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A favorite of retro-gamers, many consider it to be the best system of all time due to it being the strongest 16-bit console (other than the Neo Geo but only the super rich kids had that) and a lot of companies really pushed it to its limits! The library really backs it up there, and it has something for everybody, especially in the RPG category. SNES is recommended over SFC because it's just easier to mod, though the SFC looks better and you could just buy a converter.

For portable SNES gaming, check out the SupaBoy or wait for the RetroDuo Portable. (The FC-16 Go is an older, cheaper alternative, but no longer recommended as it has region tabs and inferior build quality).

For flashcarts, the absolute best recommendation is the SD2SNES, without question. The firmware is consistently updated and has the largest ROM support of any SNES flashcarts. A secondary recommendation (though less so), is the Retrozone Powerpak, which is a bit cheaper and high wuality build, but doesn't support as many ROMs and is also harder to manage files and saves.

Romhacks and Translations can be found at under the relevant sections. Although you might luck out and find a pre-patched translated Rom image along with the original versions if you don't know how to correctly patch a rom.

Final NoticeEdit

Satellaview games and Romhacks are slowly being built. If you have a good one we haven't heard of, be sure to contribute or let us know in the discussion page!


Includes games released in North America and Europe. Japanese-only Super Famicom games are found below this table.

Box Art Title Genre Description Screenshot
150px ActRaiser Platformer / Sim You are God/"The Master", and your task is to revive the world by slaying monsters in platformer sections, then guiding Mankind's growth in inter-woven post-platformer simulation sections. Raising manking well doubles as a sort of experience point system, which boosts your stats and skills. Has a very well-done soundtrack by the one and only Yuzo Koshiro. An 'Arcade' version exists that is purely platforming. 150px
150px ActRaiser 2 Action / Platformer Lacks the sim element of the previous game, but beefs up the action gameplay considerably. While you move much slower than in the previous game, your weaponry is expanded and boss battles are massive in scale. Graphics are some of the most beautiful of the generation. This is one of the hardest games of the genre on the SNES. You don't need to play AR1 to get into this. 150px
150px Adventures of Batman & Robin Action / Platformer Based on the animated series and competely different from the Sega Megadrive iteration, this game has a lot of variety in stages and some differ in the way they are played, for example the first mission features an awesome fight against the Joker on top of a rollercoaster, another one features the Batmobile and so on, made by Konami so you can expect good quality. 150px
150px Aero Fighters Shoot 'em Up Fantastic co-op shoot 'em up. Exceptional due to the fact that in spite of the SNES's slow processor, it almost manages to keep up with the arcade version's insanely fast pace. Though the series is known for it's wacky pilots and scenarios, you unfortunately won't find much of that here but it's still a solid shooter otherwise. 150px
150px Arcana RPG / First-Person Dungeon Crawler An RPG developed by HAL, creators of Kirby and Super Smash Bros. Arcana is a great little JRPG with a lot of heart. Grab some loot in town and head out into whatever dungeon is next on your list. You explore dungeons from a first-person, Phantasy Star-esque perspective, but this game features a VERY helpful map. Battles are standard turn-based fare with random encounters. Even though monsters and characters are displayed on cards, nothing about the game is really card-based. Other characters will come and go in the story, but you always have one space in your party for different elemental beings that travel and fight alongside you. You collect more of these beings as the game progresses. My favorite part of this gem though? THE MUSIC. This game's soundtrack is composed by the guy who scores the Kirby games. Kirby music. In an RPG. This game features a lot of polish and is truly a hidden gem. No Virtual Console release yet, but it's not a hard game to find. 150px
150px Arkanoid: Doh it Again Puzzle / Breakout Clone If you've every played a Brick Breaker game or Breakout clone with power-ups, it was based on Arkanoid. This is the SNES version of the arcade classic. Bounce the ball, hit the bricks, collect power-ups, break more bricks, etc. This version added a story for some reason? It also adds boss battles. Either way, a classic game that is still fun to drop a few hours into. Also supports the Super Nintendo Mouse. 150px
150px Axelay Horizontal / Vertical Shoot em' Up Axelay is a fantastic shoot em' up from Konami. Let me just start this off by saying that this game features some of the best graphics and music on the SNES. Period. Mode-7 all over the place. 6 stages in all, half are horizontally scrolling and half are vertically scrolling. You can switch between 3 different weapons on the fly, but if you get hit, you lose whatever weapon you're currently using. Lose all your weapons you lose a life. At the beggining of each stage, you get to choose whatever 3 weapons you want to play with for that stage. All of the weapons have little nuances to discover as you use them. This game is also balls-hard. A must play for sure. Available on the Wii's Virtual Console. 150px
150px Batman Returns Beat'em up It's a very solid beat'em up about Batman(duh). Maybe it looks like Final Fight, but sound, background are arcade quality. And levels vary from classic isometric view to flat 2d levels. Features intermissions based on movie. And look at that goddamn Batman! He just lifts up those bad guys by one hand! Badass, total badass. 150px
File:Biker-mice-from-mars-cover.jpg Biker Mice From Mars Racing A top down racing game that plays like Rock 'n Roll Racing (see below).
The most fun part of this game is the turbo system. My advice: choose Vinnie or Modo and learn every way to perform turbos (there are several ways). The downside of this is that characters are very uneven.
A lot of fun in multiplayer.
150px Blackthorne Adventure / Platformer A Blizzard game that featured orcs before Warcraft. You are a manly dude wielding a shotgun. Take back your kingdom from a bunch of orcs by shootin them with your shotgun and throwing grenades... Or you can just shoot everyone you come across... Including the humans you're supposed to be saving. Plays a bit like old-school Prince of Persia with guns. 150px
150px Brain Lord Action / RPG Most of the game takes place in dungeons, with a heavy emphasis on puzzles. The player takes on the role of a young adventurer who can have up to two jades, creatures that perform tasks such as healing or long range attacks, following you at one time. 150px
150px Breath of Fire RPG A JRPG by Capcom. Your hometown's destroyed, your sister's kidnapped, and an evil empire is running amok. What next, a dragon? Unlike other RPGs, You ARE the Dragon! As a dragon-man, you can transform into a dragon to kick some evil ass. Later on, certain party members can fuse together. Despite the setup being rather dull, the story fleshes itself out in very unique and touching ways, with a number of unexpected twists. It also has great music. It was ported to the GBA with a few additions, most notably the 'run' button and added EXP. The GBA version is recommended to make the game less tedious. 150px
150px Breath of Fire II RPG A JRPG by Capcom. You are still the dragon, but not the same one, as this takes place centuries later. You can now power up party members with elemental shamans you find, and build/run your own town later on. This game features a pretty twisted story as well. It was also ported to the GBA with a few additions, similar to Breath of Fire I (EXP gain and the run button, mostly). The localization for both is horrendous though, and there's a superior translation patch for this (with a run button!). Also has great music like the first. The series continues on Playstation 1 with BoF III. 150px
150px Castlevania: Dracula X (US)Akumajou Dracula XX (JP)Castlevania: Vampire's Kiss (EU) Action / Platformer An underrated Castlevania game. Often considered "Rondo of Blood Lite", this game really only took the gameplay, sprites, and storyline from Rondo and gave it some new content. Has great and smooth gameplay, and some parts are arguably better than Rondo. A very solid old-school CV game. Give it a shot. It's not Rondo, but parts of it are even designed to be harder at parts, most notably that FUCKING LAST BOSS. 150px
150px Chrono Trigger RPG A classic time-traveling JRPG by Square. Great visuals, fantastic music, an imaginative story, and gameplay that best utilizes the classic ATB system out of any game that has it. Considered to be one of the best RPGs of all time. Ported to the PlayStation and DS, both features anime cut-scenes but the latter also has bonus extras/no half-assed load times. 150px
150px Congo's Caper Platformer A sequel to the original Joe & Mac, though it was so different from a gameplay perspective that it usually is classified as a spin-off or it's own game. A colorful, whimsical platformer that feels like a nice mix of "Mario" and "Bonk". You play as a Caveman, Congo. Attack enemies with your club, but if you get hit it's not an insta-kill, as you depower to a smaller 'form' (like Mario), except you... de-evolve into a monkey? If you hold the run button, the game goes SANIC fast, for a challenge. An overlooked Data East classic. 150px
150px Contra III: The Alien Wars Action / Run and Gun An extremely difficult run-'n-gun shooter by Konami. Profoundly badass, which is complemented when you have a bro for co-op (dat split screen). Ported to GBA, but that version takes out the overhead stages and replaces them with side-scrolling levels from Contra Hard Corps, a bad move since those levels were designed around you being able to slide. Released in Europe as Super Probotector: Alien Rebels with altered sprites 150px
150px Demon's Crest Platformer Part of the Ghosts 'n Goblins spin off series, Gargoyle's Quest. This also stars Firebrand/Red Arremer, a demon in an ancient struggle over world dominance. A unique, but extremely difficult and dark platformer, Demon's Crest draws influence from Mega Man (you get new forms and skills after beating bosses) and Metroid (free roaming exploration). One of the best (and hardest) on SNES. Try to find a physical copy because (A) it's worth the money and (2) it's badass to beat this without cheats or save states. 150px
150px Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (US)Donald in Maui Mallard (EU) Platformer / Action A unique game featuring Donald Duck like you've never seen him before. This time he's a tropical detective who can shoot a gun powered by various ammunition types and later in the game can turn into a ninja, smack enemies with a quarterstaff and become more acrobatic. Great animation, gameplay, and soundtrack. Good stuff, but arguably inferior to the Genesis version in terms of gameplay. Both lose to the PC version's KICKASS redbook audio. The GB port is easily the weakest of them all though... (Un)Fun Fact: A sequel/remastery of this was planned, but cancelled due to lack of support. 150px
150px Donkey Kong Country Platformer A classic platformer by Rare. It was one of the first games to use rendered sprites. Great music and some amazing graphics just add to the brilliant gameplay. Ported to GBA with slightly weaker graphics and sound, but quite a bit of bonus stuff. It was also ported to the GBC, but there's not much reason to play that version. 150px
150px Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Platformer The sequel to Donkey Kong Country starring Diddy Kong. The music is FUCKING EPIC. Equally amazing visuals. Best in the trilogy. Harder than you'd expect, especially when trying to get the true ending. Ported to GBA with weaker graphics and sound, but more extras! 150px
