Zombies rock. 'Nuff said.

The List Edit

Picture Title Year Released Description Platform(s)
150px 10800 Zombies 2010 A simple, silly little survival-laughter platformer that has you taking on a fuckton of zombies. Everything is simple, but over-the-top fun, with fountains of blood and a goofy fast-rock soundtrack. You can only carry two weapons at a time, the better ones having limited ammo, so fire with care. Short, but sweet. Also freeware. PC
150px Atom Zombie Smasher 2011 A unique concept for a game. You try to route or kill zombies in order to save survivors in cityscapes. It takes itself really seriously, and some people might like the atmosphere. Intense on the last levels. Very much worth a steam purchase while on sale. PC
150px Call of Duty: Zombies mode 2008, 2010 The famous mode in World at War where you go around killing zombies until you die. Call of Duty: Black Ops has zombies as well, and is better than Waw's zombies because of it's depth, maps, as well as the WaW maps as Dlc, so Black Ops would be the best recommendation. Iphone OS, Pc, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii
150px Cottage of Doom 2007 Defend your little cottage until your inevitable doom! Use the furniture to barricade the doors and windows and hope that your friend upstairs hurries up and drops more furniture for you. There's also a L4D1/L4D2 map inspired by this game.
150px Dead Island 2011

First person action game set on a tropical island with focus on open world exploration, melee fighting and character development through experience points and skill trees. Was said to be survival based but turned out to be much more of an action game, also suffering from a few bad development ideas and what seems to be a complete lack of bugtesting.

Windows, PS3, Xbox 360
150px Dead Rising 2006 You play some guy who somehow ends up trapped in a mall full of zombies and fight your way through the infested to rescue survivors and investigate the outbreak. Features an open world, a ton of weapons (if you can pick it up you can kill zombies with it), crazy bossfights and multiple endings. Xbox 360
150px Dead Rising 2 2010 Dead Rising, this time in Las Vegas Fortune City and with more of everything plus crazy weapon crafting. Wolverine-like knife boxing gloves? No problem! Electrified rakes? Build it and off you go! Giant plush teddies armed with heavy machine guns? Just a few stripes of duct tape away! Tons of fun guaranteed. Windows, PS3, Xbox 360
150px Dead Rising 2: Off The Record 2011 Frank West is back into the game! That means you can once again take erotic pictures to your heart's content. A re-imagining of the original Dead Rising 2 with new bosses, weapons and locations. There's also a sandbox mode now. Windows, PS3, Xbox 360
150px MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1 2009 Indie xbox 360 game, guess what is about. Really cheap, tons of fun if you like shooting randomly to zombies coming from everywhere (no joke). Xbox 360
150px Killing Floor 2009 Cooperative multiplayer FPS that puts you against increasingly dangerous waves of zombie attacks. Dark, brutal and challenging. Windows, OSX
150px Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green 2005 This is one of those "so bad it's good" games. It's a FPS made with low-budget as a prequel for the Romero movie Land of the Dead. If you can't enjoy the game the way it is, you can always mod it, and then it gets good. Pirated version works online as well. PC, Xbox
150px Left 4 Dead 2008 Built on the Source engine it comes with a singleplayer mode (which is basically the co-op mode with AI, but creates situations dynamically based on your actions) and an online co-op mode, versus mode and survival mode. Fight your way through several campaigns in a group of four. Easy to get into, can be tremendously fun with friends. Windows, OSX, Xbox 360
150px Left 4 Dead 2 2009 Followup to the first one, feels more like an expansion. A new story arc with several campaigns, the same multiplayer modes as before, new weapons and zombies. Also a lot harder than the first one. However the AI is a bit buggy this time, sometime killing more fun than zombies. The Windows and OSX versions also include the campaigns from the original game, so if you're considering buying Left 4 Dead and have a PC, buy this instead on Windows or OSX. Windows, OSX, Xbox 360
150px Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ 2008 It's a fun, semi-typical shmup-run 'n gun hybrid, but bosses are taken from fairy tales and shit, except zombified and horror themed. It can be rage inducing hard at times (dodging is your friend). The full game is available on DSiware for just 800 points. DS
150px Organ Trail 2013 It's Oregon Trail: Zombie Apocalypse Edition. Windows, OSX, Linux


