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The Nintendo 64 is lacking in quite a few genres, but still manages to have a respectable library (especially in the platform/adventure genre, where it especially shines!) One of the coolest factors in its favor was that 3-4 person multiplayer was made easier since it had 4 controller slots built in, instead of having to buy a dumb add on.
Another neat thing was the controller slot, which offered 3 big supports:

  • Memory Card, which let you save your game off the game cart for some titles and other fun stuff (such as saving your own customizable Bomberman)
  • Transfer Pak, which gave some limited but neat GBC connectivity with some games, such as Pokemon, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis.
  • Rumble Pak, which shook the controller, gave you Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and was HUGE back in the day.

There is also another add-on thing called the expansion pak, which is needed for a few games from around 1999 and on to work, look cooler, and add better sound/video options as well, and is therefore one of the most quintessential instruments to having a complete N64 library.

Had a disk add on called the 64DD, that has 9 games, none of which are all that cool, except for Doshin the Giant, which was remastered on GC anyway. But that's JP only.

In China Nintendo released a N64 version commonly known as iQue Player (it goes under the Chinese name Shén Yóu Ji). It was planned to be their entry ticket to that market. Console looks like an Xbox gamepad that is connected directly to a tv set. Games can be bought in special kiosks or online and saved on memory card which goes into the iQue Player. Card has only 64 MB space so games can be stored in a cloud. Basically it's the same idea that stood behind Famicom Disk System or Super Famicom's Nintendo Power cartridges. Due to the piracy console was rather a failure, cancellation of Majora's Mask is the best evidence for that. Nintendo released 14 games which are almost the same as their standard N64 counterparts. All of them were translated to Chinese and almost everyone got Chinese dub. Only difference is that glitches and bugs were fixed (some were added...) and there is no Rumble Pack feature.

[* Denotes that the game came out on the iQue Player]

The ListEdit

Title Genre Description Box Art
1080° Snowboarding Sports Arguably the best snowboarding game on the N64. Sequel on Gamecube.

Also available on the Wii (Virtual Console).

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 TPS One of the best titles in the Army Men series, the N64 easily had the best version (possibly besides the PS2 version, which this editor hasn't played). Has a good, decent-length campaign with the addition of 4-player splitscreen multiplayer (includes color-based teams, a nice touch). 200px
Banjo-Kazooie Platformer Rare's first entry into the 3D platforming genre, drawing from much of what made Mario 64 a massive success and adding numerous innovations to the genre. Massive levels with some great level design and plenty of unlockable moves and transformations. Suffers a bit from excessive amounts of collectables, but is nonetheless one of the biggest games on the platform.

It was re-released on the Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade) with minor graphical updates, an online leaderboard and achievments.

Banjo-Tooie Platformer Includes larger worlds, more moves, crisper graphics, and of course, THAT FUCKING ICE KEY.

Was also re-released on the Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade) with many of the improvements seen in its predecessor's port.

BattleTanx Action A virus has wiped out 99% of the female population. Instead of leading to widespread sodomy, society collapses and the US becomes a battleground for roaming gangs of tanks. An excellent tank sim that'll take you through varied locales with interesting special weapons (if you can find them), including nuclear warheads. There are several multi-player modes as well, all very fun, even alone. 200px 
Battle Tanx: Global Assault Action See above, only with more tank classes. 200px
Beetle Adventure Racing Racing One of the more obscure N64 games. You race VW Beetles. All the courses feature tons of shortcuts and collectables. 200px
Blast Corps Destroyan Underrated Rare classic. A truck is carrying nuclear material across the nation and needs you to destroy buildings before the truck collides with them. Amazingly hard. 200px
Body Harvest Action A free-roaming sci-fi adventure made by Rockstar North, sort of a prototype for the future 3D GTA installments, game feels a little empty and devoid of much atmosphere, but has plenty of interesting challenges to confront, and a ton of different vehicles to take control of. 200px
Bomberman 64 Platformer Hudson's first 3D installment of the Bomberman series. Makes some rather interesting changes from the original formula that will influence the future of 3D bomberman games such as spherical explosions, 8-directional controls and expansive levels. Features some interesting puzzle solving elements and boss battles. 200px
Bomberman 64 (Japanese 2001) Action This is a completely different game than the one above. The one above is known as Baku Bomberman in Japan. This one is more traditional being in 2D and all. Great mulitplayer romp with lots of fun minigames and classic bomberman action! 200px
Bomberman 64: The Second Attack! Platformer An interesting overhaul of the first Bomberman game. The action isn't quite as fast paced, but there is much more you can do, such as using different elemental bombs, each with a different effect (such as an ice bomb that freezes water for you walk on ("Bomberman can't swim.")). There is also special armor for you to find that gives you Megaman X style upgrades, although limited to permanent power-ups instead of new skills (It beats finding them or spending money, though.). In addition, there is also the inclusion of "Pommy", a little critter who helps you fight enemies and can be controlled by a second player. Pommy evolves into different more powerful forms that depend on what you feed him. Multiplayer is also a blast, although some prefer the first 64 game's over this one. 200px
Bomberman Hero Action-Platformer A much more fast paced and action oriented entry to the Bomberman series. Features jumping and some of the best music in the series. One of the few Bomberman games to lack a multiplayer mode.

