PC games from the modern era, 2006 onward. If you haven't upgraded from XP yet, skip Vista and go right to Windows 7. Don't bother with Windows 8, it is like a box of Jolly Ranchers having a mosh pit on your desktop.

Still, it's not like you're gonna play an FPS without mouse and keyboard, or an RTS without a mouse. Get serious.

Picture Title Genre Year Released Description Where To Buy
150px AaaaaAAaaaAAA aaAAAAaAAAAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity Sports 2009 It's like skydiving through an acid trip. Steam
150px Alien Shooter 2 Shooter 2008 The classic is back! Updated with better graphics(now the babes got better butts, hurr), and even more meaningless killing! HOLY SHIT, MAIN CHARACTER IS VOICED BY THE COLONEL OF MGS!Tips: If you want to play on impossible mode, best perk, I mean ONLY perk is economist combined with finding many secret areas for cash otherwise you wont have enough money for a damaging enough weapon to keep a certain npc alive in mission 4 or so. Also, no saves or check points, so game over = start mission over [though you do have 3 lives for 14+ missions]. Steam
150px Alpha Protocol RPG / TPS 2010 A spy-fi RPG from Obsidian. Interesting plot with a metric fucktonne of choices that have consequences beyond minor details (number of enemies on a mission, different mission objectives). Conversations can be funny as hell as well, but are done through an ingenious/frustrating timed paraphrasing system. Combat is, unfortunately, poorly made with a few glitches here and there (but that's just Obsidian). Other than that the game is free of any game-breaking or game-stopping bugs. Steam
150px Amnesia: The Dark Descent First person survival horror 2010 The next game from Frictional Games, makers of the Penumbra series. For those that haven't played Penumbra, this is a first-person adventure game with a survival horror theme, making excellent use of light and dark, as well as atmosphere and foreshadowing. If you overthink it, it'll lose some of its appeal, so just relax, get immersed, and prepare your anus. WARNING: May cause anxiety attack causing nightmares in girlfriends/wives/significant others whose anuses are not ready. Steam
150px Anno 1404 Sim, RTS 2009 An RTS set in the early 1400s (big leap there), good for anyone who enjoys the building aspect of RTS games.Build your own city from scratch, progress socially, and get more and better stuff to build.

The whole game is played out on islands, leading to competition over resource-rich islands. Combat is less ZERG RUSH and more focused on territorial expansion and economic disruption. {C}Watch out, it's super-easy to get locked into over three hour long campaigns while playing.*Note, this game is known as Dawn of Discovery in NA.

150px Aquaria Metroidvania 2007 Massive award-winning indie title created by Spelunky programmer Derek Yu and Crayon Physics Deluxe composer Alec Holowka. Aquaria features huge underwater environments with an emphasis on exploration, challenging-but-not-stupid boss battles and an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack. Before you ask: yes, there is a nude mod.

An absolute must-have for any Metroidvania fan.

150px Audiosurf Rhythm 2008 A block-matching puzzle-type game, where the levels are generated completely from whatever music tracks you choose to play.Fast music gets you quick and hectic stages, while slow music lets you ride easy. Excellent replay value, since unlike other music games, you're only limited by the size of your music collection.Also comes with a set of downloadable music updated regularly if you're a boring person and don't have your own music, and you can scrobble the music you play to if you're a faggot. Steam
150px Bastion Action RPG 2011 After The Calamity destroys your whole life, you make it to the Bastion, and set out to make right what went wrong. The whole game is narrated by an excellent VA who describes your character's actions. The art style is colorful and inventive, the soundtrack is arranged wonderfully, and the worldbuilding is done in a well-paced, compelling manner. The gameplay itself is nothing to write home about, but a variety of weapons makes it fairly varied and difficulty settings come in the form of totems that can be activated for certain benefits and drawbacks. Tends to be overrated by the 'games are art' crowd, but is entertaining enough to be worth it all the same. Steam
150px Battlefield Bad Company 2 FPS 2010 More Infantry-focused installment in the Battlefield Series. Still needs some new maps and some weapon balancing, which will hopefully delivered with the next patch(es). Also known as «Funfield: Pretty Awesome 2». Brace for broken server browser and tons of useless snipers.One of the best games to play with some bros, many adventures to be had. Steam
150px Battlefield 3 FPS 2011

/v/-The vidya

Why havent you gotten a girlfriend yet?

