The Game Boy Color was Nintendo's next handheld system after the Game Boy. Games marked with a star (*) are backwards-compatible with the Game Boy (you don't see the colors when you play on the regular Game Boy of course).

The List Edit

Title Genre Description Box Art
Azure Dreams* RPG A downsized port of the PS1 game. However, it was remixed a bit. For example, there's quite a few new monsters and a "second quest", where you go down the tower in a B01-B99 fashion. Sadly, as mentioned, dating got cut and town editing is limited to donating cash to Nico. But, if you want to tackle the main game, it's still plenty fun. Give it a try, but also consider the PS1 version, but be warned, that one's A LOT harder. 200px
Balloon Fight GB* Platformer An update to Balloon Kid for GB. This version is nicely colored and also has SAVING. If you played balloon trip mode from Balloon Fight NES, this plays like that, but with more and better platforming. You'll even have to deflate and re-inflate your balloons, making for an interesting experience. The cart's Japanese, but plays in English. 200px
Blaster Master: Enemy Below* Adventure / Platformer NOT a straight port of the NES classic. It's a REMIX as several map layouts have been altered, however the general areas and settings remain the same. Pilot your badass tank, Sophia the 3rd, through assorted platforming areas. You even do some on-foot exploration in areas Sophia can't fit in and a good chunk of these end up as overhead segments that control a bit differently. Worth playing through, even if you beat the original. 200px
Bomberman Max: Blue Champion / Red Challenger Puzzle A traditional Bomberman taking advantage of the GBC's power. This allows a faster, better looking game. The only major differences between the two are the "charaboms" between them, which is a weird Rock-Paper-Scissors Pokémon-esque mini-game that's not fun. There's a few exclusive stages between the two of them (IIRC), but not too many. Just choose the hero you want to play as. Has some weird IR sensor thing that require the use of a remote control on GBC cartridges. Not sure if its patched elsewhere. 200px 200px
Bomberman Quest* Action-Adventure If you played the Neutopia series, you'll probably enjoy this. Like it, Bomberman takes a cue from Zelda in this adventure. Bomberman crash lands on a planet and sets loose a bunch of monsters and criminals. To nab them all, he must use his bombs and other found gadgets to navigate the planet and pursue the crooks. Not too shabby for his first Action-Adventure, but it has a weird official translation. Protip: Revisit boss fight arenas to fight various Hudson Soft characters for extra life containers. 200px
Bust-a-Move 4* Puzzle A port of Puzzle Bobble 4 on GBC. Surprisingly well done. Hardly anything is lost in the transition aside from a smaller view point. The plain background makes it easier on the eyes compared to B-A-M Millennium, which has a hard beige replacing all white colors. There's also multiplayer to take on a pal with. 200px
Crystalis Action An action RPG/action-adventure game. Inferior to the NES version, because it clips, has a bad aspect ratio, and takes away some of the initial challenge. Still, if you gotta have Crystalis on a handheld, here it is. 200px
Daikatana Adventure John Romero, make you his bitch, etc. Anyways, unlike the console-based version, this game is surprisingly solid. You control various characters as they travel through worlds, fighting anything in their way. Its a hack and slash with Zelda controls and exploration through different stages. You don't get a lot of items or gadgets, just power-ups and weapons to spell out your enemies' doom. 200px
Deja Vu I & II Point 'n Click DV1: "Who am I?" Your goal is to find why you forgot this, and fill in the blanks of another mystery... DV2: After DV1, you become a scapegoat in a case involving a huge missing sum of cash. You must figure out what really happened, and you can even re-explore places from DV1! These are mystery games that involve some serious thinking and investigating. However, they're fun as heck, and have numerous weird losing conditions such as being eaten by a gator in the sewers and being arrested for public indecency because you weren't wearing pants. 200px
Donkey Kong Country Platformer GBC port of the SNES classic with some useless extra features and minigames. If you have to have a handheld version, it'd be preferable to go with the GBA version, but this is acceptable at least. Better than going pure monochrome anyways. 200px
Dragon Warrior I & II* RPG A port of Dragon Quest 1+2 Remix for the SNES. The gameplay and graphics are improved and streamlined from NES days (no more CLIMB STAIRS/OPEN DOOR here), but the goofy Olde English translation has been dropped. This also adds stat-boosting seeds and a quick save option. The difficulty has been boosted in some spots and reduced in others. 200px
Dragon Warrior III RPG A port of Dragon Quest 3 Remix for the SNES. This adds better graphics (compared to the NES), streamlined gameplay, quick save, and stat-boosting seeds from 1+2, the Thief class (which can be pretty helpful if raised right), the personality system, and a rather enjoyable bonus dungeon. Many consider it to be the best version for good reason. Like 1+2, the difficulty is amp'd in some places and lowered in others. 200px
Dragon Warrior Monsters* RPG / Roguelike