Also available on the Wii (Virtual Console).

Buck Bumble Action A game about a cybernetic bee from the guys that programmed Starfox on the SNES, thus, this game plays a bit like Starfox as well. RIGHT ABOUT NOW IT'S TIME TO ROCK WITH THE BIGGITY BUCK BUMBLE. 200px
Castlevania 64 Adventure/Platformer A fun 3D take on the classic vampire killing formula, but you'll need patience as the controls are somewhat shoddy. Would suggest playing Legacy of Darkness over this game. 200px
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness Adventure/Platformer Prequel and remake of Castlevania 64. Much better than the first game and refines every flaw with Castlevania 64. Would be suggested over Castlevania 64, as it contains the whole Castlevania 64 game but revamped with the refined controls. The best 3D game in the series, or at least on the N64. 200px
Chameleon Twist Platformer Disregarded by critics for having difficult gameplay controls and a strange life and continue system, Chameleon Twist is heralded for it's uniqueness and has gathered a cult following. Has a sequel where the main character is actually a chameleon (outside of Japan). 200px
Conker's Bad Fur Day Platformer Notable for being the most adult game on the Nintendo 64. Also, it's fucking hilarious.

Updated on the Xbox with huge amounts of censorship but massive multiplayer and now that live is gone, it doesn't even have multiplayer.

Custom Robo* Fighting A japan only classic with customizable robots (go figure). Just like the Gamecube title but more retro. 200px
Custom Robo V2 Fighting Sequel to the above. Alows up to four players this time around. 200px
Deadly Arts Fighting One of the few 3D fighters for the Fun machine that were FUN. The poor man's Tekken, Deadly Arts was an early 3D fighter for the Fun Machine. With a innovative character-creation mode(YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN MOVESET!), simple arcade controls, fast-paced battles(obviously, it's FIGHTAN) and a special stage WHERE YOU CAN BATTLE AS SUPERSIZED MONSTERS ON THE STREETS OF TOKYO, Deadly Arts is a solid fighter that fell to obscurity because a)Ergheiz and b) TEH N64 HAZ NO GAMEZ!

Shoot down by the media but fuck'em. Is a terribly undynamic fighter with shitty animations and generic everything like all N64 fighting games. Plus the create your own moveset is only fun if the moves are cool in the first place. SHOT down for a reason.

Diddy Kong Racing Racing Rare's own Kart racer for the console featuring Diddy Kong, along with a cast of Rare's own original characters, most of which were intended to get their own games in the future. Though much less memorable than Mario Kart 64, the game features three vehicles and a more fleshed out and challenging Adventure mode with plenty of collectables. Think of Mario Kart plus Super Mario 64 elements. You probably won't be racing with your bros as much in this game as you will Mario Kart but it is certainly not to be overlooked as just a Mario Kart clone. Also, DAT SOUNDTRACK.

Also on the DS with upgraded graphics and online multiplayer. Banjo and Conker have been replaced by Dixie and Tiny Kong.

Doom 64 FPS It's a completely new Doom, exclusively on N64.

This game was done by Midway, it includes all new levels and sounds plus hi-res graphics done from scratch. Most of the enemies from both Doom and Doom 2 are in, with few exceptions. There's also a new weapon.