150px Beat Hazard Ultra Rhythm Shmup 2011 Basically, a Geometry Wars/Asteroids clone, which makes levels out of your music tracks and repeateadly rapes your eyes until you eyegasm and become mindless seizing vegetable, which leaks saliva and breaks into convulsions. Yes, it's OBVIOUSLY not recommended for people who are photosensitive. Also, hard, at least, where music of my tastes is concerned. Try perfect playing lastendconductor on Tough difficulty with visual intensity on 200%. Now that's what I call "challenge". Steam
150px The Binding of Isaac Roguelike / Shooter 2011 A weird as hell and somewhat disturbing game about a little boy who has to escape his murderous fanatic mother through the hellish depths of the basement. Plays like an arena-shooter/roguelike version of Zelda 1. Dungeon floors and items you find are randomized each time you play and there's lots of stuff to unlock. A big portion of the fun comes from seeing how fucked-up the items make Isaac look. Made by the guy responsible for Super Meat Boy and Gish. The DLC came out, showcasing even more macabre and biblical themed items, rooms, and enemies; it includes a large amount of bonus content as expected, as well as various master run challenges, no items, no map, etc. Only three bones, I'd say it's worth the money. I only payed a penny for it but that's beside the point here. Steam
150px Bionic Commando Rearmed Platformer 2008 A remake of the 1988 classic for Nintendo Entertainment System. Features HD graphics (enjoy your bloom). Steam
150px Bioshock FPS 2007 The spiritual successor to System Shock (though more on the FPS side of FPS/RPG), set in a failed undersea city. Very atmospheric, can get pretty creepy, and has a pretty decent storyline. Also can be used as a crash course in Objectivism. Steam
150px Braid Puzzle / platformer 2009 Use some very well-done time manipulation powers to save the princess. Or maybe it's a girlfriend. Or candy. Or the atomic bomb. Don't pay attention to the story, just pay attention to the myraid time-powers (and the ending is pretty good too). Also on 360 and PS3. Wii version canceled due to lack of interest size restrictions on WiiWare. Steam
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Adventure 2012-2013 Point and click adventure game with comic-style visuals. You play as an fbi agent with psychic powers. It's being released episodically with 2 episodes released and 2 additional coming soon. The story gets dark as FUCK later. Not on Steam yet, but it's on the greenlight section of the community. Developer's Store
150px Cortex Command Action RTS 2008 A crazy RTS-like-side-scrolling 2-dimensional game in which your objective is to defend your brain by controlling an army of hivemind robots. You manually control a single robot at a time but can freely switch bodies at any moment. Features a campaign (unfinished) and split screen co-op with up to four players, in which you must defend your brain for as long as possible. Also boasts a massive amount of mods which add new weapons and levels. Has an active modding community linked in the main site, but beware, they're the most cancerous forumites you'll meet.
150px Costume Quest Adventure / RPG 2011 Note: Best played around Halloween. You play as a kid trying to rescue your sibling kidnapped by troll-like monsters. However, this game has a nostalgic childhood-like feel to it. The dialogue, the attitudes, along with the general humor and plot can really take you back. In dealing with obstacles, you find, build, and use costumes and their abilities to proceed, such as a light-up toy sword to scare away darkness phantoms. The battles are a little simple, but play well enough and are rather cute and silly, being hilariously exaggerated through imagination. The game is a little short, but the DLC expansion chapter (which is included with the PC version) rounds it out nicely.Also available on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade! Steam
150px Cryostasis FPS / Survival Horror 2008 You are Alexander Nesterov, a Russian meteorologist, tasked to investigate the North Wind, a nuclear icebraker that has become shipwrecked near the North Pole. It soon becomes clear that he is not alone, as the crew as undergone a strange metamorphosis.

Has a really nice atmosphere (especially if you like the feeling of solitude in horror games) and a unique gameplay mechanic known as the Mental Echo. Sometimes you encounter dead crewmen and can change their fate by seeing the last moments of their life and correcting the mistakes that lead to their death, thus changing circumstances in the present, such as unlocking a door.

150px Crysis FPS 2007 Unfairly maligned game that is actually a lot of fun. The nanosuit gives you multiple ways to advance through each section of the game. Traveling around the island is relatively freeform. Plus this game might still have the best graphics (you just have to turn on the secret "ultra" options in a config file). Used as a benchmark for performance PCs.The Warhead expansion is also well worth it adding more of the same with some extra weapons. Steam
150px Crysis 2 FPS 2011 Same as the above but without the sandbox aspect nor the jungle nor the PC exclusivity. Still, its a great game, STILL best played on a PC ( and it plays better-perfomance wise- than the first game since it has less graphical tweaks thanks to the consoles). Note that this is not a console port! Still beautiful graphics and the gameplay as been improved greatly. The only downside is the linearity of the campaign, but its lengthy as well. Multiplayer is a bit meh.
150px Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Action RPG 2012 Fairly low requirement game with amazing gameplay mechanics and a great story. (Gamepad and whatever the current DSfix is for the best experience) steam
150px Dead Rising 2 Action / Adventure / Horror 2010 A sequel to the original Dead Rising presently set in the fictional Fortune City which has been modeled after Las Vegas, Nevada. Chuck Greene, a former motocross champion, serves as the protagonist instead of journalist Frank West. This latest installment includes co-op, a satirical multiplayer mode and a dramatically increased number of zombies based roughly around 7,000 according to Joystiq. An exclusive downloadable episode was released a few weeks before this, set three years before the game.

Also available on PS3 and 360.