Sorta like Pokémon, but with roguelike-type dungeons to explore vs. towns and gym leaders. You can have up to 3 monsters (each can have up to 8 skills) with you, same for other humans and wild mons. The 3-on-3 turn-based battles are fun and simple, but skill-learning and breeding is complex and deep as hell, as any 2 mons give their baby their skills, who can be better than either, even be a new breed and learn new skills!. Surprisingly addictive, and has lots of Dragon Warrior references for DW/DQ fans.

Remake on the 3DS (Japan only).

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey/Tara's Adventure* RPG

More monsters, more skills, and a new world! Same gameplay and mechanics as before, but the roguelike aspect is gone in favor of a more standard RPG approach where you help people and solve puzzles. There's also (MANY) random worlds to find as well, thanks to magic keys you find or earn. A somewhat different experience from 1, but still a damn good one. Most people consider these two games the best of the series, though the others are worth a shot. Like 1, there's a lot of DW/DQ fanservice to be found.

Getting a remake on the 3DS (Japan only most likely).

200px 200px
Elevator Action EX Action / Arcade A remake of a Game Boy remix of an arcade classic. This has you choosing one of three agents (each with different attributes) to collect intel from enemy bases. You utilize elevators, escalators, stealth procedures, and powerful firearms to navigate your way to the goods, but most importantly, doors for duck-and-cover crossfire. Simple, and a bit dated, but has pretty good replay value. 200px
Game & Watch Gallery 2* Arcade This game features 6 classic Game & Watch games. Like the first, you can play in classic mode, like the original G+W, or arranged, which has some minor differences. 200px
Game & Watch Gallery 3* Arcade This game features 11 classic Game & Watch games. Same rules apply as always. 200px
Game Boy Wars 2* Strategy Not quite Famicom or Advance Wars. This is actually similar to Hudson's Nectaris/Military Madness engine. As a result, it follows a hexagonal arrangement, and uses different unit types and names. However, once you get re-adjusted you'll find a pretty solid game in this. There's no CO's, but there are bases, factories, and water & air units like one would expect from the Wars norm. Japanese only, but easy enough to figure out. Translation Patch HERE, but it doesn't translate the very last secret map (gotten from beating the two sets of stages, which have A LOT of stages). 200px
Game Boy Wars 3 Strategy Hudson gave this final entry a crazy/rad update. Curiosities include altered indirect attackers, producing certain units needing "materials", and deployable "construction units" who transfer and build the needed supplies. These units can even cut down trees and make roads. Thankfully, the Beginner Mode, a 16-part tutorial, lets you readjust. There's a Standard Mode with 60 maps to face the CPU or Player 2. Last is Campaign Mode, with over 45 different maps, many of which are determined by your performance and the storyline. A very cool aspect only in Campaign Mode lets you redeploy surviving units from a previous battle into the next one. Units even gain experience points and get promoted with more power from ranks D to A, and then S, which lets them be transformed into a new type of unit (dunno how that works). Sadly, the best patch (that I know of) only translates the menus and beginner mode, but it's a good start. Get it HERE! 200px
Ganbare Goemon: Hoshizorashi Dynamites Arawaru!! Platformer A GBC remix of the SNES games. Revolves more around platforming than exploration, but there are still towns to buy goods at. Features the same old goofyness you'd expect from the series, but sadly, only Goemon and Ebisumaru are playable. However, there's still a few Impact battles, so don't get too sad. No translation available, but it's not like this game needs one (nor would it make sense with one). 200px
Grandia: Parallel Trippers RPG/Action-Adventure A love letter to fans of the original Grandia. The game remains flavorful, though in smaller-scale, and the gameplay is well done, keeping core elements of G1, while adding to and remixing them in new ways. The use of skill/magic cards may be off-putting, but it is cleverly well-done, since you can combine attacks into new ones and even some unique Chrono Trigger-like combos, giving a lot of potential versatility with battles. There's action-adventure aspects as well, thanks to new Lufia/Zelda-like exploration/revisiting of areas. There's LOADS of content in this game, which you might miss or skip on accident. As such, use this site for help. It's originally JP-only, but a FULL translation patch has been released for the ROM.
Even if you never played G1, you seriously ought to try this out, especially if you're a fan of the GB Zelda, Megaman Battle Network, and/or Evolution (DC/GC/NGPC) series.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