NOTE: a TC of this game exists for PC that has some extra content plus modablity

Donkey Kong 64 Platformer Standard adventure game fare, tons of collecting, many zany and fun challenges packed into large levels for each member of the Kong family. Features Donkey, Diddy, Tiny, Chunky, and Lanky. Do you like walking through a shopping mall, filling your cart with bananas? Do you enjoy collecting countless collectibles? If so, you will love this game. 200px
Duke Nukem 64 FPS A port of Duke Nukem 3D. While technically the port is good, it's censored from most of its mature content (weirdly, though, all the porn related stuff have been changed into pro-weapon magazines and stores) and the controls could be a bit better.

This version has a lot of changes to the level layout; since this version only has the three original episodes, they took some of the The Birth (Episode 4) level architecture and spread it across the three episodes. There are also some weapon changes, the chaingun has been replaced with dual SMGs, the RPG with a grenade launcher, you have exploding dum-dum rounds to the shotgun plus there are two new weapons: a homing missile launcher and the plasma cannon. The boss enemies have 3D models for them as well.

Still awesome to own if you don't have any other means to play Duke Nukem 3D. The four player split screen cooperative is a must try for all Duke fans. Looks better than the Saturn and PSX ports but still a bit off.

Duke Nukem Zero Hour TPS Duke travels back in time to shoot pigs in the dick with revolvers. 200px
Dr. Mario 64 Puzzle An updated version of Dr. Mario with up to 4 players! Little touch ups here and there like theres a character roster to choose from and stuff to unlock. Music isn't quite as catchy as the original sadly. 200px
Excitebike 64* Racing Are you extreme enough for this? I guess not, since it's been missing from this list for a rather long time! The best of the Excitebike games, this is a solid racing title with a fucking awesome track-creating mode. 'Sequel' Excite Truck is on Wii. 200px
Extreme-G Racing Futuristic racing title. Cross F-zero's speed with Wipeout's weapons and you're nearly there. 200px
Extreme-G 2 Racing Like the first but with new levels, bikes, weapons and music. Apart from that it's basically the same. Graphics have also been heavily improved at the cost of FPS. 200px
Fighter's Destiny Fighting Kickass fighting game akin to Virtua Fighter. Unique point based system (finishing off your opponent in different ways grants you different points) instead of conventional rounds. Sequel also on N64. 200px
Fighter Destiny 2 Fighting After some more characters, different company production and name change to just "Fighter Destiny 2", the series is back. All in all an ok entry in the series, it's pretty fun it has a good techno music score as well. 200px
Flying Dragon FIGHTAN-RPG/Fighter That's right, not a typo dudes and traps. This game brings TWO motherfucking fightan games to the table.

The first, a chibi-sized animesque fighter reminiscent of World Heroes starring ROBOTOYOKOZUNA and Not-Yamcha. With RPG elements akin to Brawl's sticker mechanic, and learning supermoves from Wrestling Tapes. Yes, like NMH.

The second, a shameless Tekken rip-off. Not as good or innovative as the first one though.

Fushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 2 - Oni Shuurai! Shiren Jou! Rouge-Like/ Mystery Dungeon Made by Chunsoft (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon/ Torneko games) The people who invented the genre. Similair to those games in, (there is even a monster catching portion to the game). Random dungeons, monsters, trap you know the drill. J only, but not the most difficult game to figure out.You may need a guide though... 200px
F-Zero X* Racing Difficult futuristic racing game. Third F-Zero game and first one in 3D. This game was a blast on the Super Nintendo. It was so amazing that they had to tone down the detail to keep the game at 60fps, but still an awesome racing game and the best on the Nintendo 64. 200px
Gauntlet Legends Action-RPG Great home version of the arcade game, with all the 4-player shooting, hack-n'-slashing, Turbo Attacks and treasure-grabbing intact, plus the ability to toggle most temporary items on or off so you can save them for later. The only things this port's missing are the FMVs and high-quality music. Also available on PS1 and Dreamcast, and overhauled for the PS2, Gamecube and XBox as Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

Compatible with the Expansion Pak for even smoother visuals.