150px Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend 2005 If you liked Postal 2 (in case you don't know, it's a rpg/fps game based on random violence, piss on people and doing shit) you can't dislike this expansion pack, where an horde on zombies will attack the town of Paradise. Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
150px Plant vs Zombies 2009 Nothing more than an enjoyable and popular tower defense game. Google Chrome (Chrome Web Store), Mac OS X, iOS, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Nintendo DS, DSiWare (avaible on 3DS version too), Bada, Android, Windows Phone 7, Iphone, Ipad
150px Project Zomboid 2011 PZ is an indie isometric-rpg zombie-survival game. It's supposed to balance the fun between shooting at zombies and trying to find a shelter and search for food. There are randomly generated events, highly complex AI, and a crafting sistem to create weapons and other items. It is also very moddable. PC
150px Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 2010 Zombies and cowboys, what more can you ask for? PS3, Xbox 360
150px Resident Evil 1996 There's no way you would think of zombie game and not think of Resident Evil. Not exactly as extremely zombie madness as the other games listed, but god damn if this doesnt have some jumps and whatnot. PlayStation, Sega Saturn.
150px Resident Evil 2 1998 And just when you thought they couldn't top the formula, capcom deals this beautiful mother fucker out on you. Excellent story with two characters to play. PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube.
150px Resident Evil 3: NEMESIS 1999 Ok, ok, you're going back into ol' Raccoon City as Jill from the 1st, "Oh my god zombie ahhh boring." "Oh my gawd Dogs. boring." and then.. "HOLY DICKS WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ITS GOT A ROCKET LAUCHER OH DICKS." Well guess what player? NEMESIS DOESN'T STOP UNTIL YOURE DEAD. He's there one moment and then gone the next. Truly a great scare you silly game if SURPRISE! can give you a heart attack. PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube.
150px Resident Evil: Code Veronica X 2001 The last traditional Resi game goes out with a bang. You play as Claire on one disc, and then Chris on the next. That is to say on the dreamcast version. The superior GC/PS2 Veronica X is what you wanna play bro. Veronica is playable if you dont have either console, but Veronica X has extra shit. Sega Dreamcast (as CODE: Veronica), PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube.
150px Resident Evil 0 2002 Prequel to the og resident evil. You have some cool ass partner system going on which works well. Good game with great graphics, and all on 2 discs. Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii.
Resident Evil Remake 2002 Fancy pantsy touch up of original resident evil which looks pretty and whatnot. Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii.
150px Resident Evil 4 2005 The game that killed the series Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, PC.
150px Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition 2010? Not as good as 4, but playable especially with an online bro. Gold Edition is recommended because extra shit in it. PC doesn't have Gold edition, I think? PC, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360.
150px Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles 2007 Basically resi 0,1, and 3, but with light gun-ish gameplay style, along with new side story games. Nintendo Wii.
150px Resident Evil: Darkside Chroncles 2008 Resident Evil 2, and code:veroncia x finalyl gets the light gun remake treatment, along with backstory missions on Krauser and Leon. Nintendo Wii.
150px Rogue Survivor 2010 As the name suggest, Rogue Survivor is a roguelike game where you have to survive in a huge town after a zombie apocalypse. Completed with simple graphic and some musics that makes the atmosphere, it's actually pretty good and can be really enjoyable. If the idea of a realistic rpg turn-based zombie apocalypse game sounds interesting to you, check it out. Freeware. PC
150px Stubbs The Zombie 2005 Stubbs The Zombie In: Rebel Without A Pulse is one of the very few zombie games in which you control a zombie and not a survivor. Takes a very humorous approach to the idea, comparable to Destroy All Humans in both the general style and the gameplay. Reportedly unstable on Windows Vista and 7. Windows, OSX, Xbox, Xbox 360
150px Survival Crisis Z 2004 Overhead zombie game with a randomly generated city. Features an arcade survival mode and a story mode. In story mode you need to pay attention to your hunger and fatigue. There's also two factions to join, the Rebels and SWAT, but you can stay neutral if you prefer. Doing missions for one of these factions advances the plot of the game. Missions range from taking over buildings and fortifying them, escort missions, base invasions etc. You can also hire followers and acquire various skills.
Vista/Win7 fix
150px The House Of The Dead 1998 Zombies work. Light Gun Games work. SEGA looked at the genre's and said "why not?" Pretty good game that has an ok story with hilariously bad voice acting (series staple). Arcade, Sega Saturn, Pc
150px Typing of the Dead 1999 TYPE OR DIE! Funny and challenging, lots of fun, play it. Arcade, Dreamcast, Pc
150px The House Of The Dead 2 1999 Another Great Zombie game that has more of that awesomely stupid voice acting, but fun as fuck nonetheless. Wheres the house in all this?! Arcade, Sega Dreamcast.
150px The House Of The Dead III 2002 Another Great Zombie game with zombies, takes place in the future and you go into a laboratory to find your dad along with G tagging along. Now available on the PS3 via digital download with Move support.

Arcade, Xbox, Playstation Network

150px The House Of The Dead 4 ? Non-system released HOTD, but cool anyway. Takes place before III for some strange reason. Now available on the PS3 via digital download with Move support. Arcade, Playstation Network
150px The House Of The Dead 2 & 3 Return 2008 Collection of HOTD 2 and HOTD 3 wii-ified. Pretty good transition. The wii works well with these types of games. Nintendo Wii
150px The House Of The Dead Overkill 2009 MOTHERFUCKING HOTD N SHIT BADASS FUCKING GAME BRO Nintendo Wii
The House Of The Dead Overkill: Extended Cut 2011 Really good zombie game is now on the PS3 with HD n Blu Ray n shit man. Also PS Move n 3D support yo. Badass game gets even more badass. PS3
The Walking Dead 2012 Interactive zombie adventure game that actually focuses on the human condition, rather than just shooting zombies all day, every day. The Walking Dead somewhat tailors to your choices but don't expect branching story paths since it follows a linear storyline. PC, PS3, 360, IOS, Mac OS X
150px Yakuza: Dead Souls 2012 Yakuza vs Zombies in Japan pretty much. The inevitable zombie spin-off fan service game of the long going Yakuza series. Plays pretty arcade-ish, coupled with the standard gameplay formula of the main series and might not appeal much to people uninitiated with the Yakuza games. PS3
150px Zombie Driver 2009 Indie vehicular combat game. Choose between several iconic vehicles like the taxi, the ambulance or the bus and go on a zombie mowing tour through the city. Earn money for upgrades like armor, engine tuning and onboard weapons by killing zombies and completing mission objectives. Also comes with a racing mode and a survival mode. Windows/PS3/Xbox 360
150px Zombies Ate My Neighbors 1993 Relatively old but tons of fun. You have to protect your neighborhood against an invasion and rescue as many people as possible while kicking not only some serious zombie ass but also fighting werewolves, aliens, blobs, vampires and many other kinds of monsters with a variety of weapons. SNES, Genesis / MegaDrive, Wii VC

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