Okay, this game right here is the shit. The first wave of Harry potter games back in 2001 were all great but this tops all of them. Why? Because while the others were simple puzzle/platformers, this is a fuckwin turn-based RPG. Every situation that you encounter from the book and movie is in a form of a battle. Gain experience, collect items, learn new spells....also, it pretty much covers EVERYTHING from the book (unlike the others, who skip most of it), even adding some strange shit (like Harry fighting a giant Rat on Gringotts or having a near-death battle with Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express). The graphics are shit, but they only add to the magic.

Known as "Sorcerer's Stone" in the USA, much like the book and movie.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


More turn-based fun with Harry and friends in this great sequel to the Philospher's Stone. Like the first game, this is based more on the book rather than the movie.

If you want more Potter RPG goodness, check out "The Prisoner of Azkaban" on the GBA.

Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! Hamster-Adventure Guess what? It's a great game. You find and utilize items and words to solve puzzles. Sort of like PC adventure games to an extent. Good sprites, music, humor and creative gameplay. One of the first Hamster-Adventure games of the Hamtaro series. The sequels improve much more from here, and can be found on GBA. 200px
Harvest Moon GBC* Sim Remake of Harvest Moon GB for the Game Boy Color. The games get better in each sequel, but this is a decent start, due to being fairly easy. After HM3 GBC, the portable HM games continue with the well-loved Friends of Mineral Town on GBA. 200px
Hunter X Hunter: Kindan no Hihou Platformer / Action RPG A Castlevania-esque game with some Metroidvania elements. It controls a lot like the NES titles, with whip-cracking and similar physics, except you use skills and magic, instead of subweapons. Even though the game's in Japanese, and based on an anime/manga, you don't need to know either to enjoy this and complete it. There doesn't seem to be a translation patch or any FAQs on this game, but it doesn't really need one. 200px
Konami GB Collection Vol. 1-4* Many! 16 Classic Konami Game Boy titles for the price of 4! While a few games on the collections are duds, these 4 carts contain Gradius/Nemesis I & II, Castlevania: The Adventure, Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge, Motorcross Maniacs, Contra/Probotector, Frogger, Ganbare Goemon, Twinbee, Parodius, Antartic Adventure, & more in color! Be sure to grab the European copies for total GBC support. File:Konamigbcollections.jpg
Legend of the River King 2* RPG An angel had parts of a heavenly jewel eaten by two mighty King fish. She asks a kid and his older brother, two fishers, to help her out. More or less same circumstances as LotRK1 apply here to be better fishers. You choose who to play as with minor differences between the two, mostly that the brother starts out a bit stronger and has a slightly harder start. As a side note, you can also trade certain items to/from Harvest Moon 2 GBC. 200px
Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening DX* Action-Adventure A remix of the original game with a new color dungeon and a few other minor changes, such as a new photographer mouse that records various events from your adventures as cartoony pictures. It has the screen scrolling glitch fixed, so you've got to play it straight in this version. 200px
Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Ages Action-Adventure A Zelda where the primary mechanic from the beginning of the game is Time Travel, Ages is the more puzzling of the Oracle pair. Borrowing much of its style from Link's Awakening, it tells one of the arguably better Zelda stories. 200px
Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Seasons Action-Adventure Seasons is more focused on combat versus Ages' puzzles. The Rod of Seasons lets you change the terrain at will, and while this should have produced better puzzles, it was largely ignored in favor of better bosses. Beat one of these two, then use that password in the other for a New Game +, with extra features, an additional dungeon (Bringing the pair's total to 17 together), 2 new bosses, and a fuckwin bonus boss and ending. 200px
Little Magic Puzzle Little Magic borrows some aspects from Sokoban and Lolo in placing certain items in slots. However, you also have a magic bubble which, upon exploding, can push objects around. The first levels are cake, but after that you need mastery of the bubble and careful planning if you even think about getting through stages. Japanese only, but a translation patch is available for the rom. 200px
Lufia: The Legend Returns RPG A black sheep in the Lufia series, but still a good one. Foregoes the puzzle elements of the first two games in favor of rogue-like styled dungeons. Pretty good, despite what the purists say, but the new battle system takes some time to get used to. Character and party customization is pretty neat too. The other spin off on GBA has no relation to this and little to the main series, but it's more closer to form, despite the translation being iffy. 200px
Magi Nation RPG Imagine Final Fantasy mixed with Pokémon, then mixed with a card game, and you'll pretty much have Magi-Nation.Battles are 4 on 4 with an element mechanic, special attacks, and each creature can equip two items(relics) as I remember and whatnot. Has both humorous and weird dialogue and events, a large range of colorful NPCs, horribly cute to bloody awesome creatures to collect and train, and a number of unique and vivid settings. Also dungeons and puzzles. Also, the music isn't absolutely terrible. Also, the graphics were better than pokemon in this generation.
Recent changes to this series made it more "kid friendly" so it currently sucks horribly. Thank you Canada.