Steam (Original)

Steam (Rehash)

150px Dead Space TPS 2008 A well-made third person shooter set in space (of all places) fighting space zombies (of all things). Notable for its dismemberment mechanic, where to kill an enemy, you have to cut their limbs off. Also, it has no HUD, instead displaying all relevant information inside the game. Uses some good scare tactics, but misses out on some opportunities it had. Also on 360 and PS3. Steam
150px Deus Ex: Human Revolution FPS / RPG 2011 Prequel to the first Deus Ex. Everything you could ask for is in it. FPS/RPG action, multiple ways to complete and objective, hacking, stealthing, conspiracy theories, take downs, incredible detail, FREAKIN ANONYMOUS cameo.

"I never asked for this." Slightly more linear then the original, but definitely worthy of the title "Deus Ex" unlike a certain Invisible War.

150px Din's Curse RPG 2010 If you enjoyed Diablo/Diablo II, you'll love this game. A dungeon crawler with randomly generated towns, dungeons, NPCs and quests. Skill trees, hybrid classing, stats, all the good stuff. Also features co-operative LAN and online play with NO PLAYER LIMIT AT ALL. Yes, this is a game from 2010 and yes the graphics are fucking shit. PLAY IT.
150px DiRT 2 Racing 2009 Possibly the best looking racing game in recent years (or of all time for that matter), mainly thanks to the brilliant use of DX 11. Like all racing games, you're better off getting a controller or wheel, as using the keyboard will cripple your hand. Steam
150px Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga Action RPG 2010 After a year of bugfixing and polishing, Larian Studios' RPG Ego Draconis re-emerged as The Dragon Knight Saga, a bundle which also contains the expansion, Flames of Vengeance. While the combat is fairly shallow, the art direction and quests are very well-done. Roleplaying takes place through BGII-esque conversations (with mindreading available at an XP cost) and the open-ended skill system.Also notable because halfway through the game, the player gets the ability to turn into a dragon and take to the skies. On the Gamebryo engine, but free of Bethesda's bad coding. Very reminiscent of older RPGs, and also rather unforgiving. Save often. 'Also available on 360.' Steam
150px Dragon Age: Origins RPG 2009 Bioware's purported return to classic WRPGs, Dragon Age: Origins plays like a simpler version of Neverwinter Nights. Trading round-based combat for full real time, but maintaining the tactical elements if not quite the same depth, the game takes a serious, unpleasant world and gives the player a rather good illusion of choice, through morally gray dialogue and multiple origin stories to play through. Even if it doesn't quite live up to the nostalgia of older games, Dragon Age: Origins is enjoyable, both for its gameplay and for its interactive storytelling. The only downsides are the 'plasticy' and somewhat unfocused art style, the lore which doesn't quite seem to hit its mark, and the tendency of combat sections to get somewhat long, especially in the Fade and the Deep Roads. Steam


2012 Very challenging and lesser-known platformer that draws obvious Super Meat Boy parallels with its wall-sliding action, online replay feature, and focus on speedrunning. This time there's dust on every surface, dust on rabid wild animals, and you've got to clean that shit up. Doing so while getting the highest rank in each level is crazy hard and technical. Don't miss out on the amazing sprite art or music, either. Steam
150px The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Action RPG 2011 While some people love the attention given to connecting back with Elder Scrolls lore and the work put into the art and environmental design, Skyrim is far from perfect. The combat tends to be floaty, faction quests are remarkably short, and the game loves to pat the player on the back and tell them they're doing a good job. Lighter on the RPG elements than previous games in the series--the jury is out as to whether this fixes the broken attribute-gain system or completely ruins the RPG portion of the game. There's some fun to be had, but don't go in believing Todd's lies. Expect lots of exploring, reading books, fighting dragons, and bugs. Be sure to get the high-resolution texture DLC, and check Skyrim Nexus or the Steam workshops for mods to find a fix for your beef with the game.

If you're starting out with TES, try the Morrowind GOTY first. It's the best game in the series so far. If it kicks your ass, then you can try Skyrim, you big babby.

