Zeebo, the so-called "Brazilian console" (co-developed by TecToy and Qualcomm), can be summarized by the phrase: "It seemed like a good idea at the time." And it's quite logical: take the BREW platform, get rid of the "make phone calls" bit, and the result is a device that can play cell phone games, bought and downloaded off the 3G network. Instant low-cost console with a huge library for the emerging markets! Trouble is, what makes high-tech products so expensive in third world countries is mostly cascading high taxes, which they had to pay anyway. So ultimately you have a machine with the power of a 5th gen console, for the price of a 6th gen console, at a time when 7th gen consoles were available. Not surprisingly, it didn't really fly off the shelves.

The console has been discontinued and it is no longer possible to buy games for it; however, the Open Zeebo project has managed to unlock the console (soldering skills required).

The listEdit

Box Art Title Genre Description
150px Double Dragon Beat 'em Up A surprisingly competent remake of the classic arcade, probably the best critically received Zeebo game. 150px
150px Resident Evil 4 Action / Horror Port of the popular action horror game. 150px
150px Zenonia Action / RPG Zenonia is like a Genesis or Super Nintendo ARPG which introduces fresh concepts to the genre like the day-night system and the great skill tree for customizing the hero. Highly recommend for both retro gamers and adventure fans 150px

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