here's part 1 of an unfinished playthrough.

Magical Chase Shoot 'em Up A pretty good port of the PCEngine/TurboGrafx-16 Cute'em up. Horizontal, so you'll have a few obstacles outside of enemies to deal with. Features two star-options that can be changed a bit for different firing styles. 200px
Mario Golf Sports/RPG Port/Spinoff of the N64 version with all of the fun + a career mode where Mario is apparently Jesus and invites you to his mansion "clubhouse". Has I dare say some of the catchiest and mellow music on the system. Whoever thought a GOLF RPG could be fun deserves serious thanks for the idea. 200px
Mario Tennis Sports/RPG Tennis game with a career mode and RPG elements. Unlike the N64 version it's from a top-down perspective, but it retains the playability and fast pace you expect. It's compatible with the 64 version via transfer pak for extra characters. Wasn't the first "Tennis RPG", but is still one of the best. 200px
Mega Man Xtreme* Platformer As the Rockman WORLD (GB Mega Man games) are to the NES series, so are the Mega Man Xtreme games to the Mega Man X Series. This game also features some new plot-relevant bosses to fight. Features new "auto-save points" that allow you to pick up where you left off. While you are unable to use Zero, you can later get the ability to summon him to deal an attack to one or many enemies (depending on the summon used). 200px
Mega Man Xtreme 2 Platformer See above. This game lets you use Zero, instead of just summoning him. He has different bosses to fight who don't appear in X's mode. An unlocked mode lets you switch between X and Zero at will, and lets you take on both boss sets, along with the true final boss. Features a shop that lets you buy upgrades. Some of X's obtained weapons act a bit differently, and Zero gets to learn attacks based on the PS1 games he's been in. 200px
Metal Gear Solid (released as Metal Gear: Ghost Babel in Japan) Stealth A non-canonical 2D Metal Gear game. Plays more like the original MSX Metal Gear games. Very fun and a great entry into the series even if it has non-canon status. If you like the console versions, it's definitely worth a try. If you haven't played any of them, it's still pretty great and worth a play. 200px
Metal Walker* RPG It's an RPG with rock-paper-scissor styled mechanics, but plays like biliards where you ram your robot into the enemy bot. You start off with a neutral robot with no real strengths or weaknesses. In the traversable overworld, you find parts to upgrade it, which gives it traits, but also abilities, such as sea travel, hovering, and shoving power. These abilities help you find more parts for more power. Surprisingly, a lot more fun than it sounds. 200px
Monster Rancher Explorer Puzzle Has very little to do with Monster Rancher. Regardless of that, this is actually a Solomon's Key spinoff. For those not in the know, you go through a series of puzzle rooms, where you must escape and slay monsters. You do so with your magic wand/pickaxe which lets your create or destroy climbable blocks. This also has a few fairly clever "giant monster" boss fights that require some strategy and quick fingers. 200px
Pocket Bomberman* Puzzle/Platformer The action in Pocket Bomberman follows the rules of most other Bomberman games (place bomb near enemy, explode enemy, solve minor puzzles, find exit). However, this game is also a platformer, requiring you to jump around to find every foe. In that regard, it is arguably the spiritual predecessor of Bomberman Hero. The game as a whole is short, but sweet. Although it still has passwords if you can't beat it in one go. Has the greatest game intro known to mankind. 200px
Pocket PuyoPuyo Sun* Puzzle Sequel to Puyo Puyo 2. Same match 4, aim for high-chain action as you'd expect. But! This now has "Sun Puyo", which when cleared, can cause heavy garbage damage to your opponent. Has an arcade mode with 3 difficulties where you take on computer characters and versus mode to challenge a puyo pal of yours. 200px
Pokémon Gold & Silver* RPG