150px Elona Roguelike 2007 Wacky eastern roguelike/fantasy life sim that pretends its from the west. Easier than probably every other roguelike, but offers a shit ton more stuff to do other than dungeon crawl. Also, Shena's ass is the best. Homepage
150px Empire: Total War Strategy 2009 Empire Total War is a mixture of Real Time Strategy and Turn Based Strategy. In campaign mode, you play as one of 13 or so major nations starting at the year 1700. From there you manage economy, build improvements, be diplomatic, and attack people. When you attack, it switches to a RTS, with the troops you have at your disposal. Unfortunately, it's plagued with a shit load of bugs, even after The Creative Assembly released THREE goddamn patches. Interesting game, but don't start here, go for Medieval, or Rome first. Tip: Don't buy it as a single game but rather in the bundle with napoleon total war for the same price. Steam
150px Europa Universalis 3 Strategy 2007 A very good game that lets you play as any country in between 1399 and 1820, and unlike other paradox games this one actually has some tutorials in it! You can take little known countries like Ryukyu and make them into giant empires that cover the world, or take giant empires that cover the world and keep it from falling into decay and destruction, like the Timurid empire, or to a lesser extent the Byzantine empire. It is much easier to play than paradoxes other games and you can (after doing the tutorials) jump right in and if you still have any confusion you can just read the EU3 wiki.Oh and make sure to get Europa Universalis 3: Chronicles, otherwise you'll be missing out on ALOT Steam
150px Fallout 3 RPG/FPS 2008 Beginning with your father asking you what gender you are (and the option to change your mind at the age of 19), this sandbox RPG has been described as Bethesda's Oblivion, but with guns. Explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland as the Lone Wanderer after escaping the Vault your father left you to die in. Butthurt optional. Adds Karma to the mix, allowing you to be either a saint or a total asshole who enslaves children and blows up a town. Obtaining the Game of the Year Edition is highly recommended, as there are a number of excellent DLC quests, as well as the Broken Steel expansion, which allows the game to continue after the original ending. Also available on PS3 and 360.As usual, has a HUGE modding scene, which can be abused to dramatically improve your gaming experience, but isn’t for everybody, since you probably will have to read a bunch of stuff in order to not fuck up your game. Steam
150px Fallout: New Vegas RPG / FPS 2010 Take Fallout 3, connect it to old Fallout canon in a meaningful way, add a faction reputation system, fully realized companions, and a level of content more reminiscent of Oblivion than Fallout 3. Made by Obsidian with the engine from Bethesda, New Vegas takes you into the Mojave Desert and lets you kick around in a sandbox full of infuriatingly powerful insects. Considered by Fallout fans to be more of a true Fallout game, the potential for roleplaying (and for acting like a moron when you give yourself 1 Intelligence) is greater, though the game can be quite buggy for some people. The Ultimate Edition adds in all of the DLC, which are all at least above average and worth a playthrough.Also available on PS3 and 360. Steam
File:Geometry Wars Retro Evolved.jpg Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved Shoot 'Em Up 2007 Fun and flashy arcade-style shooter with graphics that might just give epileptics something to wave their arms about. Steam
150px Killing Floor FPS / Survival Horror 2009 Co-op zombie killing. Originally a free Unreal Tournament 2004 mod, until someone put a price tag on it. It's a nice alternative to Left 4 Dead. It has more zombie types, and only a few of them are the runner kind. Has classes which get various bonuses and can be leveled up in various ways. It also has hilarious British accents, and the game would be worth buying just for that. LOADS A MONAY! Steam
150px Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 + 5-7 Adventure 2010-2011 Its Lego combined with Harry Potter, what the hell do you want more? Play as 90+ characters, solve puzzles, cast spells and watch hilarious cinematics. Even if you arent a Potter fan, know that this is the best lego game yet, so its always highly recommendable. First game covers 1-4 and a second game goes through 5-7, so thats always a plus since previous potter games after Prisioner of Azkaban went to hell, culminating on the dreadfull gears of Potter games.

On all current gen consoles but but the PC is arguably better since it has nicer visuals and its always easier to play lego games with the keyboard. Just avoid the handheld versions, they're lame ports

150px LEGO Lord of the rings Action/adventure 2012 Collect lego pieces, fight lego orcs, control over 90 lego LOTR characters, you know the deal...While the formula ins´t really that new, its fucking LOTR and its irresistible charm mixes up with the one from the Lego series, making this a VERY good game. Play this even if you dont like Lego, seriously. The goal here isnt , of course, beating the game, but to 100% it, which can be quite challenging , so dont rush through the game: EXPLORE EVERYTHING. PC version is recommended for better visuals and a more convenient price tag

Don't get the handheld versions.