150px Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Platformer The last of the DKC series. While it feels a bit like a rehash of the last two, it's still quite a bit of fun in its own right. Much easier; however, many side-quests (as well as even bigger levels than before) will make you take your time to get the full 103% completion. The GBA port of this game is the only one in the series that had a re-imagined soundtrack by the original composer (David Wise). 150px
150px E.V.O. Search for Eden Action / Platformer You play the role of a small fish. Work your way up the food chain and evolve into stuff like a motherfuckin' dinosaur and an armor-plated jackalope. Lotsa grinding and very basic platforming, but there's a good handful of secrets to find as well. Has some ridiculously tough bosses. 150px
150px Earthbound (US)Mother 2 (JP) RPG A quirky, humorous, deep and emotional RPG, parodying the JRPG style with western pop culture. Some may love it for it's 'deep' story but even if you don't go for that kinda thing you'll still love the fuck outta this! 1st game is on NES but you don't need to know about that to enjoy this. both 1st and this game were bundled together and released on a GBA cart in Japan only. Sequel is Mother 3 on GBA with an excellent fan translation available. 150px
150px Earthworm Jim Action / Platformer A humorous and quite challenging platformer by Shiny Entertainment where you control an intelligent earthworm wearing an ultra-powerful space suit. This game involves cows. The Sequel is arguably better, but best played on the Megadrive/Genesis or Saturn, especially since the SNES version has issues when emulated. Ported to iPhone and DSiWare. HD remix on high definition consoles with some nice extras. 150px
150px F-Zero Racing A racing game by Nintendo that takes advantage of Mode 7 to simulate 3D graphics. This faux-3D would later be used in the GBA titles. The N64 and Gamecube titles are in full 3D with 30 racers instead of 4/8. A sequel/remix of this game exists on BS Satellaview. 150px
150px Final Fantasy IV (JP)Final Fantasy II (US) RPG A classic JRPG by Square. This was one of the first games to have a more complex storyline, and it introduced the ATB system used in many of its successors. Regarded by some as probably the best intro to the series for beginners. Ported to the PlayStation with a better script and restored difficulty/abilities, Game Boy Advance/PSP with lots of extras, and remade for the DS with different extras and MUCH HARDER difficulty. Has a a sequel on WiiWare/PSP, that you may also like (if you aren't a jerk). 150px
150px Final Fantasy VI (JP)Final Fantasy III (US) RPG Another classic JRPG by Square. It has a large and varied cast of characters that can be customized by equipping Magicite on them. Great music, widely contested to be the best in the series. The SNES version is noted for having LOADSAEXPLOITS, many of which can be used by the player to become overpowered, especially Vanish+Doom.Ported to the PlayStation with LOADTIMES and Game Boy Advance with extras a remixed script of new and old. 150px
150px Final Fantasy Mystic Quest RPG Lite An "entry level" RPG, BUT just because it's easier and shorter than its older FF cousins doesn't mean you shouldn't play it. For one, it has JUMPING along with various tools and both are utilized in dungeons for exploration and various puzzles. Combat is streamlined, offering only a few options at first, but giving more as you progress. It's a pretty cool story and your party members are pretty memorable pals. The music is the best reason to play. Known as Mystic Quest Legend in Europe, not Mystic Quest (That's Final Fantasy Adventure). If you like this, consider Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light on DS. Both are different, but have similar vibes. 150px
150px Final Fight Beat 'em Up A beat 'em up by Capcom starring Mike Haggar. Not a true port of the arcade game, as it's missing one of the levels (the Industrial Area, helmed by Rolento of SFA pseudo-fame), as well as the option to play as Guy. In fact, 2 player co-op gameplay was removed from the SNES port entirely, depleting the game of one of the great joys of old school beat 'em ups. The original was ported to a fuckton of systems, and also as Final Fight: Double Impact on Xbox Live Arcade.
(Another version of Final Fight was released later on that included Guy by removing Cody from the game called "Final Fight Guy." Industrial area with Rolento is still omitted in the game though.)
150px Final Fight 2 Beat 'em Up Fairly good follow-up that brings back 2-player co-op. This game debuts Maki, who plays a bit like Guy, and would later appear in Capcom vs. SNK 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX. Features a few Street Fighter background cameos as you hop from locales around the world. 150px
150px Final Fight 3 Beat 'em Up Four different styled characters all with their own special moves, also brings back Guy! At many points during the game you'll be able to choose between different paths. Great for co-op, and probably the best Final Fight. 150px
150px Firemen, The Spray 'em Up If you loved Burning Rangers on the Saturn then you might enjoy this gem of a game. The whole game takes place in a hotel. Use all your crawling, axing, and spraying abilities to fight a variety of fire and fire-based enemies under a time-limit. The cutscenes in the game give it a more cinematic feel throughout the whole game. Unfortunately, was only released in the PAL and JP regions. Has a sequel on the Playstation, but that one sucks the big one. 150px
150px Goof Troop Action God tier co-op game by Capcom. Goofy and Max set out on an adventure to rescue Pete and PJ, who have been kidnapped by pirates. Solve puzzles and use items to help clear paths by yourself or Goof it up with a bro. Way more fun than it has any right to be, especially since you can troll each other. 150px
150px Gradius III Shoot 'em Up A shoot 'em up by Konami (shocker). The third Gradius game and one of the best, before they ruined it IV was a low point. Also try the brutal arcade version (available on the Gradius Collection on PSP and on Gradius III&IV on PS2) -- if you DARE! 150px
150px Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie, The Platformer A sequel to The Magical Quest, this time play as both Mickey and Minnie to stop Pete from being an asshole, like usual. Same essential gameplay, but now features new costumes and co-op (though there is no difference between Mickey and Minnie, aesthetics aside). Also released on Genesis (though it's a bit inferior), and ported to the GBA, but same deal as last time (save feature, slightly downgraded graphics and music). 150px
150px Harvest Moon Simulation Plant crops, raise animals, get married, have a kid. Sim Farm meets Tokimeki Memorial. Despite how boring and absurd the premise sounds, and how terrible the newer entries in the series are, it's a solid, unique, and entertaining game. The challenge lies in how little time you have each day, and unlike later entries, the protagonist doesn't have a rucksack to carry multiple items in. 150px
150px Illusion of Gaia Action RPG The second game in Quintet's Heaven and Earth/Soul Blazer series. A young boy with psychic powers named Will beats up monsters with a flute. He also obtains the ability to transform into powerful warriors with their own abilities. This game is noteworthy for having you travel around places that strongly resemble cultural and historical sites in our own reality and also its rather dark, but VERY well done, story and soundtrack. 150px
150px150px Joe & Mac (series) Platformer A prehistory based platformer with gameplay similar to a lighthearted Contra, but with dinosaurs. The game saw two sequels: Congo's Caper and Joe & Mac 2 (A.K.A. Joe & Mac 3 in Japan), the later which includes girl courtship and marriage as some extra features. Joe and Mac 2 is a direct sequel, and features similar gameplay. For Congo's Caper, see above. 150px150px
150px King Arthur's World Platformer / Strategy / Puzzle A rather unique and long game, where you must deploy troops (including archers, mages and builders) from your camp to kill enemies and traverse hazardous terrains in order to go to the next level. Each area has also a huge boss at the end. The game uses passwords to save the progress. It also has support to the SNES Mouse, but it's not necessary to play the game. 150px
150px Killer Instinct Fighting C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! This game is fun to play if you've had enough Mortal Kombat, though many others prefer it. Made by Rare back when they were god tier so this is safe for sure. Also on the Game Boy but not recommended over this. There is an arcade version which was partly made by MIDWAY so you wont complain. about it being a rip-off of MK. Sequel on N64. Awesome shit as well. 150px
150px Kirby's Avalanche (NTSC)/Kirby's Ghost Trap (PAL) Puzzle Like Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine on the Genesis, it's the Western localization of Puyo Puyo. You match balls of goo into groups of 4; larger groups and chains will send rage-inducing rows of worthless clear goo onto the opponent's field. It might not sound original, but a lot of modern match 3/4 games took their mechanics from Puyo Puyo. It's pretty difficult, but if it's too much for you there's an easy mode (and get out of /v/, casual). The only real downside is that Kirby is kind of a jerk, but since the game has fuck all to do with the main Kirby games it's a minor issue. 150px
150px Kirby's Dreamland 3 Platformer Another top-notch Kirby title featuring Kirby's pals from KDL2. Features lovely pastel-esque graphics and also has a second player in the form of Gooey, who's more or less second Kirby. Features six animal pals you can combine your powers with for even more effects, and mini-missions in stages to unlock the true final boss. 150px
150px Kirby Super Star Platformer A fantastic collection of short Kirby games, each with unique twists to them. With colorful graphics, good music, enemy partners and a wide variety of copy powers, this game has a lot to offer. Released as Kirby's Fun Pak in Europe. Also re-released on DS with more extras. 150px
150px Legend of the Mystical Ninja, The Adventure / Platformer Technically a Goemon game, this is a fun little platforming game where you play as GoemKID YING, a ninja. Has a goofy translation in hind-sight. Also has multiplayer co-op with EbisumaDOCTOR YANG. Has a bunch of goofiness, as expected. Had a number of Japan-only sequels which improved on the formula, as seen above. Curiously, this one has more basis/parody in Japanese history than most Goemon games, as seen HERE. 150px
150px Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The Action-Adventure This is the game that laid out the formula emulated by all of its successors - adding more expansive dungeons, more interesting puzzles, an in-game map system, a detailed story, and introducing quintessential items like the hookshot and bottles. Many consider it one of the best 2D Zeldas, and that ain't just nostalgia talkin'. 150px
150px Lost Vikings, The Platformer Here you control three vikings taking turns. Each has his own abilities, which you must use at the right times to get through the stages. Also on Megadrive, GBA and possible others. Blizzard's best game after Rock'n Roll Racing. The Mega Drive/Genesis version contains five stages not present in any other version of the game. 150px
150px Lost Vikings II, The Platformer More from the first game, except now we have laser sword and elastic chain arm thingies. Also on PS1. 150px
150px Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals RPG This game is a through-and-through traditional JRPG. Still, it pulls it off with GREAT music and writing. It also features Zelda-like puzzle dungeons. Remade as a kickass Action-RPG on DS, with a magic-steampunk world and characters having odd fashion sense , but INCREDIBLE music and more puzzle goodness. And they kept the story pretty true to the original with few minor differences. Note: Though controversial, the creators themselves have stated the DS game to be an alternate retelling and still respect the original, even encouraging players to enjoy both. SO QUIT COMPLAINING. 150px