Gex 64 Platformer A platformer for television and movie fans. Players control Gex, a smart-aleck gecko as he attempts to defeat the evil Rez in the Media Dimension, which features a variety of movie/television themed "channels" each with 3 remotes to collect in order to progress to the next stage. Features a lot of 80's and 90's pop culture one liners from Gex himself which are randomly spoken throughout the game, sure to tickle someone's funny bone (Voice by Cat from Red Dwarf!). Camera is a bit shoddy. Prequels on PSX, Saturn, PC and 3D0. 200px
Glover 3D Platformer A bit of a deviation from your typical adventure game. A wizard has accidentally turned himself into stone and sent some magic crystals off into various worlds, leaving the land devoid of life. One of the wizard's gloves transforms the crystals into balls to protect them from shattering, and must guide them back to the castle. One of the few N64 games to make interesting use of physics. Players can transform the crystal into balls of various weight and shape in order to solve certain puzzles and defeat bosses.

Also on PC!

Goemon's Great Adventure Platformer A very difficult 2D multiplayer platformer, most definitely the hardest of the Ganbare Goemon series. Features some seriously over the top bosses and awesome first-person robot battles. Excellent style, play mechanics, and Japanese-techno musical score. 200px
GoldenEye 007 FPS The first good console FPS and possibly the best movie game of all time. Still a blast on multiplayer, provided some asshat doesn't pick Oddjob.

Huge mouth on cover :I

Harvest Moon 64 Simulation One of the cuter games in the long-running farm simulation series. The characters and graphics are great, but the days are rather short, so prepare to rush everywhere you go, every single day. 200px
Hexen Adventure FPS A port of Hexen. This game has 3 different characters, each with different weapons and stats. There are also a shitload of inventory items and most work in a different way depending on the character.

To unlock new areas you must solve puzzles that revolve around a hub system.

While not as good looking as the original one on the PC, while essentially the same, the controls are very well done on the N64 and there is 4 player co-op and deathmatch.

Hey You, Pikachu! Microphone orinted romp. Aggressively adorable game where you chill with your pokebro instead of making him fight other critters. Requires a microphone, with which you use certain vocal commands to order Pikachu to do shit like explore or play different mini-games, including piñata parties and fishing (the only fun one). Other Pokeymans appear, but you can only make Pikachu interact with them, not play with them yourself. Be warned that this has terrible voice recognition and is currently impossible to emulate. No European release, because Nintendo couldn't make the mike work with European accents. That said, it's pretty cute, and fun in a Facade way. 200px
Hotwheels Turbo Racing Racing/Stunts Fun racan and stuntan.

Also on the Playstation.

Hybrid Heaven Action RPG A unique entry in RPG history. A hybrid between fighting game and turn-based battle sim, player manuevers protagonist in a playing field until in position to attack, or be attacked. A very much overlooked title that tried something new. 200px
Iggy's Reckin' Balls Racing/2D Platformer A racing platformer where you play as a cute ball thing. Race against other balls and beat them to the finish line. Climb vertically through platforms, jump over ledges and dodge enemies. Lots of unlockable characters! 200px
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Adventure One of the best Indiana Jones games, often overlooked. Originally on the PC, but was ported on the N64 with superior graphics and controls. How that worked out for Lucasarts is beyond me (they could've just released a graphics mod...) but this is still a pretty good action-adventure game. 200px
International Superstar Soccer '98 Sports It's Soccer but without the faggotry, though the cover doesn't help. 200px
Jet Force Gemini Action Third person shooter/adventure game by Rare. Great graphics, incredible soundtrack, brutal difficulty, unique co-op and a vast array of bug exploding weaponry make this game unforgettable. Don't forget to grab the tribals... 200px
Killer Instinct Gold Fighting/CCCCOMBO BREAKER ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA! COMBO BREAKER! Killer Instinct's sequel on the n64. It has some pretty good graphics even though its not in full 3D, but the characters are way better than some of the Mortal Kombat cast. Pretty good fightan, some say it's hard to find. 200px
Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards Platformer A 2.5D entry in the Kirby series which features the ability to combine two powers. It's quite short, but in order to fight the true final boss you'll need to collect all the Crystals scattered throughout the stages. Fun, but far from the best in the series. 200px
Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time* Action-Adventure Even today, Nintendo fanboys consider Ocarina of Time to be one of the best games ever made (if not the best). It has aged quite gracefully and is still a marvelous 3D adventure, and the template for practically every Zelda title since. Everyone should at least give this a try.

Also on GCN, VC, and 3DS.