The second generation of Pokémon games, often touted as the best gen because of its improved gameplay and features. Released simultaneously, both of these games are similar fare to the first gen. Once the Johto region is completed, the player can travel to Kanto and take the gym challenge there, then face down the protagonist from the first game. You can even trade with 1st gen to get your old party back!

Have remakes on the DS titled "Heart Gold and Soul Silver".

200px 200px
Pokémon Crystal RPG An updated version of Gold and Silver, featuring slightly improved graphics and the ability to catch Suicuine without mucking about trying to find where the hell he is. Also, the first Pokémon game to allow the option to play as a girl (a feature that was planned for the first games, but scrapped). Not only that but the Pokémon are actually animated, and not that two sprite distortion stuff either! If you want a second-gen Pokémon game, Crystal is probably your best bet. 200px
Pokémon Pinball* Pinball Pinball featuring Pokémon. In addition to catchin' 'em all in the main tables, there's also some mini-tables for bonus games in the vein of Crush Pinball series! Actually has a built in Rumblepack for delicious trembling of your fingers. 200px
Pokémon Puzzle Challenge Puzzle Sequel-Spinoff to Pokémon Puzzle League. This takes place in the Johto country with GSC monsters and trainers to face. Match color-blocks and combo your way to victory. Lacks most of the N64 modes, sticking with more basic SNES stuff, but still pretty enjoyable. Features some heavy difficulty on the harder modes. 200px
Pokémon Trading Card Game* Strategy Even though every kid collected Pokémon trading cards, very few ever played the card game. Now you can. Very fun game that kind of plays like other Pokémon games but obviously follows the card game's ruleset and first 3 expansions (plus some GBC-only cards). It can either be really easy or really challenging, there is no middle ground. The computer is a cheap bastard at coin-flips though. Has a sequel called "Pokémon Card GB2: Great Rocket-Dan Sanjō!" that includes the Rocket expansion and some new elements as well. It's translated through a patch. 200px
Project S-11 Shoot 'em up Ignore the lame generic box art, this game is pretty good ! The game is super fast and really smooth, the graphics look pretty good too. 200px
Quest: Brian's Journey* RPG This has NOTHING to do with that fuck-awful GBC puzzle game. This is a re-telling of the N64 game, Quest 64/Holy Magic Century. This has the same mechanics and spells but uses overhead view to simulate the 3D fields. Some spells have been re-balanced, and there's a few new bosses, but most importantly, DON'T DIE. Unlike the N64 game, dying means game over, so be careful when taking hits or raising your defense stat. Getting items is also MUCH easier, due to the old item-finding coding being removed. 200px
R-Type DX* Shoot 'em Up The classic fight against the Bydo empire on GBC! Use your invincible "Force pod" option to take out enemies in hard-to-reach places, shield yourself, and combine for concentrated attacks. The enemies and atmosphere are creepy as hell, but sadly a tiny bit squished here. This still looks and plays great though! 200px
Revelations: The Demon Slayer* RPG a.k.a. Last Bible. Jack Bros aside, this was the first Megaten game to hit US shores. Plays like the usual SMT fare, with demon negotiations and fusion, but also has a bit of Dragon Quest, in that the game isn't first-person POV, but overhead. It's a bit aged, but remains very solid and quite impressive for an early GB title (this is actually just a colored version in English). However, the soundtrack is the JAMS. Has a Game Gear revision with boosted graphics and running, but the similarly titled Game Gear game is different 1st-person affair in itself. 200px