150px Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse, The Platformer If there was ever a game that was proof that Capcom did beautiful things with the Disney license, then this is it. Play as Mickey Mouse on an awesome quest to save Pluto from the evil Emperor Pete. While the core gameplay is Super Mario Bros. 2-ish, you get suits with different abilities akin to Mega Man. Very awesome. There is a Game Boy Advance port with an included save feature (the original has no saves, though later games had passwords), but it's not really necessary, plus, the amazing graphics and music take a slight hit. 150px
150px Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems Beat 'em Up Considered as a spiritual sequel to X-Men Mutant Apocalypse. Actually it's all the same, but now you play as Avengers team and you can actually choose certain character to pass certain levels. Music and sound effects are not as great as in first game, but still it's a solid fighting gem by capcom. Be warned: it's a very hard motherfucker. 150px
150px Mega Man 7 Platformer / Run and Gun Mega Man 7 marks the debut of the main series in the 16-bit era. The classic gameplay has been preserved and enhanced. Colorful graphics and memorable music. Walk, jump, slide and shoot. You don't need anything else. The original can be hard to find, so note that it's also available on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox. Fans made a demake of 7 in the vein of the NES MM games that's free and also worth trying. 150px
150px Mega Man X Platformer / Run and Gun Pure platforming joy with appealing graphics and rocking awesome music. A brilliant revitalization of a stagnating franchise. All SNES Mega Man X games (and X4-6) are also on Gamecube and PS2 in the Mega Man X Collection. 150px
150px Mega Man X2 Platformer / Run and Gun This game is almost as fun as the original, with three difficult bosses randomly appearing throughout the game. There's a slightly altered ending you get for obtaining 3 special items by beating them. 150px
150px Mega Man X3 Platformer / Run and Gun Another Mega Man X title. It's loaded with a bunch of secrets ranging from power-ups to hidden bosses. Also, yes that is fucking Zero in the screenshot. He is playable in some levels too. Also on the PS1/Saturn version as well. Rereleased on Mega Man X Collection for GC/PS2 which had the PS1/Saturn version, which was better, but this is still fun with even a PS1/Saturn. 150px
150px Metal Warriors Platformer / Shoot 'em Up Metal Warriors is essentially an unofficial follow-up to Cybernator/Assault Suits Valken by the American LucasArts (both were published in NA and EU by Konami, so it was probably their intent to sneak this one in as the sequel). Not only is it a great game in the same style, it's probably a better follow-up than any of the official sequels, LucasArts showing a lot of love and respect for the game that obviously inspired them; this is a must own if you're a fan of SNES action games or mechs. Some notable differences from ASV include multiple mechs to pilot, the loss of a health meter for visible damage to the mech, and the ability for your character to leave the mech and play on foot, not unlike Blaster Master for NES. 150px
150px Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City Platformer Ok, you're probably laughing your ass off right about now. Good, you should be, because the idea of a platformer starring Michael Jordan is fucking hilarious. However, if you want to romp through a well built, fairly long platformer with plenty of cool power-ups, puzzles and enemies (as well as manual dunking!) then go out an grab a copy of this bad boy, I guarantee it will be cheap, and you're getting one of the most overlooked platformers of the SNES generation. Gameplay great as it is, the game itself is still funny (although Michael Jordan beating the shit out of monsters with a flaming basketball is pretty goddamn cool). Good for a good time and some laughs. 150px
Mortal Kombat (series) Fighting FATALITY. BRUTALITY, ANIMALITY. BABALITY. FRIENDSHIP. These were the early finishing moves that marked the Mortal Kombat series and the childhood of many players (specially the fatality) with a dark voice (the announcer, that is actually a boss character) telling the winner and the finishing move type. The fighting series was pretty balanced on the early iterations, with the only real diferences between fights being the special moves, with the exception of some of the special characters. The finishing moves were only used as a stylish way to finish off already won fights, but was not necessary as the person had already won anyway. You could also, in certain stages, do a stage fatality if you can't do a personal or exclusive fatality. As most finishing moves were bloody for the consoles standarts (even on the first iteration on the SNES that had the blood censured), the game rapidly gained popularity by it's violent but comical, surreal and innovative content.
150px Mutant Chronicles: Doom Troopers Action / Run and Gun Developed by Playmates, this is a very nice-looking, gory, dark and hard game. Not Contra hard, but almost. But be warned, Genesis version is MUCH better. 150px
150px Ninja Warriors, The Beat 'em Up A rather overlooked but really fun beat 'em up. 3 characters, all with their own moves. Very straightforward. No co-op, which is a shame for a beat 'em up. 150px
150px Parodius (series) Shoot 'em Up (horizontal) A Konami shoot 'em up that is, as its title suggests, a parody of Gradius. Features wacky worlds, bosses, and power-ups. Also crosses over a few other Konami franchise. All three games are Japan exclusive, except for the first one which surprisingly saw a European release. The two others are Japan only, but requires no understanding of the language if you decide to get it. Please note: The third game uses the superFX chip for a crazy over the top announcer VA, so be sure to use an emulator, a super famicom, or a converter that supports the superFX chip. 150px
150px Plok Platformer One of the weirder and more obscure mascot-with-attitude platformers that came out in the wake of Sonic's success. Plok is an animated pile of clothes on a quest to save his island made of cloth from the fleas, balloon magicians, and frogs with giant lips that have infested it. He attacks by throwing his own limbs Rayman style, turning into a buzzsaw, dressing up as boxers and cowboys and shooting homing hornets. It's worth playing just for its excellent graphics and soundtrack, though due to the bullshit difficulty and lack of saving/passwords it's best played on an emulator. 150px
150px Pocky & Rocky (series) Run and Gun Play as a shrine maiden and a tanooki, get'chur best friend, and shoot the shit out of evil spirits and Japanese demons in this extremely fun and quirky Natsume title that is simply a blast with a friend. (There was a sequel, with more characters, but it introduced some elements that made multiplayer potentially less fun. To be brief, Player 1 could easily make the game less fun for Player 2, due to how bombs work in 2. Still, play P&R2 solo, but not with a pal unless you absolutely promise not to use bombs. The second game was still good anyway) 150px
150px Pop'n TwinBee Shoot 'em Up (vertical) You have to wonder why Konami released Parodius when they had a perfectly good colorful shoot 'em up in the form of Twinbee. While the former is a bit more original, this is still a very well-made game, that shoot 'em up fans who need a break from grimdark sci-fi should try. Only released in PAL countries and Japan. 150px
150px Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures Platformer A TwinBee platformer? Well it takes a lot of concepts from games like Sonic, Rocket Knight, and maybe even Mario and Goemon. Turns out to be most like Tiny Toons but with Rocket Knight jet! The PAL and Japanese versions are really different, the PAL version removes dialogue, some stage exits, and battery saving. Japanese lets you save with either password or battery! 150px
150px Prince of Persia Platform Remix of the original classic by Jordan Mechner. Detested by old fans, this is a successful remake. The levels are much harder, the graphics, the animations, and soundtrack are at top notch with some anime elements (well, 'twas ported by Japan). New levels have been added and old ones revamped. If you loved the classic and want an even harder challenge, this is the best for you. Try to save as much as possible though if you use emulator. The sequel is known as Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame. There was a SNES port. Stay away from it, it's terrible. The other versions aren't as bad though. 150px
150px R-Type III: The Third Lightning Shoot 'em Up R-Type has always been about memorizing tough side-scrolling levels, and this is no exception, but now you have three Force Devices to choose from, with unique lasers and special traits. The Wave Cannon is much more badass too, with two different charge-up modes you can switch between. Ported to the Game Boy Advance, but the developers weren't given any of the original game's source code to work with, so stick with this one. 150px
150px Rock n' Roll Racing Racing A ca-ray-zeh fun racing game by... Blizzard?! Yes. Use several types of items and projectiles against your adversaries. Earn money to improve your car. Fun for multiplayer. Rocking music ported by Tim Follin! (Note: RIP will always be in another timezone.) Also on Megadrive (with RADAR LOVE and twice more levels (Divisions A and B differ a lot) and GBA. The game's secret character is from another early Blizzard game (no, it's not from Diablo and neither from Warcraft) 150px
150px Run Saber Platform Essentially a clone of Strider, but a very well done one and an SNES exclusive. Rather short and easy with abundant power-ups and extra lives but it has great graphics, sound, music, epic bosses, and best of all two player support. 150px
150px Secret of Evermore Action RPG A game by Square of America based on Secret of Mana's engine. You and your dog travel through different eras of time in order to get back to modern day. This game's "magic" system involves the use of ingredients for simple formulas to create various effects, but because they are such common ingredients, you can find them all over the place, doing away with the RPG-standard MP. The weapon system is simplified, but also more effective. Both new systems are much easier to manage. Evermore also has a unique soundtrack with a theatrical feel in its melodies, rhythms, and ambiance. Single-player, but a romhack allows P2 to control the pooch simultaneously. 150px
150px Secret of Mana (US)Seiken Densetsu 2 (JP) Action RPG Another widely-loved Action RPG by Square. Up to three people can play simultaneously. It expands on the weapon and magic abilities of Final Fantasy Adventure for Game Boy, the first Mana title. Magic is aligned to various spirits and each has their own sets of spells. This really setup the Mana series and the various mythos, along with elements and characteristics that it is so well known for today: weapon skills, tough bosses, pleasant visuals, great gameplay, and incredible soundtracks. 150px
150px Shadowrun Action RPG It's sort of like Fallout for the SNES. You play as Jake Armitage who was nearly killed by a mysterious assassin and you get amnesia and now it's up to you to find out why. Like Fallout you can gain karma from killing people, making choices, hacking terminals, and the whole game acts as a tabletop RPG while still managing real time action. CAN BE TOUGH AS NAILS! Mainly because of assassins coming out of FUCKING NOWHERE and you have to be quick to kill them. An incredible SNES gem that was hugely overlooked due to poor sales. Another version of the game is available on the Sega Genesis, but they are totally different games, so if you've played the Genesis version, this will be a new experience. 150px
150px SimCity Simulation / Sandbox A city building simulation game designed by Will Wright. Though released to many consoles and even for computers, the SNES version was one of the most popular. On the first release, scenarios and special buildings were already part of the game, yet it was simple enough to be fast and fun. Was Maxis first product and one considered a classic. It spawned the SimCity series and indirectly The Sims series. 150px
