px Wind and Water Puzzle Battles Puzzle One of the many "post-mortem" commercially released indie games, the aim of this puzzler is to match elemental squares into matching diamond shapes in a manner somewhat reminiscent of Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon/the "Puzzle League" games (Fuck me does that series have a lot of names). As those games are in their own right - Wind and Water Puzzle Battles is ridiculously addictive and graphically attractive considering it's a port from the GP32 of all things.

Don't let the cover throw you off, this isn't a Jap-only game, it has full English as well and is region free.


PC version free:
Yuan Works

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