Legend of Zelda, The: Majora's Mask Action-Adventure An oddball entry in the venerated series, where Link must save the land of Termina from being crushed by its own Moon in three days (but you can reverse time, so no pressure!). Its morbid tones, mysterious story and occasionally dark side-quests make it an underdog and /v/ favorite, but it was still ranked 11th out of all Zelda games by Nintendo Power, mostly because of the "It's not OoT 2!" complex (See above). Make sure you play this before Twilight Princess for some extra goodness while going through the later.


Mario Golf Sports Mario characters play golf. Better than anything EA has come out with, true story. Sequel on Gamecube. Has GBC and GBA parallel games. 200px
Mario Kart 64* Racing One of the best entries in the series. Set the standard for future games with its new play-style. One of the best multiplayer games on the 64 and just in general.

Also available on the Wii (Virtual Console).

Mario Party Board Game/Minigames The humble beginnings of the Mario Party series, while very much random and unpredictable, remains a load of crap if you are good at video games. This game ruins controllers and palms, if you would like to keep both intact, DO NOT play the games where you must rotate the stick repeatedly. Future games fixed this mistake. 200px
Mario Party 2 Board Game/Minigames Improving upon its predecessor, adds a slew of new wrist breaking minigames as well as board events, arguably the best in the series. 200px
Mario Party 3 Board Game/Minigames Considered by some the weakest of the three, that still doesn't mean you won't have a blast playing this with friends, as always! The other 5 or 6 sequels are on Gamecube and Wii. 200px
Mario Tennis Sports Mario characters play tennis. Better than anything EA has come out with, true story. Sequel on Gamecube (which was also ported to Wii). Has GBC and GBA parallel games. Use the Transfer Pak and the GBC Mario Tennis to unlock extra characters on both games. Fun fact: This game was the debut of Waluigi. 200px
Mega Man 64 Platformer Port of the Playstation game Mega Man Legends, pretty much indiscernable from its counterpart. The sequel (Megaman Legends 2) is not available on this console. Features more save slots than the original PSX version, and fixed many clipping errors that were rampant in the original. Controls take some getting used to, though. 200px
Mickey's Speedway USA Racing A Disney kart-racer made by Rare with a modified Diddy Kong Racing engine. Pretty fun overall. 200px
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1 Compilation Good compilation of some classic midway games, like joust and whatnot, blah, blah, blah. Probably dirt cheap somewhere. 200px
Mischief Makers Platformer Another outstanding addition to the Treasure library of games, so you know it's good. Players control Marina, a cyborg girl created by the perverted Professor Theo, who sets out to save the planet Clancer from the evil empire and its three subordinates, the Beastector. THROUGH FIRE JUSTICE IS SERVED!

Shake Shake

Mortal Kombat 4 Fighting MK IN TREEEEE DEEEEE HUR DUR. Pretty Good port of the arcade game and worth a lookout, best version would be Gold on the Dreamcast. 200px
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Fighting Midway's answer to tekken tag tournament and vice versa. Has all characters from the first 3 games with features like noob saibot and other unlockables. Get it if you buy fighting games for the amount of characters they have or if you love MK. 200px
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Action An adventure game starring the Mystical Ninja cast. Plays abit similar to, and even came out a year before, Ocarina of Time, but is much more heavy on platforming, but plenty of devious puzzles and unique powers to acquire for each cast member. The controls suffer horribly from the lack of a targeting system, and the camera's unreliable, but the great level design, unique style, and kickass soundtrack cancel those out. Worth playing for the crawling animations [IMPACT] alone. 200px
The New Tetris Puzzle It's Tetris, without any major garnishes.

Features '4-Player Frenzy'.

Ogre Battle 64 Strategy RPG Fuck long SRPG with a sweeping story and high degree of customization. Great replay-ability. Probably the N64's rarest game, an original cart nowadays costs a decent chunk of change ($50-200). Luckily, if you have a Wii, you can buy it off of Virtual Console for 1000 Nintendo Points ($10). Worth buying though, no matter what you spend. Notable for one of the worst Strategy Guides ever. 200px
Paper Mario* RPG A Mario universe JRPG with loveable paper aesthetics. Mario is joined by partners of various different species (Goomba, Koopa, Boo and more) which support him in simplistic but fun battles involving timed button presses for extra damage. There are a lot of secrets and collectibles to discover and the game is brimming with personality thanks to talkative NPCs and creative world design. This is seriously the best RPG on the N64. Includes some sections played as Peach, too.

