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Sometimes our controllers aren't the best for the game we wanna play. If you're looking to get the absolute best control and play the games they were meant to be played you might want these.


Controller Console Info Pic
Hori Mini Nintendo 64

Tired of that shitty N64 analog stick? Well problem solved! Imagine if the Gamecube controller had a baby with the N64 controller. (Shit for 2D, great for 3D)

Simply buying a good 3rd party replacement analog is a much cheaper option, since these go for like $50-60 on Ebay.

Hori Digital Pad Nintendo GameCube The GCN controller was also having an affair with the SNES controller.. Feels almost the same as a SNES controller but with GCN button layout and contoured bottom for extra comfort. This thing is pretty pricey too, but it's perfect for GBA games and whatever 2D games you have. (Standard GCN is shit for 2D) 150px

Agetec Arcade Stick

Dreamcast The "Official" arcade stick for the Dreamcast (Not made by SEGA). Since the Dreamcast has an amazing library of fighting games and the standard DC isn't the best for those you might want to pick one up. Might want to mod for best results, Sanwa stick and buttons are good. 150px
Atari Paddle Controller Atari 2600 Theres a lot of controllers for Atari, this and the standard joystick and the only two you'll need. Your only option for great games like Kaboom, Super Breakout, and Warlords. Don't mix it up with the driving controller! 150px

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