Revelations 2/ Megami Tensei: Last Bible 2* RPG The sequel originally unreleased in English shores finally got a complete fan-translation (rom patch). This game improves the systems of the first, allows monsters to equip gear as well, and is notably more difficult. Unlike the first, this has a fairly engaging narrative that won't leave you wondering what the hell you just played. The soundtrack, however, went for a more aesthetic take and is far less groovy. Note: Last Bible 3 is on the SNES, but currently does NOT have a translation patch. 200px
Robopon Sun/Star/Moon Version RPG Overlooked in the past as a Pokémon knockoff. Honestly, they're not all that similar. The battles resemble that, but you can actually improve your bots in various ways with parts, software, RAM, etc. There's even a few unlockables by using a remote control on the GBC in certain events. Worth playing, along with the GBA sequel. Sun was the Only one released in America, Moon has the most content with 18 extra robopon. 200px
Samurai Kid Puzzle/Platformer Really good game with great looking sprites and good animation. Basically you have three different weapons, a magic gourd wich lets you turn your enemies into blocks, a Katana for destroying enemies and blocks, and a giant fan to lure enemies to certain spots. You will also find special items to solve puzzles too, like helicopter plants, drills, magnets, lasers and bombs. The puzzles are pretty good but none of them are super hard. 200px
SD Hiryu no Ken EX* Fighting A fighting game based on the Flying Dragon series. Surprisingly, it controls DAMN GOOD. You'd think you were playing a Neo Geo Pocket Color! But seriously, the controls are responsive, accurate, and great. The music and animations are good too. Japanese only, but who cares, since fighting's about who's KO'd and who's not. 200px
Shadowgate Classic* Point 'n Click Like Deja Vu, this game is an adventure. However, unlike Deja Vu, it takes place in a medieval setting, exploring a perilous castle and its caverns, trying to stop an evil warlock from summoning a hell-demon. NEVER LET YOUR TORCHES RUN OUT WITHOUT A SPARE. I can't stress this enough. Other than that it's a pretty fun game. Like Deja Vu though, it's also full of some weird deaths, such as breaking a magic mirror that sends you into space and cannon-balling into a lava pool. Has sequels on various platforms, including the N64 and Turbo CD. 200px
Shantae Platformer / Metroidvania A cult classic, with nicer looking graphics than any GBC game. A Metroidvania with a sexy-cute half-genie who can change into animals and use a lot of skills later on. Rare and expensive as fuck, but fortunately for you a much improved (albeit shorter) sequel is available on DSiWare for only 1200 Nintendo Points ($12). 200px
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere* RPG Sequel of sorts to Star Ocean: The Second Story. You use teams of 3 to explore the world, with each character having different attributes battle and exploration wise. As such, some of them have different types of actions, such as Ashton shooting fireballs or Precis using a mini-submarine. The battles are real-time, but limited to left and right, akin to early "Tales of" games (except the GBC one, which sucks). Still, there's a lot of exploring, skills, customization and so forth to experience. Oddly enough though, characters have become better or worse since TSS, such as Bowman being nigh-OP and CRAWD being kinda sucky. No translation yet, but someone's hard at work at it, so it won't be too long. A shame they didn't just port the cellphone remake to a console and localize it. Fuck you, S-E. 200px
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Platformer Remake of the original Super Mario Bros with saving. It also includes The Lost Levels as an unlockable! In addition to that, there's some really quirky extras, such as a mini music composer, pictures to print out, and a fortune telling mode to get a small one up boost. Also, Luigi is playable at any time by pressing select on the map. 200px
Survival Kids* RPG/Action-Adventure You're a young kid who gets lost at sea. You're all alone on a deserted island, and you have to find some way to get off. Surprisingly accurate for a GB game in featuring various states of hunger, thirst, and health- all of which can be affected by animals, food, and weather/climate of the island areas. You can also rig some basic tools together to increase your chance of surviving the wilds. Had a successor in the Lost in Blue series. 200px