150px King's Bounty: The Legend RPG / Strategy 2008 Rrrruskie RPG/Strategy hybrid (NOT SRPG). There are stats, classes and items for your hero, but combat plays out like a SRPG with different troops beating the shit out of each other. Good fun. Steam
150px King's Bounty: Armored Princess RPG / Strategy 2010 The sequel to King's Bounty: The Legend. Overwhelmingly similar to its predecessor, Armored Princess continues the cheeky yet fun story of KB and improves a few mechanics. Both of these games are great and definately worth purchasing - both are fun and will challenge you to overcome strategic shortcomings in your army builds. Steam
150px La-Mulana Metroidvania 2012 Freeware classic gone from MSX-style to remade for modern PC, and remastered to the max. Features better controls, better laptop, more settings, MUCH smoother animations and action, a rearranged soundtrack, and even some new story additions. Some puzzles, traps, and bosses have been modified, sometimes to be easier or harder. Bosses are generally more challenging though. If you never played the original, that's fine. There's enough differences to warrant giving both a go. For those not in the know, it's a mostly non-linear platforming adventure game. Dungeons are full of danger and riddles and require some non-lateral thinking and possibly note-taking to figure out. Playism
150px Left 4 Dead FPS 2008 Co-operative multiplayer FPS involving zombie hordes and an AI "Director" that creates situations intelligently based on the players' conditions and actions. Headshots are superb, and the game can feel wonderfully epic when the numbers of attacking zombies reaches its peak. Casual, but due to being easily accessible for all gamers, lots of unobtrusive hand-holding and non-competitive gameplay make it a great entry point for getting friends and family away from the Wii and into 'real' gaming. Steam
150px Left 4 Dead 2 FPS 2009 Despite being released just a year after the original, this is a damn fine game to sit down and play with your friends either online, or couch-session. Great graphics, nice additions to the gun list, and new zombies. If you played on Advanced on the first game, expect to get kicked back down to Normal. This game is harder than the first. Feels incomplete, due to the fucking retarded Survivor AI and bugs. Is a glorified expansion, with less fun. Steam
150px Mass Effect RPG / TPS 2007 You play Commander Shepard in Bioware's first fully voice-acted game. The gameplay is a not-always-polished hybrid of an RPG and a third-person cover shooter, with technological and 'biotic' (psychic) abilities usable by certain classes. The game has a well-structured narrative and draws heavily from 70's/80's sci-fi. Highlights include the detailed lore which paints the Mass Effect universe as particularly hard sci-fi and the wide variety of equipment customization, along with the 'feeling' of an epic space opera. Downsides include the clunky interface which gets cluttered with hundreds of nearly-identical guns, a lack of strong variation in sidequests, and simplified role-playing compared to previous Bioware games. It was Bioware's last game as an independent company, before becoming a subsidiary of EA. Take that as you will.Also available on Xbox 360. Steam
150px Mass Effect 2 TPS / RPG 2010 The continuation of the Mass Effect story, this game changed a number of things from the original, and the debate over which is better still rages. It leans more toward the shooter side, playing much more like [insert cover shooter here], and the customization options were drastically cut down. On the other hand, the gameplay is much more polished, different weapons have noticeably different feels, and characters look more 'iconic'. The story changes from a sweeping space opera to a somewhat disconnected character study. The action is bigger and more dramatic, but gone are things like planetary exploration, dialogue skills and hybrid regen shields/healthpack health (it's all regen now). Seems to draw more inspiration from gritty 90's/00's sci-fi than the classic sci-fi of the original. But if you liked the first one (or even if you didn't like it but think you'd like this one more) it's worth it to try regardless; you might like it more, you might not, and you won't know until you try.Also available on Xbox 360 and PS3. Steam
150px Men of War RTS 2009 A realistic RTS where you control various armies during world war 2, you can take control of a single person or vehicle and control it using your mouse and arrow keys allowing you to make head shots on enemy soldiers or blow up the tracks on an enemy tank. AI is a little shitty but if you put them in cover they will defend themselves quite well. Has great multiplayer with various game modes.Definition of one man army. Steam
150px Minecraft Sandbox / Survival Horror 2011 You try to survive in a entirely generated world, up to 10 time the size of the earth, composed entirely of Cubes. You dig, and create tools to help you create more sophisticate shelter for the nights where monsters attack. Homepage
Mirror's Edge Platforming / Parkour / First Person Shooter 2009 First person action/platformer focused on parkour. If you can get a hang of the controls and keep your cool whenever you mess up, it can be an amazing experience. Almost hospital-like sterile graphics (motherfucking 3 colours, but done with CLASS) and the big city atmoshpere make it absolutely a must-have if you're searching kind of gamer. Not for the ADD gamer. Beautiful music. Also on 360 and PS3.
150px Mount & Blade Action / RPG / Sim 2008 Recently re-released as Warband, with a new faction. Extremely active mod community. Roam around a large world, equipping a small army, and unique companions, to fight for your king- or for yourself. Siege castles and pillage towns, compete in tournaments or charge into battle with as many as 150 or more troops on the battlefield. Steam
File:Neverwinter Nights.jpg Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer RPG 2007 Despite the disappointing original campaign, Neverwinter Nights 2's first expansion pack, Mask of the Betrayer, provides one of the most compelling and intriguing stories since Planescape: Torment. Cursed with an insatiable, spiritual hunger that devours you from within, you must attempt to put an end to your condition, a quest that, depending on your decisions, can propel you to utter damnation or unimaginable power. Thanks to Obsidian's knack for writing, those decisions include a whole host of exciting and believable evil choices that never fall into the usual clichés. Steam
150px The Orange Box FPS 2007 Comes with 5 games. Team Fortress 2: arguably the most fun of any multiplayer game with cartoonish graphics and game-play filled with constant explosions and hats pure chaos. Goes great with loud music. /v/ has an active server as well.Portal: a game that just about everyone loves involving unique gameplay and a strange plot where you play a sort of lab rat being run through a series of sadistic test chambers by a PMSing computer overlord. The Half-Life 2 games still offer a splendid single player experience after all these years. And all of that for a pretty good price. Although available on consoles, the PC version is highly preferred as there are frequent free updates whereas the 360 version may be receiving updates as paid content and the PS3 version will never be updated.Also available on Xbox 360 and PS3. Steam
150px Overlord Action / Adventure / Strategy 2007 Take the role of the titular evil Overlord and command a legion of gremlin-like minions to take over the world and defeat seven corrupted heroes. Plays pretty much like the Gamecube game Pikmin, but with more attention towards the action-adventure part. Lots of tongue-in-cheek humor and some good puzzles inbetween looting and pillaging. As for the strategic elements, this game WILL punish you for acting recklessly, specially on the Legendary difficulty: Rushing into battle alone is a sure way to get yourself killed, just like mindless sending minions against large groups of enemies is guaranteed to thin your troops quickly, since it doesn't take long for the game to introduce enemies with special moves that can kill dozens of critters with a single hit, if they are close enough.

