"The future is now."

Getting a hold of these games might be difficult and costly; the NeoGeo was very expensive at the time because it literally brought arcade hardware to the living room, but you will NEVER see a better looking strictly 2D/16-bit console in your entire life. It is quite possibly the most sought after 'retro' home console with the largest cult following, thus making it highly collectible.

Even still, you can emulate Neo Geo games with Neo-RAGEX which uses dumps from the home version, but you're probably better off getting the MAME version of these games with Winkawaks/Nebula for optimal compability or MAME itself. They all come with Netplay; most of these games are multiplayer and will let you quickly jump in, being arcade games and all, try them with a friend. If you're not emulation prone, many of these games come in collections on the PS2, as well. Or if you're just plain cool, you can get a NeoGeo MVS, or get an MVS converter, or even a Supergun as the games are exactly the same only THEY'RE NOT THAT FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Like seriously they cost less than half of what most games go for, and like a quarter of rare games.

Neo Geo CD exclusives go on their own page.

Box Art





150px Aero Fighters 2 Shoot 'em up Totally fuckwin shmup game. Eight planes, two players to kick ass with, gorgeous graphics and scenery, and fucking awesome old school blowin' da fuck outta everything. Much better than it's predecessor and sequel, and one of the best shmups on the Neo Geo AES. 200px
148px Baseball Stars 2 Sports Incredibly expressive characters collide in this battle of the sports titans! While it lacks the custom teams of previous "Stars" titles, it easily plays the best, being smoother, faster, and more spot-on. There's still some variables though, as the players' expressions are also an indicator of their current state. If someone's tired, time-out and swap out! There's also the "POW Bat", which does just what you'd think it would when it hits the ball.

Baseball Stars Professional is an okay alternative, but can't really capture the fun-tastic, face-punching feel of this. It's not bad on its own though.

150px Blazing Star Shooter The sequel to Pulstar, quite easier, and still as beautiful and fuckin' epic.
150px Burning Fight Beat 'em Up The best beat 'em up on the Neo Geo, similar to Streets of Rage that shows off the Neo Geo's power quite well.
150px Crossed Swords
150px Cyber Lip Run and Gun One of the earliest Neo Geo games, it's pretty much a cartoonier Contra. Doesn't really show off the system's capabilities, but it's still a fun game.
150px Garou: Mark of the Wolves Fighting SNK's answer to Street Fighter 3. The last game in the Fatal fury series, to date, while technically serving as the first in a second series. Features a form of parrying and the ability to choose when you want to be able to use Super Combos. Sequel in the talks, but nothing confirmed to date.

(Possibly the best game on the system!)

150px King of Fighters '98 Fighting A dream match that features a ton of fighters from previous entries. Features many characters with many styles of play. The classic is still great, but at this point, you might consider the Ultimate Match version on PS2 instead, which has much more content. 199px
150px King of Fighters 2000 Fighting The last KoF developed in-house before SNK's bankruptcy. It's the best of the NESTS Saga ('99-2k1), which featured Strikers, a fourth tag partner that can be called in for an attack a la Marvel vs. Capcom. This game features tons of characters from other SNK titles like Metal Slug's Fio and Kaede from The Last Blade as exclusive Strikers, making this a fan favorite. Later ports to Dreamcast and PS2 add more Strikers.

(Yes, the box-art for this game was sideways).

150px King of Fighters 2002 Fighting A dream match among King of Fighters characters old and new. Even more than 98, although a few characters have been altered, which warrants 98's inclusion. The Unlimited Match version has even more characters (with the old 2k2 ones, this reaches 66!) and is out on Japanese PS2 and also on the 360's Live Marketplace in USA as well. 199px
150px Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle Fighting More SNK fighting, on my Neo Geo?! Well, sure, why not! You and your opponent can swap characters in the heat of battle, but the match ends when one is downed. Plays most similarly to Real Bout: Fatal Fury (Kim Sue Il even plays a bit like his ancestor Kim Kap-Hwan!), but has the rolling mechanic from King of Fighters. European release of this is extremely rare and rumored to have sold for $10,000 in 2006. 200px
150px The Last Blade 1+2 Fighting The Last Blade games are well-loved for their incredible gameplay, and are a shining example among fighting games. There is also an EXCELLENT NGPC port that mixes aspects of both games, though the console experience is always best for the full visual experience. 199px
150px League Bowling Sports / Casual Bars, malls, arcades, convenience stores, this game was damn near everywhere back in the day! If you don't know about it, here's the roll-down:

It's bowling, that's it. Time button presses, move the bowler, and knock the pins down. "Why's it so well-loved then?!" You play an extremely schizophrenic bowler who snaps back and forth from panic attacks to being cocky as fuck. Between the bowler and the score screens, there's alot of expression and animation for a 1991 game. In addition, 4 people can take turns and play in 3 slightly different scoring rules. Great pick up and play fun, and plays surprisingly better than you'd expect! You can even choose your hand and ball weight preference, and save and load them to and from the Neo Geo memory card!

