Fuck off. This is a site by and for /v/. Remove your goddamn links and never link to us again. We don't want association with you and we've told you before to take your shit off, much to your own incompetence.

If you're still here, you should abandon any of the trappings of your home site. It's a shithole anyways. Don't bring up any of your alma mater's principles, behaviors, names, codes, memes, in-jokes, etc. Nobody wants that shit. Just be yourself and add good-quality games, remove any bullshit games (stuff like Big Rigs) and remove spam/correct inaccurate descriptions (be sure to leave a note of reasoning in the talk/edit notes before and after, if need be) and modify any text as objectively as you can (with some minor leniency given if a game is really good).

Don't think for a second that you can get away with spamming/editting stupidly (such as Pii U, Professor Gayton, etc.) and removing content (like trashing the entire PS3 page with "PS3sux"). Don't you dare shill or spam commercial products either. Posting your own personally-made game(s) in the user-made game development pages is acceptable if done within reason, but link to your own sites, not some shitty sub-reddits or whatever popular back-alley you kids hang out at nowadays. Make sure your game doesn't suck though, otherwise don't even bother.

tl,dr: don't add shit games and don't be a dumbass

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