The expansion, Raising Hell, adds a few new areas and a new endgame that ties the story into Overlord II.

150px Overlord II Action / Adventure / Strategy 2009 A well-made sequel featuring the son of the previous Overlord that improves on every aspect of the first game. The graphics and animation look more detailed, the combat is more balanced and there's all kinds of new things to discover. Minions can now use mounts and you have to manage your influence over the towns you have taken over. Rather than being good or evil (who'd want to be good in a game about evil anyway), you can be a conqueror or a destroyer. Steam
File:Payday1.jpg PAYDAY: The Heist Co-op FPS 2011 Pretty much Left 4 Dead except with 100% more robbery. Level variety, large "skill" tree, and hilarious voice-acting make this an overall pretty good game. Steam
150px Penumbra: Overture Survival Horror / FPS / Adventure 2007 A FPS set in 2000 where a scientist is led to Greenland in search of his dead father. He falls into a mineshaft where he is only equipped with a flashlight(which runs on batteries) and a glowstick. The game blends a very unique physics element where you must click and drag items to pull them open/closed. Enemies include wolves, giant spiders, giant worms, and humanoid like creatures. Only weapons are a pipe and hammer. Has tons of puzzles. Steam
150px Penumbra: Black Plague Survival Horror / Adventure 2008 Continuing the story, you can expect more of the same mindfucking and puzzles, except now there's no combat, fuckers. Best be learning how to run. Steam
150px Plants Vs. Zombies Casual Tower Defense 2009 A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they can reach your front door. Each zombie has its own special skills, so you’ll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all. Steam
150px Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale RPG, Sim 2010 YOU PLAY AS AN ADORABLE LOLI. Your adventurer father has run off and left you in debt. To pay it off, you have to open an item shop for the adventurers of the world to shop in. Manage sales, special orders and the store layout, hire heroes to explore dungeons and find treasure, try to survive against the ever-increasing weekly payments. Deciding which items to sell and which to equip on your heroes is an important factor. A really charming and original game. Originally released in 2007, recently translated by a bunch of goons and put on Steam. Steam
150px Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad FPS 2011 Originaly it was a casualized version of RO1 to appeal to the CoD audience, but the GOTY edition returned it to its original style after the developers apologized. The battles are large-scale, 64 players, with a set amount of respawn tickets. The best mode is territory, much like Battlefield's rush mode, however some maps give each team one point, and they each fight to push back the other team. There are classes as well, with limited numbers. The commander can call in artillery, recon planes, and has 2 smoke grenades. Squad leaders get one smoke grenade, can mark artillery positions, and tell their squad members where to attack. Other classes include marksman and elite rifleman, however you have to score better than others to earn the ability to use these classes. Has a decent learning curve, much of your time will be spent throwing yourself at points and watching 3/4 of your charge getting mowed down. You will die at least 3x more than you kill, and it has a nice tactical feel, if your commander and squad leaders aren't throwing smoke and marking positions you will have a hard time capturing points. Tanks are included and are realistic. Sort of a mix between ArmA: II and Battlefield 2 with a few smaller maps, just make sure you play the Classic modes, or at least Realistic, as the Action mode is casualized garbage. Steam
150px Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone RPG 2008

From the localizers of Recettear, created by Lizsoft, recentley trasnlated and put on Steam.

Arche, having moved to a new home in the town of Tonkiness, ended up attending the only school in the area. It is the school for children aspiring to be magic users: the Minasa-Ratis Magic School.

Despiter the innocent appearance of the game, the gameplay itself is quite unforgiving, requires you to think and use what abilities you are given in order to win so button mashing doesn't work.

The combat is very fun and you can switch between any of the party members, all have a different set of abilities.

