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Nintendo Network ID Comment


lioleian Why is this big sword so fucking slow NA
UncleDante Horn and general bademaster NA
WhiteWaterKing Thank you based brute force (Hammer, HH, GS) NA (claps)
Istanblues GS, SA, Hammer, Lance EU
pdills Hammer-bro, Horn Hunter NA
Porktrocious GS n' HBG NA
Doc.Dino Hammer, lance, trying to get good at bow NA
ReleaseTheBogus GRET SURD NA

Hammers, Lances, Gunlances, Swaxes.

AlphonseElric Will do anything for honey NA
Skinski Whatever weapon I feel like. NA
Stuff3 I like the long ninja sword it looks really cool, anything but the lance stuff and great sword NA
CobbTime GS, DS, and Bow NA
ERA718 Hunting Horn, DS, and maybe mix it up with Lance as well. NA
BobertRoss Will take on any weapon/role; prefer HH. NA
Officer_Baykin LS, New Hunter NA
havoc8154 Mostly GS NA
Humanmango Will eventually get to everything, but for the early game most likely LS, Lance, DS and HH NA
cali15 GS, GL, Lance and SA NA
NiiChuckS Trying to master each weapons for fun and versatility NA
Tollaw I am mostly a pro, mostly. NA
Garko320 Will use anything. Main lance/hammer/HH/Bow NA
OrgaMecha SA and DS mainly, occasional hammer and HH EU
TheVikktor LBG/HBG and HH NA
VtecJumper Uses just about every melee weapon, doesn't really use bombs. EU
Inriri I use mainly GS and SnS. Gonna try hunting horn NA
Elnidfse SnS NA
Mad_Goomba HH and LBG sooo tastyyyy NA
Denkiningyo LS+SA 300+ hours between P3, FU, and Tri NA
snowywaffle SA, HH. I'm not that good ;_; NA
DrFortunecookie GS/SA NA

/mhg/ CREW REPRESENT (k-k-kelbi style)

electrospectre Used to play MHFU all day every day. Hammer, LS, and learning GL. NA
Kendail Played MHFU. SA, LS, DS, GL and sometimes Bow NA
rev3ngeance GS Hammer like a manly man NA

No idea yet, this is my first Monster Hunter...

Lord_Gaga Had my ID wrong earlier. Rockin dual knives NA
KanoKas GS yeah baby!! NA
Xiphosuran Haven't played MH in a long time, help me! NA
Einlanzer >tfw nerfed Lance NA
w00dlette Played MH on PSP like crazy then havent touched it since forever. Use anything. AUS
MFRS_SS Lances, weeee NA

HM/GS/SA most often. FU and P3rd player mainly. Willing to help anyone out a little bit.

MellowMeek Never played a Monster Hunter game before, gonna use lances. NA
Colombianx played Tri for maybe 3 days before Ultimate, so i still know nothing. might use dual or lances NA
Vinlasan I play with whateva and whoeva NA
Dr.Daora Resident bowman, pew pew AUS
VenomIreland Lance, Hammer, maybe Long Sword EU
Cecion SA while I grind, eventually HBG NA
Marcial Lance, LBG, Bow (HR+) NA
JustApollo I'm new, so I'm still finding out NA
SAFCBland Horn, Lance, Switch Axe EU
LeonTalon Switch Axe, first MH looking for some fun NA
BlackBossalini All dem sweet weapons EU
CleruZemma Hunting with Top Hat! NA
Greyfox82 Hammer and GL,sometimes SA NA
Alycian Hunting Horn, mostly. I love supporting~ NA
swillis16 Depends on monster weakness. NA
AwildMalcolm Switch Axe or Bust! NA
DrCoros Dual bro NA
Vimtoman All of the weapons EU
Mediamessiah DS and Bow bro NA
SpacemanSpiff53 Lance for life


Tony Switch axe NA
Mordigan SnS and Dual EU
Hiesetsu Lance/Gunlance mostly. Other weapons on whims. Merka
Quarxink gs/sa/lance/hammer/bow/ds NA
Zillyhoo hammer/long sword bro NA
Mysarie All Weapons. Played since Freedom Unite AUS
imanelectriccar Mainly a HAMMER BRO but mixing up now with DS and Gunlance. NA
Scaipgote From London, hook u in da gabber m8 EU
Burnation Hammerbro headshots 360 no scope NA
ex.itako 1k+ hours in MHFU, prefer GS/LS EU
Standstill Mainly LS Peasant, Horn and Bow EU
ShiftyFIsh DS and Hammer right now, might learn bows later on. NA
MynameJT Solo'd through HR6 in MHFU. Finally ready for online. Prefer Bows. NA
Karuvitomsk Monster Hunter beginner. Prefers the Hunting Horn. NA
Archreact Gunlance/Switch Axe, FU vet. AUS
Noodles87 Greatsword and Lances NA
Locher Bow Support - I am happy to stun/poison/sleep the shit out of the mobs EU
Jasthor Bow/DS - I wanna get gud NA
Melaghan LS - I'm still new so forgive me NA
Hangmagician Just starting, not sure  what weapon i like best so many choices. NA
kimcarry Hammer all day every day EU
LazerKitty Why is this game soo hard?


Galeforce GS, GL, SA, H; Will hunt Pecos for justice. NA

Mainly Hammer, I also like SA, GL and DS. Played P3rd, FU and Tri before.

twospookyfouryou Main hammer. Average at everything else. NA
tiagorendo bow master race EU
EpsilonBro Gunlance, SA and DS EU
VeroboseRubric Gunlance, DS, Swaxe NA
Nudhul Mostly melee stuff. SA is BestA NA
Lizardus SA,Hammer, SnS, DS, HH NA
hardcode-zombii New to MH. Mainly using SA for now. EU
Phoe-chan LS master race NA
Projeckt SA. I suck underwater. NA

Mostly Hammer & LS, I try not to hit my fellow hunters, native of Bongland Isle.

Ithilmar GS at the moment, eventually Gunlance, Hunting Horn and Light Bowgun EU
DigDugDude Longsword bro // I'll use whatever fits the situation. NA
Kite_DH Mostly hammer, sometimes LS and bow whenever I feel like it.


rigsby86 Bow and bowgun accessories NA
FriedShoes Lance, hoping to expand into Long Sword (I'm still pretty new at this game) NA
Ignoro Mostly GS EU/AUS
basedmeff Mainly LBG EU/AUS
Waronik Hammer/Lance mostly. GS/GL/HH later on. NA
BusterBeetle Mostly GL/Hammer/HBG, but uses all weapons frequently. NA
Sheeps Lance and SnS NA
Kendall Hammer NA
SuperBearDeluxe GS maybe Lance+Bow NA
thekegman New NA
unholyburger I can never pick a weapon (played tri and p3rd) NA
AzureRaven SA, DS, Lance


NeoGaara SA, DS, LS, I do stuff I guess? NA
Cryomancy Tiger Woods NA
Ouwieman HH, Light, and Heavy Bowguns NA
ChromiumSQUID LS, Hammer, HH EU
Nazono Using all weapons. NA
Bagenoxu Mostly LS/DS until I can get some sets together, then pretty much everything except Hammer and GS. NA
Sondiame HH, Hammer, Trying to learn LBG if anyone is willing to help me NA
acex222 Where are the cheat codes EU
Anugunrama Babi's first MH game. So far, a SA fan.  NA
ALSOsinceborn I probably exist. NA