Also available on the Wii (Virtual Console).

Perfect Dark FPS Superior in every way to GoldenEye. You get a laptop that can shoot people and deploy as a sentry turret, enough said. Has deep multiplayer customization and an excellent campaign but the framerate does drop considerably at times.

Also on the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade with upgraded graphics and online multiplayer.

Pilotwings 64 Flying Featuring, for the time, glorious huge open 3D worlds. You pilot a variety of craft through tests to win medals. Tricky to get all gold, even though there's a small number of craft, pilots, and tests.  200px
Pokémon Puzzle League Puzzle Tetris Attack only with Pokémon characters and a neat 3D mode. The game borrows more from the anime than the games, so expect tons of awful voice acting to bother you while you puzzle. Other than that it's the definitive puzzler on the system.

Also available on the Wii (Virtual Console).

Pokémon Snap Rail-Shooter A genuinely fun spin-off title. Pokemon photographer Todd travels through various on-rails stages where you use a handful of items and your skills to snap the best shots of various Pokemon species. Prof. Oak then grades them on style. The game has a number of secrets which you'll need to uncover to unlock the final level, along with several Pokemon that require trickery to coax out of hiding. The VC version lets you save photos to your SD card. 200px
Pokémon Stadium Battlan A Pokémon battle simulator that utilizes a unique Gameboy-to-N64 transfer system to allow players to take Pokémon from their handhelds and pit them against a unique set of challenges rendered in full 3D. For players who lack the Gameboy game, you can select any of the 150 pokemon for rental, but doing this makes the game much harder. Also, the best collection of mini-games this side of Mario Party actually worth replaying with your friends every now and then. 200px
Pokémon Stadium 2 Battlan See above, only now second gen (G/S/C) Pokémon are available. But this is a lot more then just a battle simulator. There are many challenges to take on, many exclusive items and prizes (including pokemon) that can be won with unique moves. Also can be used to do quick trading between games, and organise your room and lots of fun stuff like that. 200px
Quake First Person Shooter Quake ported on the N64 by Midway and pretty good for a port if you don't have a PC suited for gaming. 200px
Quake II First Person Shooter the sequel to the first, if you liked the first, this is good too. Better on the PC like most of Id's games but still good if you dont have a good gaming pc. 200px
Rakuga Kids Fighting A stylistic fighting game by konami featuring a cast of weirdo kid drawings. Nice animations and fun it's cartoony style set this apart from most fighters. It's somewhat slow paced for a fighting game, and the load screens take quite a while for a cartridge based game. Pal and J only.

This is where Beartank originated.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape 3D Platformer Probably the best Rayman game ever (besides the first). Great game; it comes in a green cart so it's not hard to miss on any used game shelves. Requirements may be a little annoying if you don't have the Memory Pack Expansion Pack. Still, it's fucking RAYMAN so I bet you'll love it to bits. 200px
Resident Evil 2 Survival Horror An awesome feat of data compression. Somehow they managed to get both the Leon and Claire discs on one cartridge here! It looks pretty good and even has some extra content! The DC version is still best, though. Anyway this is an excellent survival horror title so pick it up if you find it. Don't try to emulate it on Project64, though. Don't even try. 200px
Robot Ponkottsu 64: Nanatsu no Umi no Caramel RPG Since there are like, almost no RPGs on this system it's definatly worth looking into to. . The GBC games are pokemon clones, and this is like  a pokemon stadium clone but you can run around in the arena (not as fun as it sounds though). Use the GBC transfer pack to unlock and upload stuff with the GBC games. 200px
Rocket: Robot on Wheels Platformer You only have one wheel. Made by the guys behind Sly Cooper and Infamous. The plot involves you, Rocket, having to navigate throughout a Theme Park turned dangerous, to find all the tickets and tokens for the park. Also a raccoon kidnaps a walrus. Yeah, I don't know what they were smoking either. (pot seems too obvious)

Has a great physics engine. (That's right, a physics engine on the N64)

San Fransisco Rush Racing Almost perfect sandbox racing game. [includes this.]

Also has the best name entry music in existence.