Tetris DX* Puzzle It's the Tetris you love, IN COLOR!!! What more do you want? A fun spinoff mode that keeps track of your records? Well, it's got that too. 200px
Toki Tori Puzzle Puzzle game that is as cutesy as it gets brutally hard, you are a chick out to rescue your egg-napped brethren in a style reminiscent to Lost Vikings. This gem was released at the death of the Game Boy Color and was largely ignored. Still, it proved enough of a concept to warrant re-releases, updates, and sequels for WiiWare, Wii U, PC, and iOS. 200px
Wario Land II* Platformer More Wario Land goodness. In this game, Wario is immortal and has a bunch of rad abilities, but don't expect it to be a cakewalk, cause he ain't invincible. Some of the treasures and secrets are extremely difficult to get. Has a bunch of hilarious transformations used for stage-exploration. Also available in non-GB Color. And just because you beat it once, doesn't mean you've found everything, since this game has a FUCKTON of hidden stages and alternate routes. 200px
Wario Land 3 Platformer / Adventure Plays similar to Wario 2 what with being immortal, transformations, and- Where's all my moves?! Hey, This is almost like a mix of Wario and Metroid! The stages you explore have more routes and treasures than you think! The skills and items you find open more to explore. Some stages even change over your travels! Thankfully, you have a world map for easy returns. There's also a neat a day/night feature that alters stages as well. If this isn't your thing, 4 makes a return to standard stage progression. 200px
Warlocked RTS Fun as fuck RTS. You'd think it wouldn't work on this system, but it does. Play as either the Humans or the Beasts, train grunts, archers, knights, build your standard RTS buildings. The main feature is that you can find different wizards throughout the game, each with their own unique power like turning units into animals, fuel and gold, or give them fucking smallpox and watch as they turn into a bomb infecting everyone around them. Units leftover at the end of a level will go into your personal army which you can use against friends. 200px
Wendy: Every Witch Way Platformer It may look like a cheap license cashin, but Wayforward (creators of Shantae) snuck in a fun portable Metal Storm clone under everyone's noses. Easier than the NES title it's mimicking, it does throw in some nice enemy variety for a short but sweet experience. 200px
Wizardry 1, 2, 3 RPG If you say you know hard RPGs and never played or even heard of Wizardry, you don't know SHIT about HARD. Wizardry was first made in the GLORIOUS 80's to digitally capture the feel of Dungeons and Dragons. It's first person, and has NO DUNGEON MAP. There's ALWAYS high odds of death, and no 100% guarantee that you'll revive when killed. If that hasn't scared you off, then there's good news if you beat the first/second. Your saves can transfer to the sequel(s), giving you control of your descendants, who have skills similar to your previous parties. Although these ports are in Japanese, the full English versions are included in them. 200px
Worms Armageddon Strategy Use your little cartoon worms to blow up your opponent's little cartoon worms. Hilarity and rage ensues when you miss and kill yourself. Has a lot less content than Worms games for other systems, but still decent. 200px
X-Treme Sports Sports A sports mini-game collection involving a competition. There are five different sports with various maps, arenas, and difficulties between them. It's A LOT better than it sounds. If you've played California Games, then you should be quite at home with this. In addition, there's actually a plot! Unlike your standard "mini-gamean" game, this was made by WayForward, and as a result, a lot of polish and effort was put into controls, graphics, and music. A sadly overlooked page in WF's past that really deserves revisiting. So bone up on that past and get shreddin'. 200px