150px Skyblazer Action / Platformer Remember when Sony was a third party developer? Yeah, good times. They made really good games. Skyblazer is one of them. Similar to Demon's Crest. 150px
150px Soul Blazer (US)Soul Blader (JP) Action RPG The first game in Quintet's Heaven and Earth/Soul Blazer series. In this spiritual successor to Actraiser, God/The Master sends down a hero to save the world from Deathtoll, the big bad that the stupid king struck a deal with. The music is awesome (and strangely groovy for this sort of world it takes place in), and the game itself is a lot of fun, but kinda hard at times. As an early title, it's a little stiff control-wise, but the later games in the series improved this, so fear not. 150px
150px Sparkster Action / Platformer Rocket Knight goodness from the Genesis to the SNES. Just as good as the first game, if not better for having better graphics and more streamlined action. Also, it's an opossum wielding a sword that shoots shockwaves and riding a rocket jetpack. If that's not badass, I don't know what is. Notably, Sparkster has that weird Aladdin game syndrome where there are two games on two opposite consoles (Genesis/SNES) with the same exact name and cover art, but are two entirely different games. Also like Aladdin, however, the Genesis game is also an amazing game, so don't fret over picking a version, get both since they're different games and enjoy! New game now on download for PSN/XBLA, but once again changes some stuff up. 150px
150px Star Fox 3D Rail Shooter A rail shooter by Nintendo. It is one of the first console games to use truly 3D polygon graphics. Your best option is to get a physical copy, because emulators won't duplicate the original game's hardware lag, which disrupts the timing of the audio bsnes emulates it accurately. Released in Europe as Starwing. 150px
150px Star Fox 2 3D Rail Shooter / RTS The canceled sequel to the first Star Fox game, leaked online years later. Several different betas exist online, but only one works with a fan patch by Aeon Genesis that fully translates the game and fixes all the bugs. Quite possibly the best of the series but instead it was harvested and the best bits were used in Star Fox 64 and even Command (DS). Instead of selecting a course like the original, you are given the choice of two pilots, then you are dropped on to a large map where you have to defend Corneria in real time from approaching missiles, Star Wolf, enemy squadrons, battleships, and by rescuing planets. Plus, you have the ability to turn your Arwing into a mech, where you can run around on the ground and shoot the fuck out of stuff. Pushed the SNES to limits using the SuperFX2 chip, which let the SNES do full 360 3D with amazing graphics. The SuperFX2 chip would also be used to make a basic version of Mario 64 on the SNES but was quickly moved to the just finalized Ultra 64. 150px
150px Sunset Riders Run and Gun YEEEEEEHAW! A fantastic and challenging R'n'G by the folks at Konami, straight from the arcade, Sunset Riders is a multiplayer must-have. Fantastic visuals, gameplay, soundtrack, and fun, you truly haven't hit puberty 'til you've played this manly-manfest of a game. Also on Genesis, but the SNES version has four characters to choose from, whereas Genesis only has two. Cormano duel wields shotguns! Inferior to the arcade version, but this is just as fun. 150px
Super Adventure Island 2 Platformer / Adventure A wild departure from the traditional Adventure Island, SAI2 plays more like Zelda 2, or a Metroid game. You're thrown into a huge island-based world, and Higgins has to chase after his smoking hot wife who's been abducted by some goddamn wizard. Massive levels, big explorable world map, fantastic music, and tons of hidden items, heart containers and gear. Oh, and the bosses are hard. 150px
150px Super Bomberman (series) Puzzle / Multiplayer It's Bomberman! Five games to pick from, IV and V are Japan only but you don't need to know Japanese and they are fun and have vehicles (kangaroo-like critter called Rooeys!) The first was the first game to support 4 player multitap, and every game after followed the suit. Bomb your friends and get them stuck in corners until they ragequit. 150px
150px Super Castlevania IV Action / Platformer Konami's Castlevania offering to the SNES. A retelling of the original Castlevania. Features much more difficult stages, but the best controls of any game in the series (Fuck yeah for 8-way whipping). 150px
150px Super Double Dragon Beat 'em Up The fourth iteration of the series. As always you are playing as Billy or Jimmy Lee trying to overcome Shadow Warriors gang. Now you can block enemies attacks and then counter attack which is cool. Also you can fill RAGE bar and then beat up your enemies like pussies. Anyway it's a great beat 'em up. You should play it and see what actually was going up in the Double Dragon series back then. 150px
150px Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts Action / Platformer An infamously difficult platformer by Capcom. Despite what you may believe, this is not a remake of Ghosts 'n' Goblins OR Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, it is the second sequel (a common mistake of this series is believing they are all remakes). Improves the armor system by adding two levels of upgrades, tons of newer weapons, and more levels of difficulty. Still, many of the same elements persist, such as beating the game twice to see the true ending. 150px
150px Super Mario All-Stars Platformer A package containing Super Mario Bros. 1 through 3, as well as the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, here titled The Lost Levels. The graphics are upgraded to take advantage of the SNES's capabilities, but are otherwise unchanged. A later version of the game contains Super Mario World.Getting a re-release on the Wii with a soundtrack CD and history booklet for Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary. Super Mario World is NOT included. 150px
150px Super Mario Kart Kart Racing A racing game by Nintendo for the SNES. It is more relaxed than F-Zero. It also has different items to turn the tide of races. First of the 'Kart' series, and some say the best.Come for the racing, stay for the battle mode (it's a blast). 150px
150px Super Mario RPG Adventure RPG Timed hits, saving the princess, Geno, Mallow, and one of the most fun RPGs made by Square. Has an awesome soundtrack. As well as incredible characters and bosses with many colorful and awesome environments. Dear god, play this now. Has a spiritual successor in the Paper Mario series, which has a spiritual successor in the Mario and Luigi series. 150px
150px Super Mario World Platformer The definitive Mario game for the SNES. Has fewer stages than Super Mario Bros 3 but a boatload of alternate exits and secret levels for a ton of replay value. 150px
150px Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Platformer The sequel to Super Mario World. You control Yoshi with Baby Mario on your back. Instead of strictly jumping and attacking, Yoshi makes and throws eggs and uses his long tongue to reach and grab certain items. He can also transform into different vehicles. It has some of the nicest visuals on the SNES. Also has fantastic music that you might have not noticed because SHUT THE FUCK UP BABY MARIO. 150px
150px Super Metroid Platformer / Adventure The third installment in the Metroid series. It is still widely considered the best in the series by most fans. Often voted in the top 10 games ever made, for good reason. 150px
150px Super Morph Puzzle Getting stuck in Dr. Krankenpot's teleporter, you're split into four parts: liquid, gas, steel ball and a rubber ball. You need to guide your character through the level which is littered with traps and machines that morph you into another material, such as liquid turns into gas when you fly past an oven. The game features progressively harder levels and is up there with Fire and Ice (NES) in the difficulty/fun ratio. 150px
150px Super Nova / Darius Force Shoot 'em Up A vastly underrated SNES shooter and a huge improvement over Darius Twin. Has 3 different Silver Hawks to play around with, two of which loosely represent how the previous arcade Darius games played, and the third being an experimental one not seen anywhere else. The only thing missing is a 2-player mode, but that would break the excellent atmosphere it has going anyway. 150px
150px Super Punch-Out Boxing Punch-Out on SNES just delivers more of the same and delivers it good! Little Mac should again become champion by climing through the ranks with new opponents, new attack patterns, renewed fighting mechanics - it's all there. Video and sound presentation are great and learning curve isn't so steep now. 150px
150px Super Smash TV Shooter It is 1999, and in this dystopic future, the most popular TV game show is a fight to death for cash, toasters, and VCRs! Given Nintendo's penchant to censor everything, it's incredible that such an absurdly violent arcade was ported to the SNES essentially intact. A very intense, challenging, and fun game. 150px
150px Super Street Fighter II Fighting The definitive version of Street Fighter II for the SNES, featuring the most characters. 150px
150px Super Widget Platformer A Fatlus game based on a pro-environmental cartoon you've never heard of. There's an NES game called Widget, and it has a bad reputation, for good reason. Don't worry, this isn't the same. In this game, the music is catchy, the graphics are great, and it controls well (albeit being a little slower than average). Like some other games, Widget (your main character) has the ability to use different transformations, he gets these via different coins with letters on them (for example, an 'M' coin is aquatic creatures). He can stack up to two coins, for a level one transformation, then a level two. If he receives a third coin of the same type, it gives hm a shield. The challenge on this game is fairly low, so it's good for those who want some solid, casual SNES platforming. 150px
150px Tecmo Super Bowl Sports Before EA was pumping out endless Madden Sequels every year, there was Tecmo Bowl. Easy to pick up and play, real NFL Rosters from the 1990's, Varying Weather conditions, and fluid gameplay makes this a classic NFL game for the ages. TOUCHDOWN THURMAN THOMAS 150px
150px Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time Beat 'em Up An arcade port done right. Not only is the action just as good, but there are also new additional segments and bosses. Had a remix on modern consoles with the subtitle: Re-Shelled, but is a bit different, mostly in terms of minor gameplay alterations and new voice actors. 150px
150px Terranigma Action RPG The third game in Quintet's Heaven and Earth/Soul Blazer series. Ark, a boy from the underworld village of Crysta, is tasked with the creation and resurrection of the overworld. Considered by some as the best non-Ninendo release of the SNES due it's awesome soundtrack and gameplay, complex storyline and mind blowing graphics. Just be ready for the legendary boss fight with Bloody Mary, famous for being stupid hard or stupid easy, due to certain factors.Released in Japan and Europe (English) with a NTSC 60FPS patch available here. 150px
150px Tetris Attack Puzzle A re-spriting of the Japanese puzzle game Panel De Pon, this version replaces all the loli/moe spirit fairy things with various Mario enemies and your main player as Yoshi. Funky tunes, and some sweet puzzle action. Either version is acceptable. Was updated on the N64 as Pokemon Puzzle League. 150px
150px U.N. Squadron (US) Area 88 (JP) Shoot 'em Up Based on the Area 88 anime/manga series. A tad more accessible than most shumps, with playable jets based on real military aircraft, lots of weapons to blast stuff with, and catchy-as-hell music. Adaptation of the arcade game, which had fewer features overall. 150px
150px Uncharted Waters: New Horizons RPG Known as Daikoukai Jidai II in Japan. A game about nautical adventures with an awesome soundtrack and good plot. You can choose role of merchant, adventurer, combater by choosing different characters as protagonist. 150px
150px Uniracers Racing Quirky and fast-paced, fun with another player.