San Fransisco Rush 2049 Racing San Fransisco Rush, but in THE FUTURE! Has immensely improved graphics (without detriment to the framerate) and music.

Also on the Dreamcast.

Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers Adventure Classic style adventure game with great, medieval horror atmosphere and lots of puzzles to solve, and plenty of secrets to uncover. The last in a series (the first is on NES, and the second is on the Turbografx). 200px
Shadowman Platformer/Action-Adventure WTF KIND OF MUSIC IS THIS!?!?!?!

Mario 64-like game with some brick shitting moments. This version is the best with expansion pak but the PC platform sucks and stay the hell away from the PS1 version)

Sin & Punishment* Rail Shooter A fucking awesome rail shooter released only in Japan for the N64...but was localized by Nintendo through the Virtual Console on the Wii. There's also a fan-translation patch. Fuck, unless you're hearing-impaired, you don't even need any translation since all the dialogue is in (surprsingly good) English! Play this shit, goddamn, grab a high-res texture patch if you can (helps with aiming a lot). Sequel on Wii... get it now! 200px
Snowboard Kids Racing An Atlus made snowboard racing game with cartoony kids and boss fights. Has a good balance between characters and power-ups. 200px
Snowboard Kids 2 Racing A cartoony racing game. Not as good as the original due to being less balanced. Still better than the DS 'sequel.' 200px
South Park FPS A long time ago when the show was starting out, it was very risque among people, but kids loved it's stupid and wacky antics about farting and cursing and whatnot. So Akklaim decided why the fuck not and rehashed the Turok engine to make this game. I'm not shitting you this game has fog n everything! All in all an ok game with some interesting weapons and gameplay. I think theres 4 player so that should keep you busy with some bros. 200px
Space Station Silicon Valley Adventure-Puzzle You play as a robot who takes over various robot animals in order to solve puzzles. One of the lesser known titles in the N64's library. As with most N64 games, has an amazing soundtrack. Made by the people behind GTA. An infamous collision glitch prevents you from ever reaching 100%, thus you'll never see the true ending or play the bonus level (of course, nowadays you can watch them on Youtube). Also known to freeze frequently if the expansion pak is inserted, so remove it to play this. 200px
Starcraft 64 RTS/ ZERG RUSH KEKEKEKEKE Yes, they ported Starcraft to the N64. I couldn't believe it at first either. Has both game expansions in it including some exclusive shit. Pretty damn good and all even adding split-screen multiplayer for you and your buds. An ok port that is nice and all, but the PC/MAC versions are still the way to go. 200px
Starfox 64/Lylat Wars* Rail Shooter The peak of the series. A bunch of furries shoot their way across the galaxy in order to keep a gigantic monkey head from taking over the Lylat system. Excellent music and actual voice acting give the battles a true cinematic feel, and this was the first game to use the Rumble Pak for force feedback.

Released as Lylat Wars in Europe and Australia with Lylat Speech as an extra.

Note: LOTS of secrets throughout this game to discover.

Also available on the Wii (Virtual Console) and the 3DS (with upgraded graphics).

Star Wars Episode I: Racer Racing YEEEEAAAAAH Pod-racing! Straight from Star Wars Episode I, race as any racer in the pod-racing circuit with tons of racers, upgrading, tracks, and multiplayer fun. 

Also available on the Dreamcast, PC and Arcade.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Action Third-person Star Wars game. Effectively blends space combat and on-foot segments. You play as Dash Motherfucking Randar. Shooting at that motherfucking star destroyer has never been more fun. One of the N64's gems. By the way, isn't that some kick-ass boxart? 200px
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Flight Sim Fun flight combat game set in the Star Wars universe. Relive moments in and outside the movies. 

Also on the PC. Sequels on the Gamecube.

Super Mario 64* 3D Platformer Synonymous with 3D platforming, Super Mario 64 is a playground of self-contained worlds with multiple objectives and secrets for you to explore from the hub world. Its non-linear nature and excellent level design make it an example of pure, unadulterated fun.

The DS port has better textures, more Stars and Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario playable, but the lack of an analog stick feels wrong. Also available on Wii (Virtual Console).