150px Magical Drop 3 Puzzle Puzzle Match-# formula, but involves holding and stacking mass numbers of orbs at a time. Also has "bomb" orbs, which clear entire colors off the field. Has some weird and funny character interactions as well. 198px
150px Matrimelee: Neo Power Instinct Fighting One of the weirder fighting games you will ever play that's actually good. Has a cast of all sorts of people, ages, and fighting styles and also features a few characters from Rage of the Dragons. This game is legendary for having a cheap as fuck last boss (even among SNK bosses), the infamous Princess Sissy. 200px
150px Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 Run and Gun Animated platformer-esque run and gun with mobile tanks. Also has lots of weapons, such as heavy machine guns and "raw kit lawnchairs". A bit basic compared to later entries, but you seriously need to play this one first to get a feel for the games and understand the in-jokes in the sequels. 201px
150px Metal Slug X (2) Run and Gun The first to include female team members Fio and Eri. Now with more weapons, BIG mode (makes you fat and alters your weapon's mode of fire) and mummies. X is essentially a re-mastering of 2, so it is recommended to play that one instead. Again, you should really play this before 3. 199px
150px Metal Slug 3 Run and Gun More of the same, now with subs, airplanes, aliens and zombies. The longest of the MS series and all but agreed to be the best. This is what you've been waiting for. 200px
150px150px Metal Slug 4 and 5 Run and Gun More Metal Slug! The 4th has exclusive characters to that game and the 5th has Sliding. Both are made by a different company so opinions are mixed. Both are still generally cool though. 200px200px
150px Mutation Nation Beat 'em up While this may seem like yet another run of the mill brawler, the freaky enemy designs, solid graphics, and the cool soundtrack make it worth playing.
150px Neo Bomberman Puzzle Bomberman for the Neo Geo! Nice Neo Geo quaility graphics and music. Too bad it's only 2-player!
150px Ninja Commando Run and Gun A top down run and gun where you play as ninjas.
150px Ninja Combat Beat 'em Up A rather difficult beat em up (when you're not using powerful long range weapons). Forces you to learn how to play.
150px Ninja Master's: Haō Ninpō Chō Fighting A solid fighting game by ADK, and one of the rarest Neo Geo titles.
150px Pulstar Shoot 'em Up

Very similar to R-Type (rumor is that some former Irem people did it), has some really nice pre-rendered computer graphics.

150px Rage of The Dragons Fighting A Double Dragon spinoff/homage. Features the Lees (now the Lewis brothers) and Abobo along with many new characters. Has a neat combo system where you stun your opponent then input a set of buttons quickly to deliver a quick chain assault. 200px
150px Robo Army Beat 'em Up A good looking, fast paced beat 'em up that uses lots of scaling effects.
150px Samurai Shodown I-V Fighting Samurai and other fighters of various backgrounds face off in this fighting game. Features two different styles of offense (typically: one's more speed-centric and the other leans toward power). II is considered to be the all-around best one, though you may favor certain aspects of later releases. 200px
150px SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos Fighting One of the only crossover games to appear on the system. Plays similarly to Capcom vs. SNK, although with a few differences. 200px
150px Spin Master Platform A sort of Joe and Mac spiritual sequel. Uses many of the same concepts, but set in a more modern era. Nice for quick pick up and play, and it's accessible (easy) enough to play with anyone: Kids, friends, family, etc. Just be sure to press "A" at the ending! Pretty fun ride overall.

The characters also appeared in "Dashin' Desperadoes" for Genesis. It controls a bit differently and is a sort of platformer/racing hybrid that changes up when played with 2 players. You might also consider trying that out as well.

150px Super Dodge Ball Sports Another sequel in the Super Dodge Ball series. However, it's very fucking fun. Widely regarded as being the best in terms of pure action (as in sans customization and RPG elements) of the series due to a huge variety of moves to pull off.

This entry is infamous for being EXTREMELY rare as it's one of the last games Technos made before their end (and eventual rebirth). The box pic at the left may be the closest you ever get to it IRL unless you have over 500 bucks to throw down.

148px Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory Sports Another pretty well-known entry of a well-loved series. Sidekicks 3 is probably the best of the series. It's essentially a remastered version of 2, but with even more teams, and different types of tournament cups. These cups are regional, thus giving you a good idea of which countries you'll be facing off against. This series ate many a quarter around the world in its hayday, so you know it kicks some serious grass. 199px
150px Top Hunter: Roddy and Cathy Platformer A platformer that has plane switching, fighting game input attacks, and stretching arms to hit, grab, and throw stuff. The order of the first 4 worlds is chosen by you. Also on: SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1

Some what of a precuser to Metal Slug.

145px Twinkle Star Sprites Cute 'em up / Puzzle CUTENESS OVERLOAD~! A cast of strange characters compete against each other for the prize of a wish from the great Twinkle Star. Combines fixed shooter and puzzle elements for fast-paced competitions between players. While there is single-player, this game was MADE to be played with a friend! 199px
150px Waku Waku 7 Fighting Another whimsical fighting game made by Sunsoft. Filled with parodies of anime and game architypes, even including a guy who's a spoof-mix of Joseph Joestar and Indiana Jones. A sort of sequel/spinoff of Galaxy Fight. Had an air-based spiritual successor in Astra Superstars, which you might also consider.

Also on Saturn!

148px Windjammers Sports / Fighting? A fun take on Pong/Airhockey. Throw frisbees around 1 on 1. Better than it sounds. There's special moves and bonus stages to spice things up. Each character also has different specialties and stats. It's almost like a fighting game in that regard, though scoring goals is top priority. 200px
150px Zupapa Puzzle/Platformer Similar to Bubble Bobble, and even more so to Snow Bros.