Race riderless unicycles around a 2D track. Heavy emphasis is placed on performing stunts. Can be difficult to find because Pixar are fascist pricks and sued DMA to death. 300,000 copies exist; if you see it, get it.

150px Wild Guns Shoot 'em Up / Run and Gun A sci-fi western game that uses character movement and gun aiming co-operatively. Features tons of hidden targets and bonuses throughout stages, so shoot everything. That huge mecha on the box? He's the first boss. That said, you know things will get crazier from then out. 150px
150px X-Men Mutant Apocalypse Beat 'em Up Fighting game by capcom. What can go wrong? That's right - absolutely nothing. Features 5 mutants and specific missions for each of them. Really good animation and vivid colours are breathtaking. Sometimes may be hard. 150px
150px Yoshi's Safari Rail Shooter Mario + Gun. Dust off the Super Scope for this one. Fun to blast goombas flying at you in first person. Just don't shoot the back of Yoshi's head or you'll upset the beast! 150px
150px Zombies Ate My Neighbors Horror / Run and Gun You shoot a lot of zombies with water pistols. Very fun in co-op. ("Zombies" is the censored European / Australian version, the Genesis also has this uncensored version). Features Day of the Tentacle level! Has a shitty sequel called Ghoul Patrol. 150px

Super FamicomEdit

These are for the Japan-only SFC games. A good chunk of these are translated. Some aren't, and then there's those that don't even need translations.

Box Art Title Genre Description Screenshot
150px Arabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei RPG JRPG based on Arabian lore. You play as Shukran, a young girl, who finds a Djinn and wishes for world peace. Thus, the two embark on their quest to make that wish come true together, as Ifrit can’t stray from his new master’s side. . The neat thing about this game is that battles play like normal RPG fare, but you also use cards to affect enemies and allies with various effects and also the battlefield toward your favor. Only released in Japan, but a fan translation is available.
150px Assault Suits Valken / Cybernator Platformer / Shoot 'em Up A very fun, challenging, and engrossing platformer/shoot 'em up hybrid where you play as a soldier in a future war where soldiers take their fights into the cockpits of mecha (not unlike Mobile Suit Gundam or Votoms). The action and levels were designed spectacularly, and the story-line is surprisingly interesting. Released outside of Japan as Cybernator, and while it's not a bad port, some unnecessary changes were made (including removal of portraits during dialogue and the removal of a controversial suicide scene), as well as some iffy translation/heavy cuts in dialogue. Released West as Cybernator, but superior Japanese version has a great fan translation. 150px
150px Bahamut Lagoon RPG / Strategy One of Square's more unique titles. Utilizes Tactics-based over-battles, which also involve giving strategies to you powerful dragon units. Get one of your character parties close to an enemy party and you go into a "sub-battle", which plays out like a traditional turn-based JRPG battle, but only lasts about one ally and enemy phase. These all seam together wonderfully, making for one of the SNES/SFC's sadly overlooked games. Only released in Japan, but a fan translation is available. 150px
150px Clock Tower Survival Horror Point and Click horror adventure game were you play the little girl running from a killer in a mansion. Far scarier than it sounds, ESPECIALLY at the (one of several) end(s). Has an extremely cool random event engine, which provides for unexpected scares, and unlike most survival horror games you can't fight back - only run and hide, which adds to the tension even more.. Only released in Japan, but a fan translation is available. 150px
150px Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban Action An absolutely ridiculous action game by Sunsoft. Players get to choose between a Japanese guy who uses a fan as a weapon, or a French guy who shoots flowers. All enemies explode on defeat. When percentage points exceed 50, press X button for extreme muscles. Unique stages and enemies, quirky and hilarious art, and all around great blow up everything experience. Only released in Japan, no translation available, but the story makes no sense anyway. LET'S PLAY 150px
150px Disney's Mickey To Donald Magical Adventure 3 Platformer The third and final game in the Magical Quest series (see: The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse below). Pete's still up to no good, and this time, he's gotten his grubby pedo hands on Huey, Duey and Louie, so it's up to Mickey and Donald to save them. Includes the delicious co-op gameplay from the sequel, except even better. This time you play as Mickey and Donald, and they aren't just palette swaps, both have a different set of powers that help each other on different occasions.Only released on the Super Famicom in Japan until the Gameboy Advance version was released over here as Disney's Magical Quest 3 starring Mickey & Donald. 150px
150px DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken Platformer A fantastic, cute platformer by Hudson with great level design, tight controls, fun puzzles, and perfect atmosphere. Japanese only. The game contains a surprising amount of dialogue, so it'd be best to get the translated rom. (and a Sequel of sorts via BS) Only released in Japan, but a fan translation is available. Available for the Wii Virtual Console in the West, but mostly untranslated. 150px
150px Edo no Kiba Action Edo No Kiba is a constantly side-scrolling frantic action game in which you run through streets, walk through corridors, and ride airships and missiles as a samurai robot while slashing fuckers. The gameplay seems a little derivative at first but it's very fun and it's not too difficult if you set yourself up with a shitload of lives. Only released in Japan with no available translation, but you'll be having too much fun cutting your way through downtown to mind the unreadable intermissions between levels. 150px
150px Emerald Dragon RPG The first version came out on Japanese PCs in 1989, had a dragon-human 4 years before Breath of Fire, and Party Chat 11 years before Dragon Quest. This game was truly ahead of its time. The battles are a weird mix of strategy and turn-based, but work pretty well, and your allies have GOOD A.I.! The story is an amusing mix of non-serious and dramatic narrative that blends rather well, too. All in all, it feels kinda dated, but remains charming and enjoyable.Japanese only, but has a fan translation Check the fan site for further info on this and the other versions HERE. 150px

Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shojo (Famicom Detective Club Part II: The Girl who Stands Behind)


Great adventure game and remake of Famicom Disk System title. You are teenage detective apprentice who is investigating the murder of a high school student. You talk with people and gather clues to solve the case. Great detective/ghost story/urban legend storyline with plot twists. It was one of last games released on Super Famicom so graphics are amazing. It is prequel for Part I so you don't have to worry that you hadn't played it. Game was translated by Tomato and Demiforce, you can find patch here Very important! You must use 1.0 version of the rom! Orginal FDS version was re-released on GBA, both are available on japanese Virtual Console. 150px
150px Final Fantasy V RPG Featuring the most refined version of the job system seen in a main Final Fantasy title to date and enough classes to make your head spin. Join Butz/Bartz on his quest to have the most female-filled party in the series, as well as his battles against a magic tree/demon army-in-one. The story is on the lighthearted end of things, showing a more comical Final Fantasy, though it does have its tear-jerking moments. Only released in Japan, but a fan translation is available. Ported in English to the PlayStation with LOADTIMES and Game Boy Advance with a better script and extras (and no LOADTIMES). 150px
150px Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu SRPG Widely considered the best game in the Fire Emblem series. It features a complex plot that takes place over two generations of heroes. If you're used to the GBA games, get ready to be blown away by the massive-scale battles this has. Only released in Japan, but a decent fan translation is available.' 150px
150px Front Mission: Gun Hazard Platformer / Run and Gun A spin-off to the Front Mission series, Gun Hazard is essentially the final game in the unofficial trilogy of games including Assault Suits Valken and Metal Warriors. Gun Hazard is easily the best of the three. The team who made this game mostly comprised of members who worked on Valken, and it's clear they liked some of the gameplay improvements they saw in Metal Warriors, and were likely humbled, because they included some of them in this game. Has a great storyline, as well as more as a stage map/overworld RPG-elements that help refine the experience.Only released in Japan, but a fan translation is available. 150px
150px Ganbare! Daiku no Gensan Beat 'em Up / Platformer If you've ever played Hammerin' Harry on the NES/Arcade, or Hammerin' Hero for PSP, then you know what to expect here. This series only saw those two incarnations in the west, but in Japan (known there as Daiku no Gensan) it has quite a few. This is perhaps the most polished one. A cute platformer/beat 'em up hybrid with plenty of Japanese quirky humor, the sprite-work visuals are pretty amazing, and the gameplay is extremely refined. You'll totally miss out on the 'story', but that's no much of a loss, otherwise, no Japanese knowledge is required to play this game. Haven't you always wanted to be a working-class man, being a hero to the people by smashing faces with your mallet? I thought so. 150px
150px Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shōgun Magginesu Platformer The sequel to Legend of the Mystical Ninja, it has similarities to Super Mario World, and you can play as newcomer Sasuke, a clockwork ninja! Very fun, quirky humor, but, not surprisingly, only in Japanese. Also, the debut of Impact! He's a giant steam-mecha who you fight certain giant bosses with in first person duels. Sadly, his well-loved theme song doesn't come up until the N64... 150px
150px Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishijūrokubē no Karakuri Manji Gatame Action-Adventure / Platformer The third in the SNES Goemon line, this game plays more like The Legend of Zelda in the overworld, and is thus the least accessible to non-Japanese speakers... but if you're determined, give it a go, because it's a great game. Still has platforming stages though, which makes for a weird hybrid. Each character has or gains useful skills to make their way through stages and obstacles. You can also play as Yae in this game, who can transform into a sexy mermaid. 150px
150px Ganbare Goemon Kirakira Dōchū: Boku ga Dancer ni Natta Wake Platformer The fourth game in the Goemon SNES series returns to the style of the second, and also includes minigames. Quirkiness abound, as Impact apparently has some story to him now. Your characters start split up in 4 different planets but reunite once each is completed to take on the latter section of the game. Like 3, the allies each have useful skills and attributes. 150px
150px Glory of Heracles III: Silence of the Gods RPG The first "modern" GoH game, now with enough differences from Dragon Quest to make it feel like it's own series. Technical aspects of learning magic from Greek Temples and weapon mastery from instructors aside, the series' writing got a notable boost in quality and the music now has an operatic feel about it, creating a very cool experience. Japanese only, but a translation patch turns all text into full English (with some very minor errors). The fourth game is untranslated. The fifth game can be found on DS in English. 150px
150px GS Mikami: Joreishi Wa Nice Body Action / Platformer Cool game based on the Ghost Sweeper Mikami manga/anime. The game is somewhat similar to castlevania, you must travel through a bunch of stages fighting many different ghosts and monsters. All stages are based on different episodes fro mthe anime. The game has good graphics and great animation.
File:GWINGENDLESS.jpg Gundam Wing Endless Duel Fighting Pretty rad fighter based on one of the many Gundam series. Good even if you know fuck all about Gundam. No moonrune skills required, but a fan translation is available. image
150px Gunman's Proof Action-Adventure In 1880, on a western little island, the space police came after a space outlaw. With your help, they pursue him and his posse. As expected, there's some tech-advances, such as bazookas and alien mecha, but it remains quite Western. A comical, but still fun game styled like Zelda, but much more action-inspired. You can crawl and strafe for better gunning, and find an invincible donkey to ride. You also learn to Shoryuken up waterfalls and one boss is a Brazilian Ninja. Though Japanese, the ROM has a translation patch in full English. 150px
150px Heisei Shin Onigashima Text-Based Adventure Based off the Japanese folktales Momotarō and Taketori Monogatari, and originally released on FDS, this is one of the few findable versions of the game. This time, however, you don't play as Donbe and Hikari, but as the three animals that accompany them on their journey. This is essentially the BS-X rerelease gone full game. It had a cousin in Yūyūki, which was a parody of Journey to the West, and also part of the Famicom Fairytales series. The main characters are granted to an old, childless couple through prophecy, but their extraterrestrial origins causes Oni to appear which steal their parents' souls. The children set out on a journey to retrieve the souls of their parents and to find out what their origins are. Also available on FSD, BS-X, Nintendo Power and GBA. There is no translation available, and likely there never will be one due to the text layout (top-to-bottom). 150px
150px Holy Umbrella: Dondera's Madness! Platformer / Action-Adventure Really easy, and rather short. That said, it is pretty solid and kinda charming. You play as a kid who finds a holy umbrella and gets warped to a world terrorized by an army of powerful and comical morons. Taking elements from Zelda 2 and the Rolan's Curse series, you and your rag-tag party power up with unique and shared upgrades, and each ally has different skills to utilize in stages. If you've played The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, the rather lighthearted and humorous soundtrack, world, and story may appeal to you, as it is by the same team.Japanese-only, but the ROM has a full English patch to really bring out the flavor of the characters and NPCs. 150px
150px Hourai Gakuen no Bouken! RPG A.K.A. "The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student DramaBomb", you're a transfer student to a high school that takes up an entire island. Also, there's wild animals, robots, cultists, and renegade teachers and students all over it. How to survive? Simple: Join some clubs, and gain new abilities and skills! The gameplay and club system itself is like FF5 and DQ6 and its jobs, but much less grindy; and, a bit of Persona as your bonds with many friends let you use new powers (though far less cult-ish). The story is episodic, but hella amusing with oddball plots that seem straight out of Cromartie. You can even choose your gender for some slight story differences. Recently translated with a patch. Fun Fact: This is actually based on a series of TRPGs in the vein of ol' D 'n D! 150px
150px Iron Commando: Kotetsu no Senshi Beat 'em up This the manliest beat 'em up EVER! The soundtrack is great and the sprites are big, it feels more like an arcade game than a snes one. The weapon selection is pretty cool; Baseball bats, Pistols, Shotguns, Machineguns, grenades, etc. Aside from normal stages it also has stages where you drive vehicles while shooting at trucks and runnming over enemies. The only problem with this game is that it's SUPER hard, even on easy the game is completely merciless.
150px Jutei Senki Strategy Jutei Senki is a strategy game that no one has ever heard of. The game play is extremely simple in comparison to most other strategy games, as you're given a fairly solid 14 different battle-piece type warriors to use against your opponent in battle (the opponent uses different looking warriors with all of the same abilities.) There's no real leveling system for your units aside from warriors becoming an ACE after ten kills, upgrading its initial abilities to the limit. The game has a campaign, training mode, 40 challenge fights, and even multiplayer, delivering hours worth of gameplay. Only released in Japan, but a translation is available from the godly Aeon Genesis. 150px
150px Live A Live RPG This story is spread across time (Prehistoria to Far Future, and notable eras in between) and split between short, but very different, chapters. The stories pay homage to respective genres and make new, interesting twists on them; and, despite the battles being RPG-styled, you find yourself in different situations such as survival-horror, setting traps, sneaking, street fighting, and even piloting a mecha with its own theme song! The plot has incredibly solid writing and you never need to grind. If you like Chrono Trigger, consider spending some time with this. Be warned that this is heavy on the story! Only released in Japan, but an excellent fan translation is available, be sure to get the second version of the patch though for extra goodness. 150px
150px Magical Pop'n Platformer An adorable little side-scrolling adventure where you play as the little girl. It seems to make several references to 16-bit titles through some of the power-ups you find: a grappling beam like Samus', an explosion attack that resembles Kirby's Crash ability, and a spinning move a la Sonic. Even the sword-swinging protagonist has an uncanny resemblance to Link. Only released in Japan, but fan patches and level editors have been released for the game. 150px
150px Majyuuou Action This game is always described as "Castlevania with a gun", wich is true at least during the first stages. You start out as a normal guy with a gun, and after defeating bosses you get jewels that transform you into different sorts of demons. The sprites are a bit small, but the mosnters and everything looks pretty great.