Super Smash Bros.* Fighting The beginning of what would become an exponentially more popular series later. This one only features twelve low-polygon Nintendo characters duking it out over a handful of mostly clever stages. It's fairly slow and floaty and feels different to Melee (and Brawl). It would be entirely surpassed by its sequels, but is still worth a look if you never played it. Also Kirby is broken as hell. Pretty great music.

Also available on Wii (Virtual Console).

Tetrisphere Puzzle Tetris on a spherical field and acid. Features an awesome techno soundtrack, baffling multiplayer, and guaranteed migraines.   200px
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Sports The series' humble beginnings. Pretty fun, but seqeuls improved the formula and whatnot. The cartridge is infamous for being easy to find due to it being dark blue. The game itself is also pretty cheap. Also on PS1/DC. 200px
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Sports Pretty much the same game as the iconic PS1 version, only with some music cut. Also on Dreamcast.   200px
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Sports Yes, this is on N64. THE last N64 game ever made. August 20th, 2002 to be exact. Watered down compared to the disc-based versions, but that was every N64 Tony Hawk for ya.

Also on the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube.

Turok FPS Crazy man goes forward in time to butcher every single dinosaur in the galaxy.  Frustrating amounts of fog used to reduce draw-distance. Controller smashingly frustrating amount of pixel perfect jumping needed at some points. 200px
Turok 2 FPS Like the first but with better graphics, lotsa gore and a poor framerate (even with expansion pack). Great multiplayer though. Also on PC. Stupidly hard aswell. 200px
Turok Rage Wars FPS 4-player split-screen multiplayer. It's basically the Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament of console FPS.

Every Turok after this one is horrible. This one is horrible also. dont get it. Play number 1, then 2 and totally disregard this game.

File:Rage wars.jpg
Vigilante 8 Vehicular Combat Vehicle Combat with awesome level and weapon design. Spinoff of the PC game "Interstate '76". Also on PS1 and Dreamcast. Has sequel.   200px
Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 Wrestling While Japan-only, this title is considerably deeper than all of the AKI-developed wrestling games for the N64; including No Mercy. It is often considered to be a Japanese counterpart of Wrestlemania 2000. But while No Mercy makes that game moot, this title really takes it's own spin by having 200+ different moves and the ability to form combos with those moves. One of the deepest wrestling titles ever made. Only flaw is that - unless you're Japanese or are familiar with Japanese wrestling - you won't know who the fuck any of the characters are. Not as gay as the cover makes it seem (It actually means MUSCULAR MANLY). >Mitsuharu Misawa gay 200px
Wave Race 64* Racing Best racing game on the N64. Them water physics. Pal version is a bit fucked sadly.  Gamecube sequel is worth playing too.

Also available on Wii (Virtual Console).

World Driver Championship Racing Arguably one of the best racing games on the N64. What it lacks in licensing and decent sound effects it makes up with in arguably one of the most technically impressive games (so much so that it is has proven ridiculously hard to emulate) with brilliant graphics and great gameplay if you can get past the shitty starter cars. The N64 may not have had Gran Turismo but this definitely makes up for it.

Incompatible with N64 emulators

They do not threat.

WinBack TPS Fucking awesome third-person shooter that has elements later borrowed by games like Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War. It has "Win" in it's name, enough said. 200px
Wrestlemania 2000 Wrestling Pretty cool entry on the N64. 2000 features a decent number of Wrestlers from the late 90's and such. But this one pretty much has a good amount of variety in it too. Such as modes where you can create a wrestler, participate in tournaments week by week, as well as a ranking mode where you rise to the top. Basically, a nice game that's not expensive at all really. In fact it's really common, which is good for you collectors out there. 200px
WWF: No Mercy Wrestling IF YOU SMEELLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'. Fun wrestling on the N64. Use the chair, damn it. Awesome multiplayer for up to 4 people, be sure to play a ladder match.

The good wrestling game on N64 to some. The best ever to few.

Menu music's awesome too. Dig-dig-diggity, dig-diggity-dog.

Yoshi's Story* 2D Platformer You run around throughout the never ending stages trying to eat enough fruit to become happy and move on. Plus Yoshi singing. Multiple stage routes offer some decent replayability and good luck hunting down all 30 melons in each stage you play.Still a good game though with an amazing visual style and some nice and cheerful music! Some love hate it, most hate love it. It's easy but a nice experience.

Also available on the Wii (Virtual Console).

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