150px The Saboteur TPS / sandbox / racing 2009 You are Sean Devlin, hilariously accented Oirishman in hilariously accented France at the time of the Second World War. Plays a bit like GTA with more of an emphasis on stealth and sabotage. Reasonably historically accurate for a game like this, though the historical figure was actually English, not Irish. Graphics get a bit Uncanny Valley at times. Has a 'restoration' motif where color comes back to Paris as you liberate it, as well as a number of racing minigames, since Sean is a racecar driver. Not a great game, but if you want a historical sandbox with more shooting Nazis and less stabbing Templars, it's pretty worthwhile. Also on PS3 and 360.
File:WgHTV.jpg Sequence Rhythm / RPG 2011 Instead of selecting commands, in this RPG you fight battles with DDR, played to various songs by Ronald Jenkees and Michael Wade Hamilton. There's three tracks of arrows to switch between, the most important being the one that keeps enemy attacks from damaging you. The other two tracks are for building up mana and casting spells. You've got to hit the enemy with enough spells to deplete their HP before either you get killed or the song ends.
150px Shatter Arcade / Puzzle 2010 Gorgeous brick-breaker game that redefines the genre with unique physics-based controls (sucking and blowing). Has some of the best in-game music you'll ever hear. Also on PS3, but the PC version has extra features not found on the PS3 version.
150px Shattered Horizon FPS 2009

Made by a studio that primarily makes benchmarking software, this DX10 (sorry XP bros) exclusive is fucking awesome. Float around in zero gravity, shoot dudes in the visor or their tank and make them explode, go into stealth mode and stab some motherfuckers. New updates have added several new guns in replacement of the previous swiss-army-rifle as well as three new grenades. It should be noted that it's multiplayer only. Features mouse control, text chat, and graphics settings. Has dedicated servers and is going to receive free content updates courtesy of the awesome devs. Fairly quick learning curve, so don't get discouraged after a map or two.

The community for the game is somewhat dead, so any servers you see will most likely be filled with bots.

150px Sins of a Solar Empire RTS 2008 Epic scale RTS. Control one of three factions and try to annihilate your opponents. The map is arranged into a web of specific zones like planets, asteroids, stars etc interconnected by phase lines, in other words routes connecting the said zones. You colonize, upgrade planets; build defenses; manage fleets etc. Shit gets crazy with large maps as you try to strategically place your fleets and defenses. However, could use some more unit diversity. Nonetheless definitely for the seasoned RTS veteran. Note the slow game process (a short game can go for up to 5 hours). Also has space pirates. Recently re-released as Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, which is a stand-alone expansion that enhances and adds much and includes all of the previous expansions along with the original game Steam
150px Sonic Generations Platformer 2011 A true return to form for the blue hedgehog, this game mixes the speedy modern gameplay from Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors up with the classic platforming of the Genesis era. Sonic goes back in time to meet his younger and chubbier self and runs through nine zones from the entire series history, split up into a classic and a modern version each. Even the stage from the shitty Sonic 06 is awesome this time! The main game is a bit on the short side, but counting the challenge stages (which mostly have original layouts), there are 122 levels in total. The controls of Classic Sonic aren't a perfect replica of the original, but they come very close and some would consider the slight differences an improvement.The PC port of the newest Sonic game is surprisingly the best version available, running at 60FPS and being in 1080p with anti-aliasing. A gamepad is mandatory though. Steam
150px S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl + Clear Sky + Call of prypat FPS 2007 A very atmospheric game. Amazing FPS with freedom being the key gameplay element. Explore the forbidden zone scavenging and bartering for weapons and items etc, taking missions, and trying to avoid all the seriously fucked up shit that is going down near Chernobyl. Has some great mods, such as AMK, L.U.R.K and Oblivion Lost, that overhaul the game. Hard as balls. No, don't get Oblivion Lost, it stole features from AMK. The best mods for ShoC currently are LURK, AMK, ZRP, and Complete.

The sequels are more of the same as the first but with improved graphics and minor gameplay differences here and there. Play the three of them by the order seen on the title for INFINITE PLEASURE. Now, get out of here, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

150px Starcraft II RTS 2010 The same Starcraft game, but with updated graphics, new vehicles, and a new, but not as good as the first, campaign. Like its predecessor, this game can be played hours upon hours online and has a monstrous competitive scene, as you probably already heard. If you like the first game, get this. The races are fairly balanced; not as balanced as SC1, but patches are being released regularly to this day. Has two expansions: Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. Like SC1, it also has some great custom maps and a nifty map editor, even though it may take a while to get a hang of it. Blizzard Store

(really, you're better off buying it retail)

150px Super Meat Boy Platformer 2010 Ridiculously good and hard platformer with an equally ridiculous premise: You are a running and jumping cube of meat trying to rescue your girlfriend (who happens to be made of bandages) from an evil fetus in a robot suit. Features 300 levels and tons of hidden secrets, including many playable characters from various indie games such as Captain Viridian from VVVVVV, The Kid from I wanna be the Guy, Mr. Minecraft and even a headcrab. Will also be patched with a level editor in January.

The 360 version is also good, but the selection of hidden characters is different and there's no level editor (but a bunch of exclusive stages in exchange).