150px Marvelous: Mōhitostu no Takaramajima Action-Adventure A forgotten Nintendo classic that never made it overseas. Marvelous recalls the look of the Zelda series, and the locales of Earthbound, but is more of its own game than anything. You control 3 characters who adventure in a large wilderness. The physical and mental capabilities of the 3 are important, as you switch between them to utilize their skills in puzzles and exploration. There's also a number of point-and-click areas to explore. Sadly, no translation patch currently exists. A shame considering how vivid the characters and story are. 150px
150px Metal Max Returns RPG Remake of the NES game. Very atypical and non-linear RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where bounty hunters make a living off people terrorized by bio and mecha mutants (like flamethrower-wielding apes, mad professor plants, and literal mammoth-tanks). Guns and rocket lawnchairs only go so far, but thankfully you can obtain tanks to even the odds. Each tank has its own base stats, but ALL tanks can be customized and modified extensively. You can take down bounties and bosses and even find new allies in damn near any order. Only released in Japan, but has a fan-translation patch. Has a spiritual successor released in US/English called Metal Saga on PS2. 150px
150px Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibōken Platformer Beautiful Super Nintendo platformer published by Tomy. This is another example of a game that American and European audiences totally would've played, but never left Japan (like Mickey To Donald). Some prefer this to the Capcom series, but you be the judge. 150px
150px Rendering Ranger: R2 Run 'n Gun Awesome game by the same guy who made Turrican. The game is pretty much a mixture of Contra and Turrican. The most interesting thing about this game are the graphics. It has the best graphics on the snes, it doesn't feel like a snes game at all. It looks so awesome you could pass it for a Playstation title.
150px Rockman & Forte Platformer Released after Mega Man 8 aimed at younger users with less money, this interquel is known for its difficulty. Nonetheless, it's still loads of fun. Later re-released on GBA and localized as Mega Man & Bass, and maybe being demade like Rockman 7 and 8 FC. A translated ROM is available. 150px
150px Romancing SaGa 3 RPG Spiritual Successor to the Final Fantasy Legend games on the Game Boy. The gameplay is most similar to 3's, but uses stat-boosting "level ups" from 1 and 2. Additionally, use a type of weapon long enough, and you get better with it, and learn new skills. Extremely atypical, especially when it comes to money, but mostly in its lack of a totally linear story. Each main character has different paths to take, and your party can be made from MANY different characters. Had its own Spiritual Successor is the SaGa Frontier series on PS1. Only released in Japan, but a fan translation is available. 150px
150px Sailor Moon: Another Story RPG Shut up, you know you want to play this. Explore Tokyo, and help all 10 scouts work together to defeat the bad guys. This is an independent story that takes place after the S season. Surprisingly fun. Downside are countless useless OCs and a stupid script, but if you liked the (better written) anime, you can live with it.Only released in Japan, but fan patches and level editors have been released for the game. 150px
150px Sanrio World Smash Ball Airhocky / Arcade Don't let the Hello Kitty character fool you, this game will curbstomp the shit out of you. Featuring the silly world of Sanrio, is geared mostly towards a younger audience. However don't let that stop you, you manchild. Gameplay consists mostly of a mix between airhocky and pong. You smash a disc back and forth until one scores. The arenas use blocks, spinners and other stuff to mix up the gameplay. Things will heat up pretty fast and the gameplay gets intense. Two player mode is why you will buy this game, and that's about it. There is little to no music and the graphics are very simple. This game has a high replay value in single player, though it will get tedious sooner or later. There are enough playing areas to keep you busy for a while, and trying to master each one of the areas to give you an advantage is more fun than it is work. As long as you can find someone to play with you, you’ll have a great time. 150px
150px Seiken Densetsu 3 Action RPG The sequel to Secret of Mana not released outside of Japan. It features six playable characters, allowing the player to choose any of them as the main character, each with their own story and goals (and even some exclusive bosses), and choose two other party members. It also has a branching class system. Only released in Japan, but a good fan translation is available. 150px
150px Shin Megami Tensei RPG Japan and USA have a conflict that ends with the world being wrecked from nuclear war and currently in a war of demons and angels. You get a demon summoning program from Stephen Hawking to stop the madness and help angels, demons, or mankind to "win" the war and remake the world. A first person RPG inspired by Wizardry, except you have people and monsters from myth and legend as your allies instead of knights and wizards. If you liked this, then check out the sequel, which also has a complete fan translation, and is just as solid as the first game. Only released in Japan, but a full fan translation is available. 150px
150px Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka Beat Em' Up 2nd prequel of the famous River City Ransom game, in this iteration you control Riki, Kunio, his Girlfriend and Riki's Girlfriend respectively, you can swap between characters and each have special moves on their own (they don't start with the moves from the go though) which are very reminiscent of some of the Double Dragon 1 from Nes special moves, has guard, bike chase scenes and a really good plot,a fan translation is available. 150px
150px Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun Beat Em' Up The 1rst prequel of the famous River City Random game, it differs greatly from other games as this one incorporates heavy RPG elements, as in you go and investigate through a specific Japan region, use trains, walk around, random mob encounters, leveling up system among other stuff, the combat is less polished than in Kunio-tachi no Banka but it's still fun, theres also chikans and female chikans who sometimes grab other people or your character, then they start dry humping either that person or you (I'm not making this shit up) among other funny yet strange stuff, a definite must try if you love River City Ransom. 150px
150px Shounen Ashibe Platformer You play as a motherfucking cute seal. Now that I got your attention, yes you indeed play as a seal, jumping about the simple levels while collecting enough apples, pink bunnies and other cute stuff to open the level exit. There is a Super Mario Bros. 3 style overworld map where you can choose the map and a route you want to go. You pound trees to make objects fall down, but watch out for the damn cute bears, moles and other critters, because they want you dead! It's the ultimate chill-out game! Just requires a d-pad and two buttons. 150px
150px Star Ocean Action RPG After Wolf Team split up due to disagreements with Namco during over Tales of Phantasia, half of the studio went to form Tri-Ace. This has a similar feel to Tales of Phantasia, except with the basis of a Sci-Fi story (sorta). You play as this dude with a monkey tail who's trying to save his people from some disease that turns them to stone. Convoluted story and fun for all the wrong reasons, but very great battles for the time. Had a cool sequel on the PS1, an "MMO" for PS2, and a KAWAII UGUU sequel for next-gen systems. Only released in Japan, but a fan translation is available. Remade on the PSP in English. 150px
Super Jinsei Game (series) Life Simulation A life simulator games that allow you to pick your own career. The games were released between 1994 and 1996 and consisted of: Super Jinsei Game, Super Jinsei Game 2, and Super Jinsei Game 3. All three of these games were based on the original Jinsei Game which is a board game in Japan. The element of luck was used in Super Jinsei Game and Super Jinsei Game 2. In the third game (Super Jinsei Game 3), a shift from luck to skill was emphasized as the game wanted to realistically represent the player rolling the wheel. These games started out with the player being a toddler and ended in senior citizenship. Although never translated, the game saw many remakes.
150px Tactics Ogre RPG / Strategy Tactics Ogre on the PSX, sans disc-loading. It uses a very similar script as well. If you like Tactics games, then you'd do well to check this one out. It's one of the more balanced games in the genre. Like Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean, if you don't expect much from a humble SNES cart, then prepare for the amount of quality and content here to blow you away. There's a quite a large number of jobs, maps, squads of enemies, and multiple endings to keep you busy for a long while. Only released in Japan, but a fan translation is available. Remixed on PSP with extra stuff. 150px
150px Tales of Phantasia RPG The first game in the Tales series, you play as Cless Alvein, the son of two great heroes, everything goes to shit, and you need to beat up a godlike dude named Dhaos. Good action in an RPG. Only released in Japan, but a fan translation is available. Better version was released for the PlayStation with better battle sprites and a completed fan translation available. Has an officially released English GBA port akin to the PS1 version, but is unarguably the worst version (the UK localization is a little better). Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X for the PSP will contain a minor update of the Full Voice Edition (also on PSP) called Tales of Phantasia X as well. 150px
150px Treasure of the Rudras RPG An RPG released by Square late in the SNES era. You play as several different characters with their own stories. The human race is going to go extinct in 16 days, which will complete the 4,000 year cycle of a race. 4 other races before the humans died out. Instead of having standard magic spells, you get to write your own, with effects based on the letters you put together. Normally not released in the west, a translation patch has been completed for you (Get the most recent one). The patch uses English letters instead of the Japanese alphabet. 150px
150px Umihara Kawase Puzzle / Platformer A game that initially went under the radar, Umihara Kawase is a Japanese cult classic. A surprisingly innovative game with mind-fucking puzzles that revolve around you (the titular Umihara Kawase) using a rubbery fishing line to grapple to platforms and fling yourself to safety. Speed runs of this game are encouraged, but just trying to get to the end itself can be a real challenge on a new player. Noted for it's moe main character, extremely trippy visuals/enemies which are all some sort of fish, stunning challenge, and the fact that it's rare (and expensive) as balls because it hardly sold in it's home country. There was a remake/sequel that has been updated a billion times. 150px
150px Cyber Knight I & II SRPG\JRPG So, I see you played CT, FF6, BL and every RPG available for the ol' SNES under the sun. But you want more? HERE'S MORE: Cyber Knight I, and its sequel, Cyber Knight II, are two remarkably unknown titles that never made it out of Japan, but really should have. Mixing SRPG and traditional JRPG, both games allow you to travel through space exploring several planets while piloting badass mechs, which you can assign to different pilots and equip as you please. Writing and plot are simplistic and fairly lighthearted, but don't let this stop you from giving this a go.This site has some in-depth info and download links, including the excellent 100% translation patch by Aeon Genesis, who translated both games and is awesome for doing so. 150px
Undercover Cops Beat 'em up It's a port of the arcade game, the sprites are a bit smaller, the backgrounds have less animations and it's only for one player now, but the game is still pretty solid. The character designs and stages are pretty cool and everything has a great post-apo vibe.

