The 64DD ("Disk Drive" or "Dynamic Drive") was an add-on for the Nintendo 64 that allowed it to run games from proprietary 64 MB magneto-optical disks. As its development took much longer than expected, it was only released in Japan when the system was in its final stretch; it was such a commercial failure that its western release was cancelled. Most planned games were also cancelled, or ported to cartridge format.

Picture Title Genre Description
150px Doshin the Giant Sandbox Strange God-sim with mildly dissturbing cartoony art style. Was ported with expansion to Gamecube after death of the 64DD
150px Mario Artist: Paint Studio Creative Was among the few game-creation software proposed for the DD, allowed you to free draw, edit screenshots, and even create skins for polygons.
150px Mario Artist: Polygon Studio Creative
150px Mario Artist: Talent Studio Creative Allowed you to use attach paint studio creations or uploaded images to figures from polygon studio. Was used as an animation/motion capture software, think autodesk Maya cirque 2001.
150px Simcity 64 City Creation Simulator A fairly impressive (almost) addition to the sim city franchise, seemed similar to Simcity 2000.