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The ListEdit

Title Genre Description Screenshot
All Good Things Compilation There’s clones of five games on this one, including Tetris, Space Invaders Part 2, Asteroids, Kaboom! and a hidden bonus puzzle game to boot. 150px
Bedlam Shoot 'Em Up Take control of a stationary cannon that can go 360 degrees. You are to defend yourself against an onslaught of enemies from pinpoints on a shape. The end points on the shape gradually decrease making the spawn points much closer to the cannon. You have a couple of bombs to waste and you can shoot the corners to make their spawn point farther away. More spawn points appear the more you progress throughout the game. Fun and addicting as it is hard. 150px
Clean Sweep Pac-Man As it the genre says, it's basically Pac-Man, but you the only difference is you're a vacuum in a bank (or something like that) and you have to suck up the money and occasionally drop it in the center of the stage otherwise you will get slower. Power pellets are replaced with energy corners, 4 in all, and the ghosts are cops that only come out one at a time. Very fun considering it's a Pac-Man clone. 150px
Cosmic Chasm Shooter/Strategy An unusual one where the player must destroy batches of Planet Protectors in each area before drilling (say what?) their way into the next cavern. They must reach the center core, place a bomb there, then get out before the whole area gets blown to hell. This was the first console game to ever be ported to the arcade. 150px
I, Cyborg Shooter/Adventure You control a wrongly-imprisoned (isn't that always the case?) cyborg who, being pissed off, busts out of his prison and take revenge against those who put him in there. There are many levels that take place through four different environments that the player must either dodge or destroy enemies that come his way. This game is unique to the Vectrex in regards to the cyborg firing in three directions, facing bosses with several weapons, as well as giant spider droids and an enemy known as "Flying Filth" (?). 150px
Mine Storm Shoot 'Em Up The Asteroids clone that is built into every Vectrex, here players must shoot mines that hatch from dots that are littered all over the screen. Mines (unfortunately) come in all kinds of shapes and mannerisms, from ones that shoot fireballs at the player's ship, magnetic ones that follow them around, magnetic-fireball ones and space dust that is hard to see. Comes complete with the infamous level 13 bug where the game could crash. 150px
Moon Lander Simulation Inspired by the coin-op classic of Lunar Lander where you attempt to land your ship on a surface. However, rather than landing on the same damn targets over and over again, this time every moon surface is different, which the player has to contend with varying gravity, surface, and wind changes, as well as annoying satellites in the later rounds. Has cinematic sequences and over two dozen levels as well, blowing away the original. 150px
Polar Rescue Adventure Take control of a submarine (you wouldn't know unless you resarched) to rescue survivors while avoiding asteroids ice chunks, because you ARE at the North Pole after all, dodge underwater mines, and shoot enemy submarines, while trying to land into each survivor's dock. A little tricky as you have to pay attention to the radar. 150px
Pole Position Racing A very old racing game on the Vectrex. 150px
Protector/Y*A*S*I Compilation/Shooter A totally unbelievable release for the Vectrex, as many had thought a clone of the arcade classics of Defender and a bitmapped clone of Space Invaders (that looks almost exactly like the original) wouldn't be possible. But it was! A must have for the system. 150px
Rip Off Shoot 'Em Up Plays very similar to Asteroids, but in this one you have to prevent enemy ships from taking your little triangles (oil). 150px
Royal 21 Card game This is like a combination of Solitaire, Black Jack and...Tetris?! Yep, you must get each stack of cards to either total 21, or have a stack of five cards be equal to or less than 21. Cards start at the bottom and float their way to the top, which they must quickly be placed into the proper piles. Busting too many times ends the game. 150px
Scramble Shoot 'Em Up A Konami side-scrolling shooter. Shoot the aliens with lasers as well as drop bombs. Beware you need gas to continue so you need to destroy gas towers to continue. After a while you have to navigate narrow pathways and bomb the enemy base. 150px
Space Frenzy Shoot 'Em Up A clone of the arcade game Space Fury, it's like an "Asteroids in reverse" where small segments (ships) form big ones. Shooting out at least one segment per formation will cause an incomplete ship to chase after you, but letting a ship totally form will cause it to start shooting at you. In between waves the player is allowed to dock with ship shells to increase their firepower with. Comes with the unfinished Super Spike World demo, a clone of Super Mario World, and the talking alien who mocks you during the game. 150px
Spike Platformer Kind of an odd platforming game where it's pseudo-3D. You have to jump from platform to platform while climbing up ladders all the way to the top. Can be really tricky with those jumps. Plays somewhat similar to Donkey Kong. 150px
Spike Hoppin' Platformer/puzzle Clone of the game Q*Bert where all triangles on the screen must be changed into the same shade (not color, since the Vectrex doesn't have any!) in order to advance to the next level. Various bad guys and balls dropping from the top of the screen prove a hazard to Spike. So watch out for the balls. Also comes with a hidden bonus game that is a watered-down version of an arcade classic. 150px
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Shoot 'Em Up Damn those Klingons! Take the fight to them in a neat first-person shoot 'em up. Plays similar to Star Wars: Tie Fighter. Coincidence? (Yes) 150px
Thrust Puzzle It's sort of like a shoot 'em up puzzle game. You control a ship and your objective is to carry a ball of energy from one place to another while avoiding all obstacles (that includes protecting the ball of energy as well). Really challenging as gravity and gas usage are working against you. 150px
Vecmania Compilation Ok, this isn’t *a* game, it’s NINE. CLASSIC. GAMES. There’s clones of the arcade classics of Space Invaders, Missile Command, Breakout, Star Wars (the Atari vector one), Phoenix, Asteroids, unfinished demos of what would have been Tempest and Discs of Tron clones, and even a clone of the obscure Eliminator thrown in. Being one of the “must haves” for the Vectrex, you can’t go wrong with this one! 150px
Vector 21 Card game Pretty much like Royal 21, although minus the Tetris element/the cards don't move. Try to get as many stacks as possible to equal 21 or have a stack of five cards be equal to or less than 21. (This game came first out of the two.) 150px

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