BS-X SatellaviewEdit

Imagine being a vidya playing kid in 1995, and someone told you that you could play exclusive games via satellite! Anywhere but Japan, you'd think they were crazy, but in lucky ol' Japan, this was quite a reality. You can learn more about the nitty-gritty elsewhere, as this table is all about the vidya that was on it.

NOTE: A lot of games on the Satellaview were either broadcast versions of cart games (like BS Harvest Moon), or were popular enough to warrant a Nintendo Power or commercial release later (like BS Shin Onigashima)... this list should only apply to games that ONLY appeared on Satellaview. Those games can probably be found in their relevant section.

Title Genre Description Screenshot
150px BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 Racing Too short to be called an actual sequel, but takes place immediately after the first one (it starts off in Mute City 4 - following the theme, at dawn). Has only one league, but it's pretty damn good. Car models have been replaced for other vehicles just as, if not more, badass.

Basically if you master the original SNES F-Zero and want to get just a little bit more of the experience, this is for you.

150px BS-X The Legend of Zelda Action-Adventure

Basically a remake of the first Legend of Zelda for the Famicom/NES, except your character is a boy or girl, depending on what you chose in the BSX Satellaview hub. The game was played in real-time, meaning there is a timer to finish.

There are several different patches for different experiences, including making it nearly identical to the original (only with the upgraded graphics), to making as close to the BSX experience as possible.

There are also two maps so you can really challenge your grit if you think Zelda's gotten a bit too easy for you at this point.

150px BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets Action-Adventure

Works as sort of a "master quest" to A Link to the Past. Same overworld map, different quest story (you have to collect eight 'ancient stone tablets', etc). The Pegasus Boots are surprisingly more useful, as you can change direction while sprinting, and the shovel is a bit more valuable due to some in game shenanigans. The game is considered easir overall, but a nice reason to revisit the ALttP Hyrule. Like in BS Zelda, you are either a boy or a girl, depending on your hub choice, and the game was supposed to be played in real time. Again, the various patches change whether you play as Link, the timer is intact, etc.

150px Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium Racing / SHENANIGANS Remember Excitebike on the NES? This is way more fun, even though it's essentially a remake. You play Excitebike with the colorful cast of Mario characters, and the vibrant and lively SNES graphics make it all the more fun to watch and play.

There's special modes to change up the action from the original (unlimited turbo mode, coin mode) and some minigames, like 'who can jump over the stack of boos', Evel Knievel style. Maybe this is what got Mario on his random sports addiction?

150px Kaizo Choujin Schbibinman Zero Beat 'em Up / Platformer

Fun beat 'em up where you play a loli' robot superhero thing, making fun of typical toku tropes. Punch and kick like a boss!

150px Kirby's Toy Box Minigames / Sports

A small collection of fun, sports-themed minigames to help promote Kirby's Super Star before it's release. Unfortunately, the games were not released as one game, but instead eight seperate roms, so just pick out the ones that interest you most.

150px Radical Dreamers Text Adventure / RPG

Interesting little piece of history, Radical Dreamers is a pseudo-sequel to Chrono Trigger. The story would eventually be changed and re-adapted into what became Chrono Cross. The gameplay is a little archaic, so it's probably only for hardcore Chrono fans. Basically works a 'choose your own adventure' style text adventure, though there are RPG-lite elements such as battles (even though they are also text based). The visuals are some of the coolest on the system though. If you're really into all things Chrono, check it out, as it's long been patched by fans.



Like the NES, the SNES also has a number of romhacks to improve and/or modify a game's aspects or make an entirely new game on the game's engine, sometimes with new graphics and music. Some of these "new games" tend to be quite the challenge, so approach with caution. Everything else should explain what you're getting into just fine.

Game Title Genre Description Screenshot Outbound Link
Super Mario World VIP Mario (series) Platformer Those silly VIPpers on 2ch decided Super Mario World wasn't hard or looney enough. So they made a series of romhacks until they were satisfied. Examples of stuff to expect: Stage Boss 150px Go here and look for "Vipper"
Super Mario World Super Demo World Platformer Well done rehaul of the original SMW. 150px "This patch is made for a 48mbit expanded version of Super Mario World. Use Lunar Expand to expand your SMW ROM before applying this patch."
Mega Man X3 Fully Playable Zero/The Zero Project Platformer / Run and Gun This fucking rocks. This is for those who wanted to beat entire stages and bosses as Zero instead of just briefly using him like in the original. The best part is swapping to and from X and Zero non-stop after the intro stage (or even at the stage select), reminiscent of Xtreme 2. The sole exception being boss fights which lock you into your current character until death or victory. Instead of just being an overpowered X, Zero is like an alternate version, as there's some stuff X can do that he can't, along with the buster shots being different. Also, X and Zero share armor parts, sub-tanks, and weapons, but not lifebars or heart tanks, so keep that in mind. There's also some other tweaks to things here and there which you might enjoy or may even not notice. 150px Be sure to check the readme file first!
Super Metroid Super Metroid Redesign Action / Adventure Super Metroid: Redesign is a total overhaul of Super Metroid. "The Planet Zebes, now bigger than we've previously seen it, is filled with many mysteries. Sleeping within the depths of the planet is a secret heavily protected by the last standing symbols of the great Chozo race..." PROTIP: If you like this, you'll definitely enjoy the library to be found at Metroid Construction. D-D-DOUBLE OFFER: An update by Drewseph is in the works under the name of Super Metroid Redesign: Axeil. 150px Check the readme for the password.

Recommendation Copypasta Edit

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