Syberia Point and click Adventure 2002 Amazing critically acclaimed adventure game set between France, Germany and "Syberia" . Spiritual successor to "Amerzone" another great adventure game. You're trying to hunt down the missing heir to a clockwork toy factory. Incredibly immersive and well written, one of the best turn of the millenium adventure games up there with grim fandango and the longest journey. Also has a great sequel, both 10 bucks and DRM free on GOG. GOG
150px Terraria Survival / Sandbox 2011 LOL VIRAL. Aside from that, this game is wrongly called "minecraft 2D" what Minecraft's Survival Mode wanted to be and more. It's actually more focused on the rpg (Actual NPCs?!) and fighting (10 weapon types compared to minecraft's 2), and has a lot more stuff to do. It's really enjoyable and it keeps updating. even though they discontinued working on it, there is an active modding community. Steam
150px Tomb Raider: Anniversary Action / Adventure 2007 Great remake of the first Tomb Raider with new areas added, too. Steam
150px Torchlight Hack'n'Slash, Dungeon Crawler (Diablo2-like) 2009 Neat Diablo clone with pets. Made by a team formed by old Diablo 2 developers. Pretty worth it for the price, features an infinite dungeon after you complete the main quest. Oh, and it has Steam Cloud enabled. Steam


File:Trine150px.jpg Trine Platformer 2009 A very charming platformer where you control a thief, wizard and knight with the standard "stop the blight afflicting the land" storyline. Characters can be switched in real-time and each has a different ability - the thief has a grappling hook, the knight is a tank and the wizard doesn't have any real attacks but can create bridges or cubes from thin air. Beautiful graphics and music create great atmosphere. Excellent narration makes you feel like you're playing a bedtime story. It's a budget title, you should get it. Steam


150px Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Ougon Musou Kyoku Fighting 2010

Also known as "Golden Symphony of Dreams". The fighting game spinoff of the Umineko visual novels that has some pretty solid gameplay. You pick two characters for your tag team using both melee and magic attacks. Might seem overwhelming as the attacks look rather spammy but you could overcome that once you understand the gameplay mechanics. Although released on the PC, playing with a gamepad is highly recommended. Visuals and audio are very desirable as well probably thanks to the fact that it was made by fans, for fans and supervised by the original writer. Story mode is all in Japanese and may only make sense to people familiar with the Umineko series but who cares, it's a fighting game!

Has a 360 port and an expansion came out called "Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross" (the latter still on PC though).

150px VVVVVV Platformer 2010 With an art style based on Commodore 64 games and chiptunes for music, you might get the feeling that this is retro indie shit. Well, it's retro and indie, but also fun as hell. Flip gravity back and forth to leap across increasingly elaborate challenges in a quasi-sandbox alternate dimension to incredibly catchy tunes. You'll die, a lot, but a proliferation of checkpoints means you'll rarely lose more than a minute when you die.
150px The Witcher RPG 2007 One of the best Hack-and-Slash RPGs to come out in recent years. Based off of The Witcher novels, which are recommended to be read before playing this game. Great combo based battle system, and a very well done story make this game well worth playing. Protip: get the Enhanced Edition as it adds tons of fixes, like faster loading, improved script and voice acting, and generally makes the game much better.Also, boobs.

NOTE: Enhanced Edition is available as a free patch if you bought this game before the massive update was release.



150px The Witcher 2 Action RPG 2011 A fantastic follow-up to the Witcher that's so vastly polished over its predecessor that anyone who wasn't paying attention to the writing in the first game would say this was made by a different developer entirely. The gameplay mechanics somehow manage to be as intuitive as they are counter-intuitive, and the plot as well as the decisions it throws at you carries a sense of moral ambiguity that's a far cry from the "darth hitler or ghandi claus" paths that are usually presented in most games. Ubersampling recommended if your PC is from the year 2027. Recently a "2.0" patch was added that added some pretty neat new features and at the same time fixed a lot of shit that wasn't working (except for parrying). Even if you already own the game and didn't like it first hand you might feel like giving it another try. You might enjoy it this time around. Steam


150px X3: Terran Conflict BIG Space Sim 2008 One of the best space simulators, you fly ships (any ships, from small to capitals), you trade, you fight, you build your own stations ( and empire ) you do missions, you pirate, you hire pilots to do things for you ( like sending them on trading runs ). Learning curve like in dwarf fortress, but its worth it. Note: This game is a bitch to play. Your starting ship is a piece of shit if you play custom games. Steam
150px Zeno Clash Action / Fighting 2009 Innovative first-person brawler. Surreal and artistic. Sadly rather short, but quite tough. May be too weird for some people, but the more open-minded gamer should find something of interest here. Steam
150px Zombie Shooter Arcade-Shooter 2009 Like Alien Shooter, only this time you shoot zombies. Was made when the L4D-Hype came up. Steam
150px Zombie Shooter 2 Arcade-Shooter 2010 Like Zombie Shooter (wait a minute...), only this time it has a plot. By plot it means the archvillain is a troll. Not, I am serious, a fucking troll who stole Konami their Metal Gear.

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